Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woohoo Wednesday

Hi Lovers!

So I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed this morning and I'm in such a good mood it's kind of scary. I wonder if my Merlot last night had a happy pill in it? (Merlot and I are very close, she keeps me warm at night and de-stresses me, plus she offers life-saving antioxidants or whatever it is they say is found in red wine).

So my office is a ghost town, there are three people here, and I am BLASTING Christmas music thanks to Pandora! In part, I'm doing it so that maybe people will get sick of hearing Christmas music, and leave early so then I too, can leave early! Pretty sneaky huh? P.S. My favorite Christmas music is all the old school stuff, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. etc. LOVE THEM. Love the Rat Pack in general. 

Do you know what would make every office more fun? The answer is Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. These two literally make me die laughing every time I watch The Office.  So, below, I've included a favorite clip of Office moments for you to enjoy...I'm feelin' generous today, what can I say?

Today, I'm wearing super skinny dark wash jeans, black suede riding boots from Nine West, and a super comfy adorable black and red plaid flannel top, it's a lot like the outfits below. My guy friend told me I look like I belong in the forest cutting down trees, and I told him to go play in traffic. He owns at least one Ed Hardy shirt, so he has NO room to talk. I have a zero tolerance policy for Ed Hardy and Affliction. Ed Hardy/Affliction = I will not speak to you and will shoot evil/disgusted stares in your general direction and you are probably a douchebag anyway so I have no interest in sharing oxygen with you. 

My shirt is exactly like the one on the bottom, and YES, that IS Alice from Twilight, but for the full effect, I have the dark wash, my Wayfarers and a black bag, like slutty Kristen Cav has on top. 

So my dears, I will leave you with many warm Thanksgiving wishes, hopefully everything you eat is calorie free (that's what I tell myself). Luckily, I'm starting the P90X workouts next week, so I don't feel bad about the cookie I just wolfed down. Travel safe, don't try and kill annoying family members (we usually just drink and then everyone loves each other!), and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!




  1. I don't even have to hear Michael and Dwight talk - just looking at them cracks me up! But that was gold! Thanks and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  2. i worked today too and was out by 11am. LOVED THAT!

    also love the office, that's what she said, kristin and plaid shirts. basically this post rocks. happy thanksgiving!

  3. Julie you have a fabulous sense of humor. My day needed a bit of the "Office" staff! Priceless.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today & taking the time to comment. I hope you that wish to call it a day early and head home to re-visit your friend "Merlot". A happy T-bird day as a friend just called it. All the best, deb
    p.s. - your outfit sounds great.

  4. I think most of us females are are in agreement over the Ed Hardy biznaz! And the Schrutes make very thirsty babies.




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