Thursday, April 8, 2010

RRRReal Quick:

I couldn't help myself. I just can't stay away. So here's a mini-post. Like a mini-horse, but a mini-post. Or something. I'm clearly lucid. Not.

1. Y'all are the bestest. Thanks for all the kind words about my exams! I'm nervous as a long tailed cat in a room-full of rocking chairs, but hopefully I'll come out with good results!

2. Y'all are awesome because I'm a sucky blogger friend and haven't been commenting on your blogs, but I still love you and will be back so so so soon!

3. I wanna talk about karma real quick. Do you believe in it? Because I DO. And she's a lot like me....She's really really cool and nice when you're nice to her and treat her and her friends well, but when you mess with her and get all up in her grill...she's a rilllllllllllly big bad beotch. I have a long fuse, but when it ain't pretty. K...SO. I set up two of my super close friends, and they are so adorable together, and they're totes in LURVE. So I'm pretty sure I have like 57397983769847689756985 million trillion karma points in my karma point bank right now...RIGHT?! And people who mess with people's emotions get negative million trillion karma points deducted....RIGHT?! short, and to quote Mr. Overly Competitive. I WIN. I WIN THE KARMA POINT WAR. Karma is my beefer. Basically.

They should go ahead and make this in my size. Srsly.

Ok, back to the cave where I study, punctuated by periodic loud sighs, stare at walls, mutter to myself, and read my face off. Fun right? NO. 

Pee Ess... The Big Pink was pretty fab last night. I think. Meh.

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. YESSSSS! You are in for some major good karma, for so many reasons. My two best friends started dating in secret behind my back because I knew their relationship was going to be lethal. Not a good match. When i found out and was kinda hurt but mostly "ohhhh geeezz, I'm gonna be the one inthe middle when this explodes. Then they ended in a big fiery explosion and I have to keep them separated. It took every ounce of me, but I resisted saying "I told you so." I should at least get like .233 karma points for that, right?

  2. I DEFINITELY think I deserve some good karma right about now!

  3. Youre too funny! I just laughed out loud about the cat in the room of rocking chairs. I've never heard that!

  4. Nice! See, my competitiveness is addicting, right? Thanks for the call out. I am the same way. . . . Long fuse that is. Takes a lot to get me riled up, but get the heck out of my way if the fuse burns out. Have fun staring at walls.

  5. yay good karma! hurry back, we miss you!


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