Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Empty Promises.....

Sooo....I know I keep saying that I'll be back in "full hurricane force" asap....but I've kind of been on the struggle bus lately and have had lit-rilly ZERO time for anything other than work....aaaad the fact that I've been out of town EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND. since mid-September!

I thought I would interrupt my silence to let you all know HOW excited I am about attending AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Are you going??

Who are you excited to see??

My inner Chihuahua is CRAY CRAY excited, especially with this ridiculously amazing weather we've been having lately.

SO, while I can't promise that I'll be in full blog force soon, I will try my damndest to give you ACL updates!!!



  1. Ahhh have so much fun girlie. I wish I was going this year. ACL is a blast!

  2. You need to stop with these empty promises or I might stop coming back here! But I probably wouldn't follow through on that threat anyway... :)

  3. i've been lazy lately too. see? it's november 24th and i'm just reading this post. happy thanksgiving!


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