Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Empty Promises.....

Sooo....I know I keep saying that I'll be back in "full hurricane force" asap....but I've kind of been on the struggle bus lately and have had lit-rilly ZERO time for anything other than work....aaaad the fact that I've been out of town EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND. since mid-September!

I thought I would interrupt my silence to let you all know HOW excited I am about attending AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Are you going??

Who are you excited to see??

My inner Chihuahua is CRAY CRAY excited, especially with this ridiculously amazing weather we've been having lately.

SO, while I can't promise that I'll be in full blog force soon, I will try my damndest to give you ACL updates!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Lately


For realz, I literally have had no time to read blog, much less write my own which is super sad, but hopefully I'll be back up and running soon!

I will be leaving town this weekend for a wedding extravaganza (not my own) but when I'm back hopefully I will be able to bring everyone back to speed!

love and MISS y'all!

hugs from the south

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Lovahs and Friends,

I have some not so surprising nooz. Here goes: I am a crap-tastic blogger!

I have been so MIA it's not even funny! My life has been a whirlwind of being poolside, being up till 8 am, working, not working, playing, drinking too much beer, too much world cup, too little sleep, and SO MUCH FUN. I start my first big girl, REAL WORLD job in three weeks, so I'm trying to get it all out of my system!

However, the party will continue, but I will be an amazing blogger in about 3 weeks, I PINKIE PROMISE, GIRL SCOUTS HONOR.....

In other nooz, I'm leaving the country tomorrow for 9 days, so obvs, I won't be blogging. But when I get back I might post some pics, but who knows. Oh yeah and now my blog looks ugly and I don't have time to fix me gusta. 

I have some animal whisperer stories, some concert recaps, some hilarious tidbits, and a little somethin' somethin' about me and Regina George to share with you when I get back!

I miss you all oodles and bunches and will be back in action for realz before you can say JagerBomb.....boom.roasted.


Monday, July 5, 2010



Again, I'm so super sorry for leaving you in the dark lately! I've gotten some sweet emails and comments and I can assure you everything is just peachy!

I just got back from a marathon weekend in Austin, and I swear my body was having flashbacks to college because we made 7am our bedtime almost every night....ouch. But so so worth it. Plenty of tales to come. Like the time I told some random guido he looked like the guy from the Shakeweight commercial.....yeah.

So the last post was surely confusing for you all, and that's totes understandable! I'm not going to elaborate on it because it's kinda personal and we all know how I'm not so good with mushy emotional things, capiche? However, all I will say is that it resolved an issue that has plagued and pained me for a few years now, and I feel better about some things that happened in the past. Although I know the past isn't where I should be living....but still.

In light of moving on and growing up, I'm going to share with you a piece I wrote for a website a few years ago. It never got published because the company went under, but I really enjoyed writing it. I wrote it four years ago, right after the most painful heartbreak anyone could ask for. SO that's as emo as I'll get on here...Yes, I have had a terrible heartbreak...Yes, I survived. So I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

The Breakup: Up close and personal with the nasty deed

So you got dumped, or you were the dumper, hell it could’ve been the “mutual” thing; for what it’s’s OVER. No ifs ands or buts, it’s done, gone to the trash, you’re single and so are they. What the hell to do now?  If you’re anything like the typical human being (cold, heartless man/woman eaters to the side), you’ll sit down for about a month or two and torture yourself and all those around you  by listening to every sad song, going to  your “favorite restaurants” and mentioning your ex-significant other in every other conversation. You’ll also read every note, go over every conversation, and over-analyze the life out of every possible aspect of your already DONE AND OVER WITH relationship. I’ve gone through this process recently and to save all of you the time and emotional gut twisting roller coaster of a break up, I’ve come to a couple of very important conclusions...

DISCLAIMER: The forthcoming advice is applicable to all who chose to adhere. Take it at your own risk, your life will not become instantly happier, your ex will not come crawling back nor will they come down with an exotic un-curable disease. These words are meant to help you. As with all breakups they vary in severity, the author is well aware that “he/she might have been the one”. But at this rate, they are being “the one” that is probably out having a better time than you are, so you might as well start doing the same thing.

1. You must accept the fact that it’s over. Even if there IS a flickering hope that there will be a re-kindling of the relationship you can’t hold on forever. If you’re going to get back together, it’ll happen, rain or shine. If you believe in fate, this will be easy for you, whatever it may be that you do/do not believe in, order will restore itself whether or not he/she is in the picture.

2. Stalking is usually illegal... don’t take the risk of getting caught doing it, plus it’ll just make you feel worse, and they’ll think you’re psycho which ruins the chances of ever speaking to them again.

3. If you so happen to be on speaking terms, keep it friendly, start out with small-talk and don’t bust out with serious sob-worthy dissertation length speeches about “what happened to us?” Keep it light and friendly at first, and then if the time and mood is right, you can usually let your guard down and talk about any lingering issues in a civilized manner. (Bold and italicized statements are meant to be strongly emphasized.)

4. Avoid “rebounding”. Leave that to the basketball players. It can make you look uber desperate and it can be disrespectful to the other person. What I mean is, you might be making them feel like everything you ever had was completely meaningless and you’re just rubbing it in their face. Avoid rubbing things in their face. It may be tempting, but be the bigger person; it always pays off even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

5. Avoid rebounding within the ex’s circle of friends (i.e. trying to go through the entirety of his/her pledge class) word gets around fast and you don’t want to look like an idiot or a walking STD.

6. Don’t ask don’t tell. Don’t go prying into their personal details (see number 2). Don’t try to find out who they’re hanging out with or hooking up with. Don’t reveal your personal life either, if you’ve ever played telephone in a large group of people you’ll understand how one simple phrase can be grossly misconstrued (especially when everyone is at a loud party with a couple drinks coursing through their bloodstream.) If they want to tell you about it, let them tell you. If they’re not telling you it’s for a reason.

7. Don’t burn bridges. Acting brashly and lashing out at the ex or their friends can have some nasty repercussions. Stay calm and cool, don’t trash talk. It sounds bitter and nasty and it only fuels the fire. Don’t be rude to people who are associated with the ex. You and the ex are the ones who broke up, no one else had anything to do with it and let’s keep it that way.

8. Keep memories sweet. You both know you had some really great times and some amazing memories, keep them. Don’t let the past poison your future, it’s ok to crack a smile if you remember the time he/she did something absolutely heart melting for you. You don’t have feel like you have mad cow every time you think of them. Keep the memories right where they are and move on, make better ones.

9. Get out there, if you read number 4, you’ll know what NOT to do. Just because you’re newly single doesn’t mean you have to immediately start dating. All those times you secretly were envious of your single friends are no more. Go have fun, crack yourself up, forget about “spitting your game”, or “pulling some wool”. Great things happen when you least expect them. Go do what YOU want to do, surround yourself with great friends and good times.

10. Lastly and very importantly. You’re likely still in college. Your biological clock is not  ticking that desperately yet. Stop pursuing your Mrs./Mr. Degree and focus on yourself. Don’t take it to an extreme and become an antisocial hermit, but enjoy your youth. You are on the road to finding the right person, you need some trial runs before the real thing. Put it this way, you’re one trial run down, admit that it was fun and try another! (Remember the walking STD part). You’re in college, there are oodles of options, try things you never would’ve tried. You won’t know you like something until you try it. Stop riding the pine and get back on the playing field.

Hopefully you’ve put down the pint of haagen daaz, turned off “The Notebook” and are well on your way to getting ready for a night of painting the town red. Let the future happen, worry about right now and being happy right now. You can worry about tomorrow when it gets here, and it will work itself out. In the words of the Semi Sonics “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Make lots of great beginnings and let the endings make you better, not bitter.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Not So Anonymous...

Blogfriends, super huge apologies for being a shistey blogger, but I'm going 100 mph these days! Have no fear, I'll be back super soon. For now, I dedicate this quick post to "Anonymous" who commented on my last post. 

Dear Mr. "Not So Anonymous", 

I'm sure you thought I'd know who you were. I gave you my address via Facebook a few years ago and never received my book you still have. There is an e-mail address attached to this website where you can correspond with me in reference to the following:

1. I will once again give you my mailing address to receive said book. 

2. "B Pride" is great. I see him fairly often. 

3. I don't understand what you mean by  the "Edward" comment....But as far as a "well deserved last laugh" how about sending me a "well deserved" apology? I think a late one is better than none at all, wouldn't you agree? Especially since our last conversation took place over an INSTANT MESSAGE.

4. How in the world did you find my blog.

I should be the mature adult in this situation but I think I deserve an apology. I think I've deserved an apology for quite some time now. I'll be on the lookout for that email. 

Viva Mexico. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just When I Was Sure It Couldn't Get Worse....

I don't know about you guys, but Houston has a little problem. I refer to it as the attack of the douchengoyles. (Thank you Carissa). You're all like, huh? Ok, so the douchengoyle: a definition...

  • Wears more hair gel than I have ever applied to my head, INCLUDING 4th grade dance recitals. 
  • Wears more rhinestones than a Judith Leiber clutch.
  • Makes less money than I do and acts like he's BFF with P.Diddy and the Donald. 
  • Drinks shots of Patron and lots of Jager Bombs, probably only drinks "Michelob Ultra" too. 
  • WEARS ED HARDY. I don't think you understand how much I hate Ed Hardy. Monday, when I was watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, I almost jumped through the television and RIPPED OFF poor Jacqueline's little baby boy's outfit because she has him on the fast track to douchengoyle-dom, and NO I don't care that it's Jersey, it's just NOT OK. I HATE ED HARDY. WHAT'S THE POINT? 
  • Honestly. What is the point? It costs more than a nice, sensible, and very sexy simple Polo or Lacoste shirt, and HAS GLITTERY SHIT AND DAGGERS AND LIONS AND TIGERS AND ROSES ON IT. It's like Lisa Frank took acid and went apeshit and sold her designs to this Christian Audigier character. (No disrespect made my elementary school days SO much brighter, sparklier, unicornier, and ponier)
but then she took acid and made Ed Hardy his millions.


EXCUSE ME, BUT I DO NOT WANT A MENTAL IMAGE OF DOUCHENGOYLES BONING DOUCHEN-GOYLE-ETTES, or SLORES as I like to refer to trashbag women. I swear, you should see some of the people here. It's like they live underground during the day in the sewers, and then at night, they crawl out all slimy and glittery and sparkly in their nasty sparkly gear. GROSS. AT LEAST THESE WILL PREVENT THEM FROM PROCREATING. Ugh. 

Moving on. Wish my male beefer happy travels on his way to visit my beefiestbeefer, and hopefully they don't have to call me for advice on where to find one of these "Monsieur Bond" gems. Oy vey. LOVE YOU GUYS. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The title is just because. I like saying meowmix.


1. Super apologies for sucking at blogging. 

2. I GOT A JOB! Member when I was all cray cray scared thinking I was going to have to start stripping? Well, fear not, because I'm officially a grown up! Only downside is  I don't start till August and I need a summer job...ideas? Anybody want to hire yours truly?

3. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of cray cray but I secretly love that about life. I'm a lucky girl!


1. When it's 98 degrees outside and hot as BALLZ, please for the love of Miley WEAR DEODORANT PEOPLE. I was in line getting my passport the other day and damn near keeled over after catching a whiff of what was quite possibly THE.WORST.BO I've ever experienced. Holy holy holy guacamole. If smells could kill I'd be long gone. 


Whore-moans have ONCE AGAIN kidnapped me for the day and I wish I could crawl into a little ball under my desk and die death by crampage and whore-moan kidnappage. BLAH. I need a Bloody Mary the size of Wisconsin and I need it NOW. Yeah it's only 1pm and I don't careeeee. 

I'll take TEN. And keep 'em comin'....



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a Quickie...

K, so I pinkie promised I'd be back for realz this week, but things are STILL hella cray cray up in here.

My besticle beefer left yesterday...I'm super duper sadface about that. I will share some classic one liners from her visit for your entertainment....Most of these occurred in PUBLIC.

"You belong in a barn"

"You have more rings on than a carney"

"You? Like a virgin? More like "Like A Virgin, Touched for the 75th time!" (While Singing to the tune of Madonna's "Like A Virgin")

"You're giving me the grenade? I hate you."

"I can see your crawfish"

Basically it was an incredible weekend, I had a crawfish boil and I was a mess in a dress. I might show you pics. But might not .We'll see. I PROMISE I'll for realz be back soon, I know I've been sayin' that, but I MEAN it.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


OK don't guess, 'cause I'm gonna tell you....I've got lotsa NOOZ for you!

1. MY BESTICLE/BEEFER/BFFFFFFFFFFFL for LIFE is coming in town in approximantely 4 HOURS!!! I haven't seen her in 6 months and I will finally have my BEEFIEST BEEFERS IN THE WORLD together in ONE PLACE for the FIRST TIME EVAHHHHHHHHHHHH. You'll be able to see fireworks and stars and shit shooting from the sky. 


3. I just bought my cap and gown, and since I'm getting a Master's I will be the girl who looks like she's off to a Quidditch match.....yikes. NOT a good look for me. 

ANNNNNNNNNNND I will be back in full hurricane force next week!!!!!!!!

I've missed you!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hypothetical Cats Are Out Of The Bag....

OK, so I guess we have an issue to address. Other than the fact that I will not be blogging till next week because I am supposed to be writing a term paper right now, and I have 2 more to write. GROSS. 

On my last blog post, SOMEONE (an anonymous commenter) asked me the following:

Random question...are you part Asian?

Your pictures look like you might be and with the names of your dogs I thought I'd ask!

NOW: I have my theories as to who this "anonymous commenter" was. First of all, I have never shown my real face on the blog. Why does this make you think I'm Asian? Was it the Mermaid Locks? Usually one can see Asian-ness in the eye area, and I haven't shown this. So riddle me this, "anonymous blogger", had my dog been named "Bratwurst" or "Weinerschnitzel" would you think I was German? Austrian? What if I just like Japanese names? I'm not pissed, in fact I find this hysterical. But to answer your question, no, I'm not Asian. But thanks for asking. Sushi and Shinko are just fun to say and the actual breed of dog (shih-tzu) IS ASIAN. So yes, MY DOG IS ASIAN. 

Next issue:
MY DOG IS NOT ONLY ASIAN, BUT SHE IS A CAT. Yeah. You read that right. And I have proof. First of all, she licks her paws like a cat, she is also sneaky like a NINJA, and very...catlike in general. She is also OBSESSED with cats, and cats are OBSESSED with her. Here's the proof. I look up from paper writing and I see this:

DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS IS EFFING WEIRD? Do you see the BRIGHT LIGHTS coming from the cat's eyes??? It's JEDI MIND TRICKING MY POOR NUGGET OF LOVE. They are literally making love through their eyes. I'm pretty sure that's ILLEGAL. They sat like that for LIT-RILLY 10 MINUTES. TEN WHOLE MINUTES MAKING EYE LOVE. 

In other nooz...there is no other news, other than HAPPY CINCO DE MARGARITAS  MAYO. 



Monday, May 3, 2010

WillYooMaryMii and Some other Cray Cray Bits...

K so I've recently been assigned a LOAD of non-fun-ness at work, basically lots of numbers and letters and combinations of letters and numbers, and I have the math skills of a 3 year old with severe ADHD and Dyslexia. Yeah. That bad. 

Ask my friends and my college math professor. I took "football player math" at Vanderbilt...twice. Yeah. I was supposed to be the "shining star" and turns out the dudes with like 2 brain cells left did better than I did....maybe it was also combined with the fact that it was at 8AM, my FIRST SEMESTER, my boyfriend was in the class, and he skipped too (I'm basically saying it was his fault...bad influence...he was older), and I'm NOT a morning person, especially when there are parties to be had.....I DIGRESSIONATE.

My co-worker sent me a website where you can buy the same engagement ring that Edward gives Bella. WHAT.THE.PFEFFERNUSSE. 

you can buy the ring HERE. Not that you'd want would? ew.

I mean I'm all in love with vamps and sparkly hot (I guess in real life they'd be cold, but whatev) men and what not, but COME ON. When you're 90 and looking at this ring, you might think differently. PLUS, it's not really pretty. Nor does it look like a real live engagement ring. It looks like something you could buy at FOREVER21 for $5.80 (I heart forever21, but it's not where I want my engagement ring from...obvi). So, they also give you options. You can have the CHEAP version, the MEDIUM CHEAP version, and the REAL version. Who the EFF is going to know? I honestly think its creep-tastic. Thoughts???

Other Cray Cray Bits for you:

I have three term papers left to write then I AM DONE-ZO. 

My professor used the word "TROLL" in class the other day and I lit-rilly almost had to walk out because I was about to go all loosey goosey and crack up. 

CARISSA and I collaborated and created the word "DOUCHENGOYLE" to describe a stupid dude. It is a combination of "douche canoe" and "gargoyle". Use it. Love it. Spread it. Like BUTTAH. 

I decided what I'm going to name my next dog. Actually, I might get one soon. You all know how my precious baby love nugget is currently named Sushi, and I'm getting her a sister (I think/hope) and naming her Shinko. It's a japanese name for a girl, and also a type of Sushi. You're jealous.  I've accidentally been calling Sushi "Shinko" and she's all "bitch get my name right"...

Allright, I have a confesh. 
I'm secretly (not so secretly anymore) OBSESSED with the song "Red Blooded Woman" by Kylie Minogue. JUDGE ME. Then listen to it and TRY TO JUDGE ME. Miley and Britney of course remain in first place forever. Obvi. Who do you think I am?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For a Friend...

So I have a post ready to be posted, but I couldn't find the humor to post it tonight. 

Today I found out that a sorority sister passed away. We don't know the details, but it has me reeling. I'm not a mushy chick, and I avoid writing about things like this. I've dealt with a lot of death in my life, and it's not something I typically go on about. Was this my best friend who passed away? No. But regardless, it's not easy to swallow. 

Basically, today, I want everyone to put her and her family in your thoughts, and to take a minute. Breathe, smile for everything you have, and live your life. Just live your life, don't worry about what you're wearing, who looked at you the wrong way, just be here for the love and happiness that the world has to offer. I know I bitch, moan and complain a lot on the blog, and I know I judge, I worry about my clothes, etc. But today I want to live for my friend, and smile for her. So smile for what you've got people, 'cause we never know what's next. 


BIG Nooz and Roolz...Jules Bear Style....

Are you confuzzled? Because I spelled Nooze and Roolz instead of News and Rules? Well, I like to mis-spell things. It makes me feel dangerous. I won spelling bees like it was my JOB way back, and I'm kind of a freakishly good speller, so when I purposely mis-spell things, I feel dangerous. REAL dangerous. 

Moving on. 

I'z got some NOOZ for you! (See!? I did it again...danger is my middle name...)


1. YESTERDAY I OFFICIALLY PASSED MY GRADUATE COMPREHENSIVE EXAM! this means I get to GRADJOOATE! (graduate)!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have three term papers and a presentation left. Piece of cake. kinda. not really. effffff.

2. MY BESTICLE/BEEFER/TROLL PRINCESS PARTNER IN CRIME is coming to visit me for my graduation!!!! She gets here May 13th! For those of you who don't know her, she's the one involved in THIS STORY.  We're basically going to have LOTZ OF FUN.

3. I was running again on my nature trail thingie, and I saw a BLACK SQUIRREL. HOLY AWESOMENESS. I had never seen one. It was like I saw a Unicorn or something. Srsly. Of course I stopped. Of course. Not weird. AT ALL. 
Ok so onto the "ROOLZ": 
I decided to create a new blog topic titled "ROOLZ". These ROOLZ are just me going on about how I think things should be. So here we go. 

1. Everyone should pass an IQ test in addition to the Driver's test. There are WAY TOO MANY idiots on the road, and they all seem to gravitate towards my general direction. Which leads to my road rage. No me gusta. 

2. There should be a real live fashion police. How awesome would  that be? Seriously. Think about it. 

3. People who don't know how to properly sneeze or cough should be punished. By being sneezed or coughed on. Seriously people. COVER YOUR MOUTH.

4. There should be "Manners class" in elementary or middle school just like "Grammar" or "Home Economics". Kids will learn to say please, thank you, excuse me, pardon me, and learn how to shake hands. Because we all know there is NOTHING WORSE than a LIMP HANDSHAKE. Blechhhh. I just cringed. 

In other NOOZ, I will be working on my music blog soon, but in the meantime, fill your ears with this magic!

"Who's Afraid of Detroit?"- Claude Vonstroke
"Say Yeah"- Wiz Khalifa
"Accidental Babies" -Damien Rice
"I Only Wear Blue" - Dr. Dog
"We Own the Sky"- M83


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reason #934875398 Why I'm Regina George, but it's ok because it cancels out...

K, so member how I told you I'm pretty much Regina George's twin but not blonde? So I had another Regina moment in class yesterday. There I was, minding my own business, when a classmate started flipping out about the class computer not working and she had to present. So, me being a good person volunteered my laptop for her to use in class. (This was more of a Cady Heron sweet innocent moment, not Regina)...


This was a BIG sacrifice, because I fully intended on using these class hours to read your blogs and play catch up. Fast forward to the end of class, where I get my laptop back and am happily blogging away. I look over. Girl who borrowed my laptop pulls a bottle of "Lubriderm" intensive healing lotion out of her backpack. NO big. I figure she's a fan of class..weird but not superweird. THEN I SAW IT. She was rubbing lotion on a HUGE HUGE BUMPY RED RASH ON HER HANDS AND ARMS. THE SAME HANDS AND ARMS THAT WERE JUST TOUCHING MY LAPTOP. WHAT THE EFFING EFF.

It was taking EVERYTHING inside of me not to yak, cry, and start flailing my arms hysterically and screaming "OH SICK, OH THIS IS EFFING SICK, HOE EM EFFING GEE NOW I'M GOING TO CATCH EBOLA OR WHATEVER AVIAN FLU GERMS THIS TRICK JUST INFECTED ONTO MY LAPTOP, WHERE IS THE PURELL??! I NEED A GAS MASK. HOE EM GEE WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, WHAT IF THIS IS FLESH EATING BACTERIA!!!!!!!". I frantically paw through my bag looking for my germ gel, empty half of it onto my hands and arms, all while MAJORLY staring and stink eye-ing rash girl, and then shut my computer off, closed it and PRAYED that my germ gel would kill the rash bugs DEAD. I'm HIGHLY considering taking some foot cream to her next week and saying "this really helps rashes"...or maybe some super strong acid that will burn flesh off...because no one messes with my skin. NO ONE. DOUBLE YOU TEA EFF SKIN RASHES.


My Regina George-ness was later cancelled out by the fact that I am a super human animal whisperer/PETA should hire me to be the animal ambassador or something like that. K so here's the lowdown. I was running yesterday, and I run on this like nature trail thing. It's rillly pretty and relaxing and awesome. So, I'm finishing up my run, when lo and behold, I see a moving object in the grass right by my foot. What was it!? It was this. 


Hold the phone. This is THE CUTEST thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. So what does Jules-Bear AKA expert animal whisperer do?! I squat on the trail, and whisper to bunny. Bunny DID NOT run away, bunny hopped over to my feet, looked up at me, nibbled some clover, and we spoke bunny LOVE to each other for like ten minutes. I'm serious. People kept stopping, thinking I was hurt or dying of a cramp, only to notice my expertise in animal whispering and would gasp in amazement that bun-bun was hanging out with me, not scared AT ALL. I was so so so pissed that I don't run with my phone, and I SERIOUSLY considered putting bun-bun in my shirt and taking it home, but I remembered that bunnies have heart attacks really easily and I DID NOT want bad animal karma and bunny blood on my hands. So, me and bun-bun parted ways, and I finished my run. CAN I GET A WITNESS!? THE END. But see how my animal kindness cancels out my Regina-ness? It totes does. 

until tomorrow,  peacelove&tinybunnies&prayingidon'thaveebola/avianflu/flesheatingbacteria

Monday, April 19, 2010



Hoe Em Gee, I feel like I fell off the blogosphere/universe/circle of life for a WHILE. But, I'm happy to announce that I took my big bitch of an exam Saturday morning, and after 4.5 hours of writing my face off, they're over!!! I think I did well, especially after studying all flippin' week and cutting myself off from the world. But my hand hurt like rilllly bad.

All I have left till I graduate are 3 term papers and my oral exam! Woop! I'm so flippin' excited. 

So after my exam, I was all, "let's get crazy and celebrate" and since I was running on no sleep and gummy bears/coffee/kozy shack no sugar added rice pudding/more coffee and gummy bears, I had my first beer and felt like I had beat a rugby team in a chugging contest ( I was WAY buzzed after ONE BEER. No bueno). So I laid off the booze for fear of getting schnockered and then spent allllllllllll day Sunday paying homage to sloths around the world and laying in bed watching Netflix. Holla. 

So, I have a confession. I am Regina George. Lately, I realized I have had a lot of Regina George moments and I think we are one and the same. Srsly. It's 'cause I'm a Virgo, and we're SUPER UBER critical creatures who are nitpicky and finicky about dumb shit. SO, last week, when I was leaving campus, I spotted this creature and flat out stopped walking, pulled my phone out, and blatantly took a pic. I HAD to. Because who the EFF dresses like this to SCHOOL!?!? Plus, since I've been a bad blogger, I knew I owed it to you guys. I generally try to channel Mary Kate Olsen when I go to school (bag-lady-like  combinations of clothing and "hipster-chic" combos that sometimes might make you die a little). 

Here it is: we offer degrees in stripping? I'm so confused. And Yes, those ARE platform STILL-E-TOS. More like STILL-E-HOE.

Anywhooo, I'm so glad to be back and will be reading all your lovely stuff once again! I've got lots to tell y'all and have decided that YES, I will be doing a music blog, but only after I catch up with you guys!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Mini Post #2...But you'll like it. TRUST. Maybe.

Ok, so here's a mini-post, because I've been under a rock studying. I'm praying I don't forget how to be in public after my hermit week. Blech. 

Anywhooz, you know how when you're delirious/cracked the eff out/ fighting ADD like whoah? You know how your mind wanders into the far depths of your psyche and you think of the most random stuff? Know how when you're cracked the eff out/stressed like whoa, you have cray cray dreams/nightmares that are pertinent to your current sitch? Well, my dreams have involved Drew Barrymore and Tom Hanks....weird. No correlation to what I've been studying. At all. My brain is broken. Or something like that. 


So I know y'all don't really listen to me when I blab and blab about my music picks of the week and my "Musique Du Jour" segments, and that's fine. We can't all have fantabulous taste in  music. (See what I did there? I stroked my own ego....yeah. It just happened.) SO, my cracked out self has decided that once this shitstorm of a month is over, and I'm back to normal levels of cray cray, I think I'm going to start a music blog. Thoughts? Should I? Shan't? Spill.

In the meantime, fill your ears with this while I go back to my dark smart cave.

"Tie Up My Hands" by Starsailor. What a sexy song. I'm OBSESSIONATED. I added the video so you lazies can listen NOW. If not, go to DO IT.
"Basic Space" The xx
"A Perfect Day Elise (Live)" Home Video

I miss you guys! I'll be back soon! Promise.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

RRRReal Quick:

I couldn't help myself. I just can't stay away. So here's a mini-post. Like a mini-horse, but a mini-post. Or something. I'm clearly lucid. Not.

1. Y'all are the bestest. Thanks for all the kind words about my exams! I'm nervous as a long tailed cat in a room-full of rocking chairs, but hopefully I'll come out with good results!

2. Y'all are awesome because I'm a sucky blogger friend and haven't been commenting on your blogs, but I still love you and will be back so so so soon!

3. I wanna talk about karma real quick. Do you believe in it? Because I DO. And she's a lot like me....She's really really cool and nice when you're nice to her and treat her and her friends well, but when you mess with her and get all up in her grill...she's a rilllllllllllly big bad beotch. I have a long fuse, but when it ain't pretty. K...SO. I set up two of my super close friends, and they are so adorable together, and they're totes in LURVE. So I'm pretty sure I have like 57397983769847689756985 million trillion karma points in my karma point bank right now...RIGHT?! And people who mess with people's emotions get negative million trillion karma points deducted....RIGHT?! short, and to quote Mr. Overly Competitive. I WIN. I WIN THE KARMA POINT WAR. Karma is my beefer. Basically.

They should go ahead and make this in my size. Srsly.

Ok, back to the cave where I study, punctuated by periodic loud sighs, stare at walls, mutter to myself, and read my face off. Fun right? NO. 

Pee Ess... The Big Pink was pretty fab last night. I think. Meh.

Have an amazing weekend!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hii! Member me? No? I don't blame you.... lemme break it down for ya....

My Master's program is coming to a close, I have my comprehensive exams next Saturday and then the next Tuesday. What are those? Pure miz. The first part is 5 hours of written exam on everything I've learned in 2 years. The second part is an oral exam that last about an hour. Weeee. Not. So I'm buried under books.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see The Big Pink! I'm so excited to see them live! Will def. post pics!

I'm going to be kind of MIA till after the big exams are over, but don't think I haven't forgotten about you! Can't wait to be back for realz.

Hope everyone had a great Easter and is enjoying this GORGEOUS spring weather, and yes, my inner Chihuahua is REJOICING.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok Lovahs, I'm so so so sorry, I've been a bad bad blogger, like rilllly bad. But I have reasons.

A. I was in Austin this past weekend with my fam. I love my fam. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than your 3 year old niece staring up at you and saying "I love you Aunt Julie, are you going to live here? Can we do makeovers and can you braid my hair"...PRICELESS. Also, top 10 life moments: Driving in the car, my sister in law puts on a "sing-a-long CD" and of course, Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" comes on. I'm ecstatic, because in college, people called me Miley sometimes (not kidding) and my 3 year old niece KNOWS THE WORDS. I was SO PROUD. But then she corrected me, it's not "And a Jay-Z song was on.." It's actually, "And A Chinese Song was on..." So there you have it. Amazing.

B. I had a real live panic attack Monday afternoon. Of course I was in bumper to bumper traffic on the FREEWAY,so I couldn't pull over, so I was hyperventilating in my car, feeling like I was gonna yak, and trying not to basically completely melt down. Yeah. It happened. Haven't had one of those in 7 years.

C. I'm in the ROUGH part of my semester, which means I've been studying my face off, and have NO free time. Which is why I can't be a good blogger. I'm so sorry! I'll be back soon!
D. I got 'napped by whore-moans again. I'm not really sure if I'm totally back, but this time they came with a vengeance. NO BUENO.

So, I love y'all, I PROMISE I'll be back soon, please don't hate me or forget about me! And just for your viewing pleasure, I'm including a video of the monkey riding the dog I told you about from the rodeo.