Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Hangover: Thanksgiving Edition

Hello There Dears, 

I feel like I've been disconnected from the blogosphere for YEARS, so it's good to be back, though the next 2.5 weeks will be touch and go for me, since I'm wrapping up the end of the semester. (ONE MORE SEMESTER TO GO!!!) (Fist Pump) (Another Fist Pump...just for good measure and to emphasize how flippin' excited I am to be almost done with grad school).

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving Holidays. Mine is still in progress, as I still have family in town, and they have made me realize how out of partying shape I'm in. Let's just say last night I went to bed at 7 am... Yeah you read that correctly, SEVEN IN THE MORNING IS WHEN I CLOSED MY EYES TO FALL ASLEEP. So, I'm in a stupor today, trying to get some headway into my final papers, all whilst trying to maintain my sanity and fight the urge to yak every time I see food. I, like many others (just tell me you did the same so I can feel better about myself) gorged myself on delicious Thanksgiving treats all weekend, and now I feel like the most disgusting human on the face of the planet. Needless to say, P90X could not start any sooner, and I will be on a strict exercise regime till Christmas comes.  Sidenote: Last night, I met Sasha from The Bachelorette (Jillian kicked him off) and I was so proud of myself for not squealing like a little girl. 

In an effort to answer some of your Q's, I guess it's time for me to share a little about myself, other than the moaning, complaining, story-telling, and casual observing I do. I study literature in graduate school, and NO I do not plan on teaching for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I just don't think I'm up for teaching forever. I'm more of a repressed movie star actually. (Haha). But seriously...

My life plan was to become an attorney and settle into criminal defense eventually. I did a little soul searching in college and finally realized that my true passion lies in the arts (music, writing, fashion) and as silly and immature as I felt by dropping law school like a ton of bricks, I felt strangely liberated, yet at the same time, scared completely sh*tless. While in Nashville, I toyed with the idea of doing the singer/songwriter/music industry bit, but realized that living in a cardboard box and begging for scraps wouldn't quite be the best immediate plan, so I moved back to Texas where I bought myself two years time in grad school to sort out the beautiful mess that is my life. Currently, there are quite a few loose ends being tied, but hopefully I'll get lucky here in the next few months (this wonderful economy is making things SO much easier, let me tell you....). 

So, in the meantime, I'm exploring many opportunities, learning life lessons (sometimes, more often than not, learning them the hard way) and hopefully settling into doing what I really love. I don't like disclosing details, because I'm superstitious (don't take it personally, only like 2 people know what I really want to do) and I don't want to jinx myself. I started the blog to finally get some random writing down aside from portfolio pieces, and to see what happens with it! My interests span a pretty broad spectrum of things, so you'll see me writing about music, clothes, people, life, etc. Reading all the other blogs out there has really been inspiring and has given me a little bit more bravery! Cheesy, I know. That's prob. the first and only time you'll see/hear me get cheesy. 

Well, that's that for now! I feel I just had a serious relationship talk with someone or something like that....weird....was it good for you? I'll be back to my usual shenanigans tomorrow and intermittently through my final term papers. Happy Belated Turkey Day and hopefully you all had restful delish weekends! I'm dreading Monday more than usual right now (which I didn't even think was humanly possible). 

Some Random Songs to Keep You Smiling:

"Let It Be Me" - Ray Lamontagne
"Ballerina" - Van Morrison
"Almost Honest"- Josh Kelley
"Take On Me" - A..C. Newman
"Until You" - Dave Barnes
"Lua" - Bright Eyes
"Vuelvo Al Sur" - Gotan Project

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woohoo Wednesday

Hi Lovers!

So I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed this morning and I'm in such a good mood it's kind of scary. I wonder if my Merlot last night had a happy pill in it? (Merlot and I are very close, she keeps me warm at night and de-stresses me, plus she offers life-saving antioxidants or whatever it is they say is found in red wine).

So my office is a ghost town, there are three people here, and I am BLASTING Christmas music thanks to Pandora! In part, I'm doing it so that maybe people will get sick of hearing Christmas music, and leave early so then I too, can leave early! Pretty sneaky huh? P.S. My favorite Christmas music is all the old school stuff, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. etc. LOVE THEM. Love the Rat Pack in general. 

Do you know what would make every office more fun? The answer is Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. These two literally make me die laughing every time I watch The Office.  So, below, I've included a favorite clip of Office moments for you to enjoy...I'm feelin' generous today, what can I say?

Today, I'm wearing super skinny dark wash jeans, black suede riding boots from Nine West, and a super comfy adorable black and red plaid flannel top, it's a lot like the outfits below. My guy friend told me I look like I belong in the forest cutting down trees, and I told him to go play in traffic. He owns at least one Ed Hardy shirt, so he has NO room to talk. I have a zero tolerance policy for Ed Hardy and Affliction. Ed Hardy/Affliction = I will not speak to you and will shoot evil/disgusted stares in your general direction and you are probably a douchebag anyway so I have no interest in sharing oxygen with you. 

My shirt is exactly like the one on the bottom, and YES, that IS Alice from Twilight, but for the full effect, I have the dark wash, my Wayfarers and a black bag, like slutty Kristen Cav has on top. 

So my dears, I will leave you with many warm Thanksgiving wishes, hopefully everything you eat is calorie free (that's what I tell myself). Luckily, I'm starting the P90X workouts next week, so I don't feel bad about the cookie I just wolfed down. Travel safe, don't try and kill annoying family members (we usually just drink and then everyone loves each other!), and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Trouble...

Once again, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning....with a scratchy throat. Seriously karma? What did I do to deserve this!?! Was it the people I flicked off in traffic last week (they DESERVED it) because I can't think of anything particularly evil that I've done in the past few weeks. For some reason, ALWAYS around this time of year, I get supremely stressed. I'm not typically a high stress creature, in fact, a little stress actually makes me work harder; however, the stress in my habitat at the current moment has reached astronomical heights. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I have FORTY FIVE PAGES of final papers to write all in the next 2 weeks.....killmenow. 

So my Thanksgiving will be spent buried under scholarly journal articles, books, and MLA style manuals, trying to extract meaning from it all, and creatively filling page upon page with my brilliant thoughts. I'd rather be stuck in the middle of Siberia with a pack of rabid wolves. Yeah, it's that miz. 

SO in an effort to de-stress and vent a little, I will write a short letter:

Dear Foul, Disgusting, Crude, Crass, Repugnant, Neanderthal, Lesser Human, Unmannered, Filthy Man/Boy/Male Human who feels the need to hock loogies in PUBLIC, onto sidewalks where people are about to step, on the FLOOR INSIDE A BUILDING, in a pool, on the side of the pool, in OPEN TRASHCANS, or generally every which way you feel like PUBLICLY hocking a loogie just willy nilly, 

You disgust me. No, wait, you make me lose a little bit of faith in all of humanity. Tell me this, where you raised by wolves? Swine? Even monkeys might be able to rear children with more manners than you. I'm not asking you to master table etiquette here, I'm asking that you refrain from making that disgusting throaty noise, and then projecting vile PHLEGM into public areas. I do NOT want to witness this, nor do I want to come anywhere near making contact with your repugnant bacteria that you are spreading to those unfortunate enough to be sharing space with you. If you need to spit, please do so discreetly, and as soundlessly as possible. How would you feel if someone blew their nose with their hands and slung it directly into your path? That's basically what you're doing. The only way I could be somewhat at peace with loogie hocking is on a baseball field, (any athletic field will do...I guess) or while running, that's IT. Otherwise, you have GOT to quit doing that, it's utterly offensive, and makes me want to call your mother and tell her how vile and reprehensible your behavior is. And DON'T even get me started on people who don't know how to say please or thank you, I'll have to save that gem for another day, because it deserves its own space. 

The ONLY acceptable spitting/loogie hocking allowed is on the sports field. Period.

I feel much better now. I probably won't be blogging much this week, but who knows, I may need the distraction! Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving and travel safely!

lots of grumpy lovin, 


P.S. I just went to go get some Starbie's and this guy was walking in front of me, NBD (nobigdeal) and THEN he hocks a disturbingly large loogie onto the concrete bench that we were passing.....before I exploded with rage and disgust, his girlfriend smacked him. I would've preferred a full on face slap or kick in the nuts, but  you can't win 'em all! Then, the people at Starbie's were rude, told me they were out of Splenda, and after giving them my best evil glare, they "magically" remembered that they had a new box of Splenda in the back...hmph. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Manic Monday

Hi Loves, 
Sorry it's been so long, apparently graduating from graduate school should be a priority of mine, so I took it upon myself to show responsibility and trick myself into getting work done...which kind of worked, but I'm still up to my ears in paper writing...which is not NEARLY as enjoyable as blog writing...obvi. 

Today I want to express my love of sunglasses. I know many who hate them, never wear them, or perpetually lose them. I do not fit into either of the aforementioned categories. Without sunnies, I am not OK. I wear them every. single. day. I don't care if it's grey out, I've got those suckers firmly planted on. Here's why:

I love them. If that isn't enough for you, then here's some more. I have also convinced myself that sunnies are vital tools for maintaining healthy eyes/vision, and since I have 20/15 vision (which, if you don't know is kind of close to like Superman vision...just sayin') I feel like this gives me proof that I'm right. Also, I think they add a certain air of mystery, and mystery is always fun. Another juicy morsel:  I NEVER lose things. I'm not kidding, I survived all of college without losing a SINGLE thing. The only thing you could say I lost was a little dignity every so often on a Saturday night, and then I had a sweatshirt stolen...NOT lost, but stolen. 

So here are my favorite sunnies:

Ray Ban Aviators with graduated brown lenses. These are amazing. I love the way they look, although they aren't ideal for super super sunny-ness, but they're lightweight, comfy and I love the classic look. 

Ray Ban Wayfarers in Tortoise. I have the smaller frames, since I have a smaller face. I LOVE these. Once again with the classic look, but these def. offer more sun protection, and the uber dark lenses make for perfect hangover sunnies, or great for a day on the boat. I love how I can wear them with brown or black, and they go with my hair color! Sidenote: I also am convinced that they will bring me closer to vampire-dom....yep, I'm insane. I highly recommend these sunnies, I literally wear them ALL the time, very a la Taylor Jacobson. 

My Chanel Mother of Pearl Sunnies in Brown. These babies are definitely more glam than the previously mentioned sunnies, so I typically wear these on more dressy/glam occasions. The only thing I don't like about them is the graduated lenses get so light that you can see my eyes in pictures, and that can get awkward. However, I love the shape of the frame, they're very flattering, and of course, who doesn't love some Chanel in their life?

I feel naked being outdoors without sunnies on, and if I ever DO forget to bring them, or run out sunnie-less, I'm usually a bit disgruntled...nothing personal. 

In other news: I saw New Moon, loved it. Had a problem with some minor issues, and felt like a total cougar while ogling the ridiculously ripped Jacob. Dear Lord, is it natural for 16 year olds to look like that?! It's not fair! ALSO: I LOVE the soundtrack for this movie. I'm a music junkie, and I notice things like soundtracks...maybe that's dorky but I don't care. They did a spectacular job with the soundtrack. I was tickled when I heard Bon Iver on there!

Music/Bands Du Jour: 

Band of Horses- try them out. spectacular band. Fave songs- "Marry Song" and "Funeral"
"Vanished" -Crystal Castles
"Tear You Apart" - She Wants Revenge. Delicious song. 
"Vidral Vel Til Loftarasa" - Sigur Ros. One of my favorite bands that makes Iceland look sexier than ever. 
"Rotten Love" - Levy
"Roll the Credits" - Peter Bjorn and John. I love love love their music. 
"M79"- Vampire Weekend. Another favorite. 
"Ice Cream" - New Young Pony Club
"Close to Me" - The Get Up Kids. Another band I heart. I missed them in concert last week. Thanks grad school. 
"12:51" - The Strokes
"Don't You Evah" - Spoon. Love Spoon. Amazing.
"Unconditional " and "The Ocean (Alt Version)" - The Bravery
"Old Yellow Bricks"  and "Fluorescent Adolescent"- Arctic Monkeys
"One Month Off" - Bloc Party

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That Time I Took Stripper 101 in Vegas.

Yeah...I did it. Now I'm gonna tell you about it. 

Last Winter, right before Christmas, some of my besties from Vandy and some of their male companions (I was single and ready to Vegas style mingle) went to Vegas for a weekend. I had never been, and my first experience was ree-dick-you-lus...ty. We had an amazing suite at the Palazzo (part of the Venetian) and partied our panties off. After almost suffering a heart attack the first night at the Palms, we partied in TAO, the amazing club in the Venetian where girls sit naked in bathtubs with flower petals pasted on their boobies, and they bathtubs...and half naked girls hump each other on was awkward/amazing at the same time. We also attended Jamie Foxx's birthday party with the likes of P.Diddy/Puff Daddy/whatever the hell he calls himself nowadays. 

I need to tell you how I almost had a heart attack. I'm terrified of heights. TERRIFIED. I get vertigo, and feel the need to pass out. So, after drinking a lot, we went onto the balcony to shake it. I was happily staying away from the edge of the balcony (which is clear scary) and then I looked down. And almost died. This is what I could see. But it was night. And I had been drinking. And everything in Vegas is lit up so you feel like you're on some weird acid trip. 

scary? YES.

SO, that's how I almost had a meltdown at the Palms. I sprinted indoors in my stilettos, never to return to that godforsaken balcony again. The end. 

Now onto the Stripper 101 story. My friend's boyfriend had arranged for us to take Stripper 101 at the Hard Rock Hotel. The class included a free cocktail (fist pump) and an individual and group photo. I have since incinerated said photos, and my BFFL from Vandy and Stripper 101 classmate ALP has the group photo...that's why I'm still nice to she won't blackmail me with this pic (Just kidding troll, you know I love you forever). Basically, we all put on workout clothes, and I was POSITIVE that I was going to know more than our Stripper Instructor. Don't ask me why I think I'd be better, it's just that I'm kind of competitive and hard can grinding up on a pole really be?? 

So into Stripper 101 we go...Sufficiently cocktailed, we made our way into the studio, where flash photography is prohibited, and then we had to Clorox bleach wipe our poles down. EW. EW. EW. I was so grossed out by realizing that I had a USED pole. Blech...luckily vodka was coursing through my veins and I cleaned off my pole. Then..our teacher came in. She was RIPPED. I'm talkin' six pack, buff arms, and legs that were just plain ridic. She then tells us how she's an ex "dancer" and how she's had THREE KIDS. THREE KIDS. with a body like that. I hated her already. A lot. 

So first on the lineup was the lap dance. Ok, seriously, who needs to learn how to do a lap dance?? Doesn't every woman already know how!?!?! I found this boring....but secretly fun, except there was something missing from the chair I was dancing on. Our stripper was using the weirdest metaphors for intimate body parts. EX: "Tease him, don't rub your COOKIE on his PIÑATA quite yet...make him wait." Cookie?? Piñata?? double you- tee-eff lady. Either you're spending too much time around your kids or your husband has some weird requests. 

Then we got to try our pole skills. Um. Ouch? I was able to get on the pole, swirl around, and do some other tricks, but DEAR LORD, I looked like I had been the victim of a brawl afterwards. I was COVERED in random bruises and bumps for days! And all I had to wear in Vegas were minidresses and skirts! So I walked around looking fierce with bruises...Anywho, at the end of the class, our stripper told us to pose for a group pic, since there were five of us in our little girl group. We all posed seductively around the pole and look like a bunch of drunk skanks. Not my proudest moment. Again, I will have to maintain friendship with ALP in order to ensure this pic never makes it way to the public, especially when I'm famous (ALP, I heart you...burn the pic already). 

So that's where my career as a stripper began...and promptly ended. We also got "authentic" stripper license, with our stripper names written on them . My stripper name is "Daisie" and yes of course I still carry the card in my wallet, and sometimes after too many cocktails I pull it out and show it to everyone (that's what she said). 

Stripper teacher spelled my name wrong. It's DAISIE. It's classier that way.

So, all in all, Vegas was awesome, ALP and I had some hysterical after hours adventures involving Joaquin Phoenix look alikes, "mercenaries", and witnessing a guy in our group hire a hooker, go into a room with her, come out five minutes later, only to say "That just cost me 105 dollars. " I'd say that was a successful Vegas trip. I can't wait to go back. As for Stripper 101, don't do it if you're planning on exposing your legs/arms. I'm flexible and in decent shape and I STILL came out looking like I'd been beaten up. 

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Typical Tuesday? I Think NOT! More Like...Tumultuous Tuesday!

I have had the NUTTIEST day so far. Here's why:
1. I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed this time...I'm having a GREAT hair day, and it's cold out so I got to wear tights, BOOTS, and a sweater dress!!!
2. I passed about 4 car wrecks on my way to the office this morning...I think there's something in the air...I hope everyone was ok
3. I was pulling into the parking lot (I work on campus where I go to grad I don't work at the freaking food court, I'm an editor) and I saw a young dude walking with two cops. I assumed his car had been broken into (my campus is in a super scary/ghetto part of town) and I thought nothing of it. I parked, and realized that the cops and the dude were right next to me. I was letting the end of "Fergalicious" play (another mood booster) and next thing I know, I hear yelling...the dude was trying to beat up the cops, there were some expletives yelled, and then he's down on the ground struggling to get away. I was slack-jawed...still in the car...freaking the hell out. Umm...what do I do? I didn't want to get out for fear that psycho dude would accost me, so I sat and stared, BBMed (BlackBerry Messenger...if you don't have no idea...) Sarah a series of "OMG OMG OMG you won't believe what I'm seeing right now" texts, and contemplated taking a picture (normal?)...Then 4 more cops came running, I figured I was safe...and fled from the scene, I ran my little Coach boots across the parking lot as quickly as possible, while balancing my container of homemade cranberry sauce (We're having a company "Thanksgiving" today) and my HUGE work tote. 
So last night, I was exhausted, but I had to make my homemade cranberry sauce for my office party. My cranberry sauce is unbelievable, I must say. If you want the recipe, email me and I'll give it! It's really pretty healthy (as far as cranberry sauce goes) and it's just amazing. So here's how it went down...(I was in a robe while cooking...obvi) 

this is my homemade cran sauce! So delish..this is an actual pic! I love how pretty it looks!
I also was accompanied by my sous chef...aka a bottle of Merlot, and below you will see a picture of my faithful apprentice. 

Meet Sushi. My diva princess pup who was begging for something to fall on the floor to lick up.
Another tidbit: Dry Shampoo is discriminatory. I read an article in Glamour this week about how you should only shampoo your hair 2x a week. I wash my hair AT LEAST every other day, and shower every day, so I invested in some dry shampoo. Luckily, I don't have greasy hair, but last night I decided to give it a try since my hair was looking a little flat, and I didn't feel like showering again and having to blow dry. I read the directions, sprayed the stuff into the roots, worked it in, waited, and brushed it out. VOILA!!! grey hair....Are you serious with that sh*t??? This would only work for a blonde!!!!!! So I looked like I had aged say..oh...50 years, but my hair looked nice, minus the GREY. So, I'm going to try it again because maybe I put too much in, but if not, then I'll have to give it to a blonde person. (I don't necessarily think blondes have more fun, but they might have more advantage in the dry shampoo area)
In other news, I'm getting pretty flippin' excited for Turkey Day and the premiere of NEW MOON!!!
Soma- The Strokes
Unforgettable Season- Cut Copy
I Summon You- Spoon
I Will Posses Your Heart- Deathcab For Cutie
Never Gonna Happen- Lily Allen
In My Lady's House- Iron & Wine
Lights On- The Pierces
Love Like A Sunset Part II- Phoenix
Tulips (Club Remix)-  Bloc Party

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Amalgamation of Sorts...

First order of the day.. 2 questions/letters.

Dear People Walking In the Mall Yesterday While I Was Trying to Run Errands, 

Did you learn to walk in a field of cows? Do you have any bovine family members? Or are you just that thick in the head? When you hear/see someone walking behind you and giving you evil death stares, don't block the entire path, don't turn and look dumb (you might have not been trying to look dumb..but you do) and don't give a blank stare...I'm trying to walk past you. Step aside, and let me through please!!! I know I'm a ridiculously fast walker and I look like I'm a bat out of hell, but just as I am trying as hard as I possibly can to respect your bovine walking habits, try to respect my speedier walking habits. Thanks so much, oh and FYI..."Bui Yah Kah" is not haute couture. Just sayin'....

Dear Woman (Beotch) Working at Starbucks, 

I treat myself once a week to a sweet latte. So, as you can imagine, when I got in line yesterday to order my treat, I was pretty damn stoked. LAST WEEK, I was introduced to the Creme Brulee Latte at my normal Starbie's location. So, this week, I wanted to repeat the order. The man taking my money said you had the Creme Brulee you can also imagine how offended I was when you looked at me and said "It's not out yet"...and don't look all surprised when I bark back..." That's funny, because I had one LAST week"...I know you don't know me, but you don't wanna mess with this. So, when you tell me "Other Starbucks locations may have started it, but we haven't" I'm pretty ridiculously annoyed   enraged...HOW HARD is it to add a different flavor of syrup to my Latte??? Seriously?!?! Are you the Dwight Schrute of Starbie's?? My Vanilla Latte should've been on the house, and you should be no longer working at Starbie' there. sip on THAT, beotch.

I just want my FREAKING coffee.

As you may be able to note, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I got 3 hours of sleep, and my diva puppy decided she wanted to play fetch at 3 am...just because I'm awake doesn't mean I want to play. BUT, on the upside, it's chilly out so I can wear fall/winter clothes!

Later, I'll post a Tale From The Hanger because it's been a while!

Also, has anyone actually SEEN in person, the Jimmy Choo line for H&M? We Texans don't have an H&M so I'm sad that I can't experience them firsthand!!!

Musique Du Jour:

Breathe- Telepopmusik
Do The Panic- Phantom Planet
Mistaken For Strangers- The National
Lake Michigan- Rogue Wave
Sexy Boy- Moon Safari
Cherryblossom Girl- Air
And They All Looked Broken Hearted-  Quatre Tete
Losing My Edge- LCD Soundsystem
Somersault-  Zero 7
Remind Me-  Royksopp
Film- Aphex Twin
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez (I LOVE him)
No Signs of Pain-  Azure Ray
Special Death- Mirah
If There's Ever a Reason-  Derby

Friday, November 13, 2009

Falalala Friday

The title is supposed to remind you of 'Tis the Season to be Jolly.....or not....whatevs, I just thought I'd try to put you in a cheery mood!

I was supposed to road trip today to Dallas and Austin, but I slept through my alarm and now it's too late...I'm so mad at myself. But I guess my body needed the rest, so now I'm less afraid of contracting the swine flu since my immune system is stronger due to more least that's the way I'm thinking (it helps me sleep at night to justify these things to myself...don't bust my bubble)

I went "window-shopping" yesterday because I'm trying to practice self control, and I found about 274893 things that I decided would be necessary in order to complete my wardrobe (note: "completing" my wardrobe will never ever's a lie I often tell myself). Which reminds me of last Christmas. For some reason, I get really into Christmas shopping and feel the need to shower everyone I know with gifts. Last year, I went a little overboard and distinctly remember some salesgirl trying to con me into adding more items to my purchase and I told her "haha, if I buy anything else, my credit card will literally combust"...she thought I was being funny, I was being dead serious. 

So, I've decided to share with you some more items on my wish list, once again, these are part of a "wish" list, so don't go running to conclusions that I'm a spoiled brat...I can't help having good taste people! ;)

Actually, I'll take any of these items any day, not just for Christmas! 

  • A romantic getaway either, here, here, here,  here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,  or here! (Seriously, I'll go to any one of those, I'm not THAT difficult)
  • THIS delicious Burberry silk robe...I will forever be adding robes to my collection, there will never be enough robes in this world for me.
  • THIS Marc Jacobs tote, because of my deep love and appreciation for all that is animal print. 
  • THIS gorgeous black TIBI dress. Love the beaded embellishments!
  • THIS ridiculously amazing Rachel Gilbert I just need somewhere to wear it!
  • THIS stunning Herve Leger...hell I'll take THIS one too...because who doesn't need some Herve in their life?
  • To satisfy my constant craving for sleepwear...THIS
  • And either one of these delightful baubles to spruce up my collection...why is Kenneth Jay Lane such a genius?? See here, here, here, and here!
So, now that I've satisfied my Christmas List cravings, I have to move on to the fact that it's not even Thanksgiving and I still have to tackle final papers for grad school...misery. 

In other brief news, I actually went for the navy blue nails! I chose "russian navy" by OPI and must say that after staring at my nails in horror the first two hours, I've actually come to like it!

my nails are nowhere near that long, so I think it looks better. Oh, and I don't often wear fur hats, just coats!

Happy Friday Mes Amis! May you find many fashionable finds and have more shopping self control than I have! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Titillating Tuesday

I like the word titillating, titillation, it's fun, suggestive maybe, but basically just fun. Nothing particularly titillating has happened this bright beautiful day, but I just thought I'd put it up there for a tease...

This will be a compilation of random tidbits, since I'm done with my last midterm, and now I can breathe free for like...a day or two. 

This really freaks me out/irks me/grosses me out: When someone is talking on the phone or brushing their teeth in a public bathroom. First, the talking on the phone...while in the stall...that's just disgusting and I don't think I need to explain why. Lock yourself in the supply closet or go out to your car, outside, ANYWHERE but the bathroom because A. it's DISGUSTING and B. it's creepy when a voice is coming out of the stall and you think someone's trying to talk to you, but they're not, and it's awkward. Ok enough. Now: brushing teeth. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about oral hygiene. I love having sparkly minty fresh breath and pearly whites, HOWEVER I feel that I would be risking my health if I brushed in the PUBLIC restroom. Do you know how many germs fly around there? Ugh. I can't even think about it because I might lose my breakfast. So if you are one of those people who either talks on the cell or brushes in the bathroom, I'll be that girl giving you the disgusted look. Nothing personal, I just think you're kinda gross, but have a grrrrreat day!

Ok, I don't like to discuss my personal dating habits or relationship status on here because 1. I don't know you that well (yet) 2. I like to keep those things to myself usually. Here's the thing, and this is characteristic of me regardless of whether I'm in a relationship or not. I have a face that does not hide much emotion, which is why I'm a bad liar. I used to kind of date/see/flirt with a bartender/singer-songwriter in Nashville and he once told me that he wished he had a video recording of me while at a bar. Mind you, the presence of alcohol in my blood only leads to the magnification of my honesty and tell-tale facial expressions. If a creepster came up to me and my friends to flirt, I'd either fake being foreign and "no speaky englich" or I'd look at them like they were Freddy Kreuger and they'd promptly get the hint. I'm not particularly proud of this fact, but I just don't see the point in masking my real feelings, it's better if you know it's just not going to work from the get-go right? No false illusions? 

However, someone recently (this weekend) told me that I need to work on my finesse in awkward situations. I just wish I was better at giving out fake numbers, that way I wouldn't have to do the awkward "Oh, I'm out of town for the rest of the month" line (which I used this past weekend) or, "Sure...I'll call you". (Apparently these are really "mean" and I should work on the "gentle letdown" me, a letdown is a letdown right!?)  I'm usually very good at knowing whether or not I'll be attracted to someone within the first ten minutes of meeting. If I think I might like you, I'll go out with you; if not, then I'll probably say something weird, tell you I'm out of town for the rest of the year, or you'll trick me into going out with you, and I'll be super awkard the whole time, making awful conversation, and not being able to mask the fact that I'm dying inside, and then I'll tell you I'm out of town for the rest of the year so I won't have to go out with you again. Like I said, I'm a bad liar, so usually the "I'll be out of town" line is spoken while trying to not nervously laugh. 

I've given a fake number once. And it backfired. Majorly. The guy asked for my number, let's say my phone number is 999.999.9999. Well, I told him my number was 998.999.9999. So it wasn't a blatantly wrong number. My phone was in my small purse... in my plain view. He immediately called my "phone" so I could have his phone didn't ring. He said "why isn't it ringing" I turned beet red, and said, "oh...maybe you didn't type it in correctly"...So I was FORCED to give him the right one. I saved him in my phone as "DO NOT ANSWER"....problem solved. 

Moral of the story: I'm bad at lying and giving fake numbers, but I'm good at giving off the "I'm not interested vibe", but it's usually done awkardly. When I'm interested in someone, I'll answer their calls, answer their texts, and be friendly. When I'm not...well you know what happens. 

Example: I was out this weekend, and a particularly creepy gentleman approached me and Sarah. He said "do you ladies need a drink?" My first thought is..."uhhh no thanks, I don't care for roofie coladas", but instead, I give Sarah a blank stare and say "QUE!?" I tried to pull the foreign thing...She, being the wonderful wing-woman that she is, said this "She's effing with you, she really DOES speak English"....So I give her an evil glare, turn to Mr. Weirdo, and say "oh..woops..just kidding"...He makes some completely asinine comment, and Sarah sees me struggling since my timespan for creative lies has come and gone and I might be forced to say something truthful (which could turn out to be incredibly rude). She cuts in (thank you Lord) and says "she's actually pregnant"...I play along. I secretly moved my ring to my ring finger, hold it up and proudly say "Yep! I'm married and I just found out I'm preggers!" (I had a beer in my hand...) So, we look smug, and are sure that he's going to say "oh, sorry" and walk away...but no, that'd be too easy. He looks at me and says, "I like that about you..." At this point, I'm about to cry salty tears of frustration because Frankenstein won't leave me the eff alone, so I just turn around and walk away. Once ability to give the "gentle letdown". 

Enough with me and my brutal honesty. I'm just happy that the weather is amazing! I've got lots of ear candy for you today, so go download!

Musique Du Jour: 

Back to Black- Amy Winehouse
Piano Song- Meiko
Swans- Unkle Bob
Still Allright- Adam Merrin
All I Want From You Is Love- Let's Go Sailing
Eulogy- The Hereafter
Boring- The Pierces
Infinity- Merrick
A Good Start- Maria Taylor
Make This Go On Forever- Snow Patrol
Swimmers- Broken Social Scene
Blindsided- Bon Iver
Time Won't Let Me Go- The Bravery
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To ) I Want You To- Weezer
Soil Soil- Tegan and Sara
Edie- The Cult
The Light- Mirah
Destiny- Zero 7
Night Over Manuas (Soulboy Collection) - Boozoo Bajou
The Reeling- Passion Pit
Escape Me- DJ Tiesto feat. C.C. Sheffield
Bend It Like You Don't Care- DJ Tiesto
Metropolitain- Emanuel Santarromana (On Hotel Costes Vol. 6)
The Heinrich Maneuver- Interpol
No Buses- Arctic Monkeys

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Shenanigans

Bonjour Mes Amis, 

I've got some nasty back/neck issues (thank you cheerleading, volleyball and various athletic trainers/coaches) so I'm writing through the fog of a nasty headache that is a result of a messed up neck. 

Graduate school is killing me slowly, and I have a midterm on Monday, which I am not happy about. So, instead of having an amazingly enjoyable weekend, I will be worrying about this stupid exam on Monday the whole time.   Come May, I will be having an extremely large party with copious amounts of "magic warming juice" (see the post about the trial skinny jeans)...yes, you're all invited don't worry. 

Ok, so on to more exciting things...

1.) I bought some amazing things on Thursday. Among those amazing things are 
a. A vintage bomber jacket with a fox collar. It's a nude/taupe colored sueded jacket, with vintage silver snap buttons that are tres chic, and the foxy collar is just that, FOXY. 
b. An amazing shrunken blazer with a mandarin style collar, it's a dark grey velvet blazer, with grey sequin detailing all along the lapels, it's insanity. I heart it. I'm wearing it tonight.
c. A cute dark red Michael Stars top, because who doesn't love them some Michael Stars?

A story for your entertainment:

Last night, I was re-hashing recent events over drinks with S and S at an English style pub. S1 and I were deep in conversation about Gretchen from the Real Housewives of Orange County, and I had to run to the restroom mid-convo. So this pub has the bathrooms labeled  "Lads" and "Lasses". I have been there several times, but I was so engrossed in our conversation that I stormed into what I thought was "Lasses" and was greeted by several disgruntled looking gentlemen mid-tinkle. Me, being awkward and totally caught off guard yelped, "OH JESUS CHRIST!!!!" and slammed the door behind me in total crazy lady form. Then I had to slink across the bar on my way back to our booth avoiding eye contact with any of the poor "Lads" who I had potentially creeped on. 


So hopefully none of you will mistakenly creep on weeing men, and hopefully all of you have an amazing rest of the weekend sans looming midterms in the future. And if you DO run into the wrong bathroom, don't be awkward and yell the Lord's name, maybe just say "oops sorry" and calmly non-awkwardly walk out. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Hilarity

Ok, so I don't know how hilarious this post will really be, but I just realized this morning how much I love the word hilarity...I just do. I also love the word animosity, vacillation, henceforth, heretofore, etc. etc. I had a dream that involved crossword puzzles and a psychic dog (I have insanely weird dreams) , and it made me remember how much I LOVE crossword puzzles, I used to work on them in college on a daily basis because they were on the back of the school newspapers (of course I did them in class...duh). I'm kind of a word freak, I used to win spelling bees in elementary and middle school like a champ. In seventh grade I won second place because the hottest 8th grade guy was sitting in the first row watching, (Meredith from (flash) pasteurized will know who it was) and he distracted me with his gorgeous smile so I mis-spelled was worth the smile though.

Ok people, I need help. I gave up Diet Coke this week. My addiction had gotten really bad this semester, and I just read an article about how bad it is, so I decided to give it up (this is like the 9857948 time I've given it up.) A couple years back I gave all sodas up, and I lasted like a year and a half! So, I'm going for a long streak, although right now I'm about to claw someone's face off for a DC, but I'm going to make some tea instead. I got really excited last night because I got two new boxes of tea ( I live on tea). 

In other news, I'm getting my nails done on Friday, I'm a french manicure kind of girl, although I've gone dark in the past. So, I'm in the process of deciding what to do...I'm thinking of doing the navy thing, like this (the inspiration was taken from here)

I want to do something maybe a little bit more navy...but who knows, I might chicken out and go back to the old French. Opinions? 

Ok, so yesterday, Sarah from ALifeMoreExciting and MODG were debating about the DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). While I love Dallas, my obsession is concentrated on one person. That person is Olivia Palermo. Yes, you heard me right. Some may aspire to be a DCC, but I aspire to be Olivia Palermo. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, and she's that perfect amount of bitchy that just makes her a badass. I don't watch "The City", but if it's on, and she's in the episode, I'll drop whatever I'm doing to watch. People who are avid watchers may think she's a huge raging be-otch, but I think she's amazing, maybe if I watched the show more I'd agree, but I doubt it. So there it is, my celebrity girl crush...

Musique Du Jour: 

Still- Matt Nathanson
Sunday Best- Augustana
Head Up In The Clouds- Powderfinger
My Heart- The Perishers
Brandy Alexander- Feist
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) - Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project
You Belong To Me- Jason Wade
Vienna- The Fray
I Still Remember- Bloc Party
Runaway Car- Matt Kearney