Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's Ahead...

I realize I've not written anything new, but I've been quite busy. Graduate school is slowly sucking the life-force out of me. I'm serious. May (when I graduate)cannot come any sooner.

So here's what's ahead. I've got a monster week ahead of me, and Thursday I will be headed to NASHVILLE, TN to reunite with my best friends from college. I'm SURE that there will be some wardrobe stories to come from this trip...stay tuned.

Quick tidbit just to keep you entertained. I spent all of Saturday agonizing (in a robe of course) because Friday night I was at an awkward open bar wedding. I knew no one, and it was just awkward... in a nutshell. I won't say more because it might've been your wedding and I don't want to piss you off/hurt your feelings.

While attempting to re-hydrate my body and taking many snaps (see the definition of snap in the first tale from the hanger), I spent too much time on Itunes and made a magical playlist. I like to make playlists. Lots of them. I literally have one for certain moods, one for "rain", one for "studying", "getting ready", "workout", "road trip", "beerfest", and other moods/events that only very lucky people will come to know about. So here are some of the songs I downloaded. It was chilly, damp and kind of nasty yesterday (and anything too upbeat would have made my headache even worse).

Enjoy. You're welcome.

Song Title-Artist-Album

Hey, Soul Sister-Train-Hey, Soul Sister (Single)

Show Me What I'm Looking For-Carolina Liar-Coming to Terms

Skinny Love-Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago

I Want Something That I Want (Duet)-Grace Potter & Bethany Joy Galeotti-One Tree Hill Sessions (Single)

A Thousand Tiny Pieces-The Be Good Tanyas-Hello Love

Daughter-Loudon Wainright III-Daughter (Single)

Lovers Without Love-Joshua James-B-sides It's Dark Outside

I Love You More Than Words Can Say-Otis Redding-Dock of the Bay RANDOM

I've Been Loving You Too Long-Otis Redding-Pure Southern Soul RANDOM

Walk On The Wild Side-Lou Reed-Transformer RANDOM

Firstful of Love (with Lou Reed)-Antony & The Johnsons with Lou Reed- I Am a Bird Now This song is not so amazing...we all make mistakes.

Hey Love-Chris O'Brien-Lighthouse

All I Want-Jehro-Hotel Costes: Vol.9 by Stephane Pompougnac

Paper Aeroplane-Angus & Julia Stone-Hotel Costes X

Surround Me With Your Love (Mental Overdrive Remix)-3-11 Porter-Hotel Costes: Vol.6 by Stephane Pompougnac

Fleur Blanche-Orsten-Hotel Costes X

White Lilies (Feat. Anne Trolle)-Peder-Hotel Costes X

Closer to Love-Matt Kearney-City of Black & White (Deluxe Version)

Home to You-Po' Girl-Home to You

Crash This Train (acoustic)-Joshua James-Crash This Train/The Garden EP

Falling or Flying-Grace Potter & The Nocturnals-This Is Somewhere (Bonus Track Version)

Wisconsin (Bonus Track)-Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago

Elle Et Moi-Lemongrass-Haute Couture French Lounge Session


Dying Day-Brandi Carlile-Give Up the Ghost

Before it Breaks- Brandi Carlile-Give Up the Ghost

Pride and Joy-Brandi Carlile-Give Up the Ghost

That Year-Brandi Carlile-Give Up the Ghost

Turn to Stone-Brandi Carlile-Give Up the Ghost

The Weight of Us-Sanders Bohlke-The Weight Of Us (Single)

The ones that say RANDOM are....random. I must've "sleep downloaded" them in the middle of a snap because they are so, well....random. Yes, I like Brandi Carlile. Yes, I'm obsessed with Hotel Costes and Stephane Pompougnac. Some other bands I love at the moment are:
Vampire Weekend
Brett Dennen
Zero 7
Passion Pit
The Rescues (especially the song "Stay Over")

That's all folks. Stay tuned for some more wardrobe recounts. Hopefully none of you attended awkward weddings this's not generally recommended.

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