Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a Quickie...

K, so I pinkie promised I'd be back for realz this week, but things are STILL hella cray cray up in here.

My besticle beefer left yesterday...I'm super duper sadface about that. I will share some classic one liners from her visit for your entertainment....Most of these occurred in PUBLIC.

"You belong in a barn"

"You have more rings on than a carney"

"You? Like a virgin? More like "Like A Virgin, Touched for the 75th time!" (While Singing to the tune of Madonna's "Like A Virgin")

"You're giving me the grenade? I hate you."

"I can see your crawfish"

Basically it was an incredible weekend, I had a crawfish boil and I was a mess in a dress. I might show you pics. But might not .We'll see. I PROMISE I'll for realz be back soon, I know I've been sayin' that, but I MEAN it.



  1. haha... I think I'm going to start using the term "crawfish" in place of- well, something completely inappropriate that I won't plaster on your page. heeheehee :)
    Glad you had an incredible weekend! Now get back to the blogging, yo.

  2. Awww so glad you had a fun weekend!! xoxo

  3. hahahah I will forever call my lady bits crawfish for now on.. that is what you meant right?

    Peee esss I read this the other day but couldn't comment at work. I am still so happy for you and your job and EVERYTHING!


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