Monday, April 12, 2010

Mini Post #2...But you'll like it. TRUST. Maybe.

Ok, so here's a mini-post, because I've been under a rock studying. I'm praying I don't forget how to be in public after my hermit week. Blech. 

Anywhooz, you know how when you're delirious/cracked the eff out/ fighting ADD like whoah? You know how your mind wanders into the far depths of your psyche and you think of the most random stuff? Know how when you're cracked the eff out/stressed like whoa, you have cray cray dreams/nightmares that are pertinent to your current sitch? Well, my dreams have involved Drew Barrymore and Tom Hanks....weird. No correlation to what I've been studying. At all. My brain is broken. Or something like that. 


So I know y'all don't really listen to me when I blab and blab about my music picks of the week and my "Musique Du Jour" segments, and that's fine. We can't all have fantabulous taste in  music. (See what I did there? I stroked my own ego....yeah. It just happened.) SO, my cracked out self has decided that once this shitstorm of a month is over, and I'm back to normal levels of cray cray, I think I'm going to start a music blog. Thoughts? Should I? Shan't? Spill.

In the meantime, fill your ears with this while I go back to my dark smart cave.

"Tie Up My Hands" by Starsailor. What a sexy song. I'm OBSESSIONATED. I added the video so you lazies can listen NOW. If not, go to DO IT.
"Basic Space" The xx
"A Perfect Day Elise (Live)" Home Video

I miss you guys! I'll be back soon! Promise.



  1. YESSSSSSSSS!!!! And if you need a mate for your blog bun in the oven I'm your girl! For srsly.

    Also I miss the hell outta you! We need gchat catchup asap!

  2. I just thought of something: I watched "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell"... and while I adore the actor who played Tucker, the movie wasn't great. My ex (Love) thought it was great- which speaks volumes for it. I knew we had once discussed the movie, and wanted to share my opinion... it's worth watching at least once, and if you do and feel differently about it, let me know!
    And come back soon. I MIIIISSS you!

  3. You should totally start a music blog, but you have to promose to keep this one too!


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