Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Hilarity

Ok, so I don't know how hilarious this post will really be, but I just realized this morning how much I love the word hilarity...I just do. I also love the word animosity, vacillation, henceforth, heretofore, etc. etc. I had a dream that involved crossword puzzles and a psychic dog (I have insanely weird dreams) , and it made me remember how much I LOVE crossword puzzles, I used to work on them in college on a daily basis because they were on the back of the school newspapers (of course I did them in class...duh). I'm kind of a word freak, I used to win spelling bees in elementary and middle school like a champ. In seventh grade I won second place because the hottest 8th grade guy was sitting in the first row watching, (Meredith from (flash) pasteurized will know who it was) and he distracted me with his gorgeous smile so I mis-spelled was worth the smile though.

Ok people, I need help. I gave up Diet Coke this week. My addiction had gotten really bad this semester, and I just read an article about how bad it is, so I decided to give it up (this is like the 9857948 time I've given it up.) A couple years back I gave all sodas up, and I lasted like a year and a half! So, I'm going for a long streak, although right now I'm about to claw someone's face off for a DC, but I'm going to make some tea instead. I got really excited last night because I got two new boxes of tea ( I live on tea). 

In other news, I'm getting my nails done on Friday, I'm a french manicure kind of girl, although I've gone dark in the past. So, I'm in the process of deciding what to do...I'm thinking of doing the navy thing, like this (the inspiration was taken from here)

I want to do something maybe a little bit more navy...but who knows, I might chicken out and go back to the old French. Opinions? 

Ok, so yesterday, Sarah from ALifeMoreExciting and MODG were debating about the DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). While I love Dallas, my obsession is concentrated on one person. That person is Olivia Palermo. Yes, you heard me right. Some may aspire to be a DCC, but I aspire to be Olivia Palermo. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, and she's that perfect amount of bitchy that just makes her a badass. I don't watch "The City", but if it's on, and she's in the episode, I'll drop whatever I'm doing to watch. People who are avid watchers may think she's a huge raging be-otch, but I think she's amazing, maybe if I watched the show more I'd agree, but I doubt it. So there it is, my celebrity girl crush...

Musique Du Jour: 

Still- Matt Nathanson
Sunday Best- Augustana
Head Up In The Clouds- Powderfinger
My Heart- The Perishers
Brandy Alexander- Feist
Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) - Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project
You Belong To Me- Jason Wade
Vienna- The Fray
I Still Remember- Bloc Party
Runaway Car- Matt Kearney


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with OP--but I do love her style. I think they probably spin her to me a lot more beotcy on television than she is in real life.

  2. haha yeah, I think I like her evil-ness...but I'm convinced that if we met, we'd be BFFFL.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. two things:

    1. as i was reading about crossword puzzles, i was thinking "she better freakin' post that she was a spelling bee champ!" hahah... oh, middle school.
    2. i've seen half an episode of the city and i freakin' loved olivia. what does that say about me/us...???

    (i had a typo in the previous comment so i had to delete. people would have thought you had a stupid friend. i couldn't live with that.)

  5. oh my gosh, your spelling bee second place story is so cute. you lost because of his smile. HA!

    and whoa on your girl crush...she's hot!

  6. ok i'll give you this. she's VERY pretty. But it ends there. I want to put her face on a hot skillet and press.

  7. Hi, love love lvoe the style and Gotan Project! ^^
    Come check out Dolce & Madonna ;)


  8. Hahaha I love your blog! I also think Olivia is a classic beauty, I think she actually looks like sleeping beauty hahah.


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