Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Shenanigans

Bonjour Mes Amis, 

I've got some nasty back/neck issues (thank you cheerleading, volleyball and various athletic trainers/coaches) so I'm writing through the fog of a nasty headache that is a result of a messed up neck. 

Graduate school is killing me slowly, and I have a midterm on Monday, which I am not happy about. So, instead of having an amazingly enjoyable weekend, I will be worrying about this stupid exam on Monday the whole time.   Come May, I will be having an extremely large party with copious amounts of "magic warming juice" (see the post about the trial skinny jeans)...yes, you're all invited don't worry. 

Ok, so on to more exciting things...

1.) I bought some amazing things on Thursday. Among those amazing things are 
a. A vintage bomber jacket with a fox collar. It's a nude/taupe colored sueded jacket, with vintage silver snap buttons that are tres chic, and the foxy collar is just that, FOXY. 
b. An amazing shrunken blazer with a mandarin style collar, it's a dark grey velvet blazer, with grey sequin detailing all along the lapels, it's insanity. I heart it. I'm wearing it tonight.
c. A cute dark red Michael Stars top, because who doesn't love them some Michael Stars?

A story for your entertainment:

Last night, I was re-hashing recent events over drinks with S and S at an English style pub. S1 and I were deep in conversation about Gretchen from the Real Housewives of Orange County, and I had to run to the restroom mid-convo. So this pub has the bathrooms labeled  "Lads" and "Lasses". I have been there several times, but I was so engrossed in our conversation that I stormed into what I thought was "Lasses" and was greeted by several disgruntled looking gentlemen mid-tinkle. Me, being awkward and totally caught off guard yelped, "OH JESUS CHRIST!!!!" and slammed the door behind me in total crazy lady form. Then I had to slink across the bar on my way back to our booth avoiding eye contact with any of the poor "Lads" who I had potentially creeped on. 


So hopefully none of you will mistakenly creep on weeing men, and hopefully all of you have an amazing rest of the weekend sans looming midterms in the future. And if you DO run into the wrong bathroom, don't be awkward and yell the Lord's name, maybe just say "oops sorry" and calmly non-awkwardly walk out. 


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