Monday, November 16, 2009

An Amalgamation of Sorts...

First order of the day.. 2 questions/letters.

Dear People Walking In the Mall Yesterday While I Was Trying to Run Errands, 

Did you learn to walk in a field of cows? Do you have any bovine family members? Or are you just that thick in the head? When you hear/see someone walking behind you and giving you evil death stares, don't block the entire path, don't turn and look dumb (you might have not been trying to look dumb..but you do) and don't give a blank stare...I'm trying to walk past you. Step aside, and let me through please!!! I know I'm a ridiculously fast walker and I look like I'm a bat out of hell, but just as I am trying as hard as I possibly can to respect your bovine walking habits, try to respect my speedier walking habits. Thanks so much, oh and FYI..."Bui Yah Kah" is not haute couture. Just sayin'....

Dear Woman (Beotch) Working at Starbucks, 

I treat myself once a week to a sweet latte. So, as you can imagine, when I got in line yesterday to order my treat, I was pretty damn stoked. LAST WEEK, I was introduced to the Creme Brulee Latte at my normal Starbie's location. So, this week, I wanted to repeat the order. The man taking my money said you had the Creme Brulee you can also imagine how offended I was when you looked at me and said "It's not out yet"...and don't look all surprised when I bark back..." That's funny, because I had one LAST week"...I know you don't know me, but you don't wanna mess with this. So, when you tell me "Other Starbucks locations may have started it, but we haven't" I'm pretty ridiculously annoyed   enraged...HOW HARD is it to add a different flavor of syrup to my Latte??? Seriously?!?! Are you the Dwight Schrute of Starbie's?? My Vanilla Latte should've been on the house, and you should be no longer working at Starbie' there. sip on THAT, beotch.

I just want my FREAKING coffee.

As you may be able to note, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I got 3 hours of sleep, and my diva puppy decided she wanted to play fetch at 3 am...just because I'm awake doesn't mean I want to play. BUT, on the upside, it's chilly out so I can wear fall/winter clothes!

Later, I'll post a Tale From The Hanger because it's been a while!

Also, has anyone actually SEEN in person, the Jimmy Choo line for H&M? We Texans don't have an H&M so I'm sad that I can't experience them firsthand!!!

Musique Du Jour:

Breathe- Telepopmusik
Do The Panic- Phantom Planet
Mistaken For Strangers- The National
Lake Michigan- Rogue Wave
Sexy Boy- Moon Safari
Cherryblossom Girl- Air
And They All Looked Broken Hearted-  Quatre Tete
Losing My Edge- LCD Soundsystem
Somersault-  Zero 7
Remind Me-  Royksopp
Film- Aphex Twin
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez (I LOVE him)
No Signs of Pain-  Azure Ray
Special Death- Mirah
If There's Ever a Reason-  Derby


  1. I want to write the first letter to MOST everyone that comes to Times Square (where I work)...seriously, I know NYC people walk really fast, but the way visitors usually mull about when I'm trying to dodge b/w them on my lunch break is so irritating sometimes!

  2. i haven't seen the choo line in person but i looked them up online and they were alright. nothin i was swooning over. however, i still want to check it out soon. we'll see.

    that starbucks story angered me too! because i know they could've made it for you. sounded like the chick working there also woke up on the wrong side. bummer.

  3. You are hilarious. I too am a fast walker. My motto is go in, get out. And..get out of my way. No dilly dallying.

    Second - I've got your back @ SBX. I must warn you, I worked for coffee giant for 4 years, in Seattle and in San Diego. As not to offend anyone, especially you, most Houston stores are a real disappointment. The Holiday drink's were launched over a week ago with of course w/the breaking out of the ever fav red cups. So, as a previous partner & fellow green apron wearer, I apologize. The drink has been out & someone must of missed the meeting/training they have when they introduce new drinks & kick-off the holiday season. Shame on her!! You would of certainly gotten a free drink coupon from me. Poor customer service!
    Have seen JC's line for HM, makes me weep we are HM free here in Houston. But, I'm with you, loving the cool temps. Bring on the tights, boots, & wool!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. So happy to have found yours. Have a better day tomorrow. :D

  4. Starbucks...really?!!! They NEED to get their crap together and have ALL the drinks at every place at the same time. This happened to me at Jamba. I went in...ordered what i usually do and WHAT...they didn't know how to make it. I was offended and was like, that's your job to learn it so we customers can get what we want. H.E.L.L.O!!!

  5. Ohhhhhhh, my dear 'bux. You aren't supposed to have surly employees. Baristas are supposed to be happy helpful sorts!

  6. my patience for slow is NIL.


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