Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BIG Nooz and Roolz...Jules Bear Style....

Are you confuzzled? Because I spelled Nooze and Roolz instead of News and Rules? Well, I like to mis-spell things. It makes me feel dangerous. I won spelling bees like it was my JOB way back, and I'm kind of a freakishly good speller, so when I purposely mis-spell things, I feel dangerous. REAL dangerous. 

Moving on. 

I'z got some NOOZ for you! (See!? I did it again...danger is my middle name...)


1. YESTERDAY I OFFICIALLY PASSED MY GRADUATE COMPREHENSIVE EXAM! this means I get to GRADJOOATE! (graduate)!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have three term papers and a presentation left. Piece of cake. kinda. not really. effffff.

2. MY BESTICLE/BEEFER/TROLL PRINCESS PARTNER IN CRIME is coming to visit me for my graduation!!!! She gets here May 13th! For those of you who don't know her, she's the one involved in THIS STORY.  We're basically going to have LOTZ OF FUN.

3. I was running again on my nature trail thingie, and I saw a BLACK SQUIRREL. HOLY AWESOMENESS. I had never seen one. It was like I saw a Unicorn or something. Srsly. Of course I stopped. Of course. Not weird. AT ALL. 
Ok so onto the "ROOLZ": 
I decided to create a new blog topic titled "ROOLZ". These ROOLZ are just me going on about how I think things should be. So here we go. 

1. Everyone should pass an IQ test in addition to the Driver's test. There are WAY TOO MANY idiots on the road, and they all seem to gravitate towards my general direction. Which leads to my road rage. No me gusta. 

2. There should be a real live fashion police. How awesome would  that be? Seriously. Think about it. 

3. People who don't know how to properly sneeze or cough should be punished. By being sneezed or coughed on. Seriously people. COVER YOUR MOUTH.

4. There should be "Manners class" in elementary or middle school just like "Grammar" or "Home Economics". Kids will learn to say please, thank you, excuse me, pardon me, and learn how to shake hands. Because we all know there is NOTHING WORSE than a LIMP HANDSHAKE. Blechhhh. I just cringed. 

In other NOOZ, I will be working on my music blog soon, but in the meantime, fill your ears with this magic!

"Who's Afraid of Detroit?"- Claude Vonstroke
"Say Yeah"- Wiz Khalifa
"Accidental Babies" -Damien Rice
"I Only Wear Blue" - Dr. Dog
"We Own the Sky"- M83



  1. Your hilarious. Ill be checking out that msuic, and yay for passing the test.

  2. I completely agree with the IQ test here in WA. People are dense..even more so when they drive :)- Lol

    Ahhh...a black squirrel. How AWESOME is that!!!
    Oooo and spelling bee's...i too won. Ya for us.

  3. I'm all for real life fashion police! Did you hear that What Not to Wear is casting for Houston!!!? They are. And I did take a manners class in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Except it was called "Invitational" and you learned etiquette and ballroom dancing. It was gay. But all our parents made us do it.

  4. I totally agree with your roolz - they are spot on!

  5. Yay for passing the test! And yay for your bestie coming out for graduation! When I graduated college my best friend surprised me! I had no idea she was going to be there.

    Black squirrels and your roolz are awesome!

  6. I haven't ever seen a black squirrel but we had an albino squirrel society at my college.. which I kind of secretly wanted to join. I can't wait for that music site of your~~~ Can we also make a rule that parents arent supposed to be flirting on facebook~!? (and especially when it's not with each other? blech!

  7. Oh I forgot.. also, soul twin- I wrote a sketch a couple years ago about the "REAL" fashion police. They were gay boys, or goys. That's when i first used that word.

  8. Your roolz rool.


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