Friday, October 30, 2009

My Costume is BUH-NANAS.....


I'm extrememly high on caffeine right now, so if I ramble, please forgive. I'm a huge tea drinker, but this morning I was feeling adventurous and made a pot of coffee...needless to say, I'm literally bouncing off the freaking walls. I've taken the dog on a long walk, cleaned (swept, mopped, organized, re-shelved, stacked, folded, and stored),  cleaned out 4 purses (which is a task in itself, I have HUGE purses that are bottomless)...SO, I'm taking a break to tell you how proud I am of my Halloween costume!!

I'M NOT GONNA BE A SLUT!!!! WOOOOOOOO! I was shopping yesterday, looking everywhere with disdain...I had my head hung low, realizing that I was going to have to give in and be a skanky Snow White..I picked up the plastic bag the costume came in with a look of defeat and walked towards the dressing room. I thought all had been lost, but no my friends, I had a brilliant epiphany. 

I was wandering through my favorite re-sale and vintage stores, when I saw it. A white fur/mink vest. And then it came to me. Who's my favorite BRAVO queen?? Who is the person who has one of my dream jobs??  The answer is RACHEL ZOE. So, my dears, this year, I will be the one and only Rachel Zoe. No, I am not teeny tiny like she is, and I'm not blonde, but I have light brown hair that curls like hers, and my costume is PRICELESS. I have some skinny leggings, a hot black top, the crucial fur vest, a Venti Starbucks cup, HUGE "sunnies", HUGE black suede platforms, and a HUGE gorgeous black Cole Haan's BUH-NANAS...I DIE...lit-rilly. I'm now scouting for anyone to be Taylor, Brad or Rodger, because I KNOW I'm going to have to explain myself hundreds of times, but I don't care, I escaped the slut kingdom! 

This is the costume:
(I'll post real pics later)

I had to include one with the huge sunnies. Mine look pretty much exactly like that, I got SO lucky finding exact components of her wardrobe! It was meant to be....

So, I hope you all had wonderful luck with your costumes! Have fun, be safe, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

ps. I don't dislike people who wear slutty costumes, I've been a skanky princess before, it's just that I'm weird and I take Halloween too seriously because it's probably one of my favorite holidays, so don't feel like I'm hatin' on the slutty costumes, they're great if you can pull it off!! 


  1. I love me some Rachel Zoe ..... I know so multiple girlfriends who are being her for Halloween! Love it!

  2. Rachel Zoe is AMAZING. That's absolutely hilarious. I DIE.

  3. ahhh, i hadn't seen these pics of RZ and your costume was total perfection!!! xoxo


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