Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Can't NOT Tell You This...

Ok, so consider this a "semi" Tale From The Hanger, a compilation of "Morsels of Knowledge", "Tidbits", and random occurrences.

As you probably don't know, I'm in graduate school. This is my last year, and as far as I'm concerned, graduate school is where fun and dreams go to DIE. My program has literally been draining me mentally and creatively, so my graduation in May CANNOT come any sooner. My real passion is writing. My dream would be to have a column, and do some fashion edits/styling. With graduation somewhat quickly approaching, I've been slowly trying to cultivate this dream. However, writing term papers and studying for midterms while trying to maintain sanity has impeded my job search and made me just a little bitter. Nevertheless, I am trying to stay positive and tell myself that in the end, it will work itself out.

Now, to my story. I love to shop vintage stores. I also like to shop around consignment stores for the rare treats one may find. Houston has some true gems when it comes to vintage/consignment stores, but it's all about patience and the hunt. Vintage/consignment shopping is a true art, because among the fashion atrocities and disgusting pit stains you see, there is usually some true miracle of the cloth waiting to be picked up and loved again. This rare moment happened to me a few weeks ago. As I've mentioned before, I love coats. All shapes, colors and sizes; they make me weak in the knees. Bear this in mind.

So I'm on the "hunt" through one of these aforementioned establishments, looking through some winter options.

Then I see it. Peeking out among a rack of ungodly winter disasters. A flawless diamond in the rough.

Could it be? Could it REALLY be? Is this the Holy Grail of coats that has found its way into my arms? YES. and YES. I had found the coat of coats, the most delicious miracle of the cloth yet, it even beats my beautiful bright orange Michael Kors knee length wool coat.....this, my friends, is one of those rare moments in fashion, where you KNOW that this article of clothing was made for YOU, and that its previous owner must have been beckoned by some higher power to put this miracle of the cloth back into the universe for you to find each other. Well, it happened that day.

Let me tell you about this beauty. It's a winter white (not quite cream, not quite white) cashmere/wool blend mid-thigh coat. It's the softest, smoothest thing you've even seen/felt. gets better. It has a tie/sash in the middle (which, knowing about my love of robes, you can clearly see why I love this coat even more), and THEN the cake-topper. It's got gorgeous white rabbit cuffs, and a regal looking white rabbit collar that when turned up, literally gives me goosebumps. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I DIE."

So, dear readers, I then try the coat on, wondering if it could really be.....and yes. It fit. LIKE.A.GLOVE.

Now, I'm really terrified, because I have to look at the price tag. The sales woman is literally fawning over me in this coat, so I KNOW it has to be a pricey one. I take the tag between my fingers, hold my breath, close my eyes praying I don't pass out, and..... I GASP.

There is NO way. NONE. The fashion gods MUST know that I'm a graduate student and that my funds are not exactly what they have been in the past, because, ladies and gentlemen, this coat was MEANT to be mine. I honestly have NO idea how this coat was still in the store...It just goes to prove that some things are meant for each other. And me and my gorgeous white coat are just that. Meant to be.

When I got home, I tried it on....didn't take it off.....we're in love.

Now if only the weather would cooperate and get COLD! However, I do have a free flight to use, and I'm seriously considering taking a trip to the mountains this Christmas to finally give the coat of my dreams the proper wearing it deserves!

Moral of the Story: Never lose hope in fashion. If you think that "clothes just don't fit me right", or "I'll never be able to pull that off", don't speak too soon, because moments like the one me and the white coat had DO exist, and when they's inevitable, indescribable and perfect.

Songs Du Jour: ENJOY
Fiery Crash- Andrew Bird
I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Deathcab for Cutie
Close to Me- The Getup Kids
Midnight Runner- Cut Copy
Impossible (Studio Version)- Shout Out Loud
Up Against the Wall- Peter Bjorn and John
To Kingdom Come- Passion Pit
Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend
Sad Song- Au Revoir Simone
This Modern Love- Bloc Party
West Coast- Coconut Records
The Funeral- Band of Horses
Closer- Kings of Leon
anything by Rodrigo & Gabriela

This coat doesn't even begin to come close...but it's the same color as mine. This coat is by Kevin Allwood, it's beautiful, but just imagine cuffs in fur, and no buttons down the front. The collar is pretty much the same. BE-A-U-TI-FUL.

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