Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Have to Vent

We all have our pet peeves, I have a few, but those select few annoy me to no end.

I just got back from fetching myself a Diet Coke on campus, and was affronted by just about every pet peeve I could think of. I also have a pounding headache, so that helps...not.

First of all, who dyes a fountain RED? I know it's school spirit, but it looks like a scene out of a gory horror movie, and it really grosses me out and scares me; especially when they don't turn the fountain on, which leaves it to be a standing pool of dark red water...that's disgusting/creepy/I don't care how close it is to Halloween.

at least this fountain is ON....imagine it OFF...that's GROSS

List of Pet Peeves I Just Experienced:

1.) The awkward elevator talker. I was on the elevator in the library, and not only did this gentleman stand as close as possible to me (we were the only people in the elevator), but he proceeded to make awkward conversation which I did not find amusing, especially when the elevator squealed, made a grinding noise, and literally DROPPED us down the chute. (Plus, the library didn't have the book I needed, even though the online catalogue SAID SO..)

2.) The close walker. You know when someone is hot on your heels, and they step on the back of your shoe? That just happened to me. Mind you, I've been told by many people that I'm an extremely fast walker, so I don't know who the hell was walking faster than me, but they stepped on the back of my shoe, almost launching me facefirst into the sidewalk, and they didn't even apologize. and they smelled. ew.

3.) The cologne dousers. Ok men: I love cologne. There are a few brands of men's cologne that literally make me swoon; HOWEVER this does not mean that because you think it smells good (or you're trying to mask the fact that you haven't showered) you should BATHE yourself in it. I literally walk through CLOUDS of nasty cologne every day. And it's not good cologne, it's the kind you see in the drugstore "If you like Polo Sport, you'll like 'Nolo Athletic'"...disgusting...blech

4.) The awkward starers. I was in line, ordering my Diet Coke, and my wallet has a clear space for my ID to peek out. I see this random dude STARING at my driver's license...that's creepy. I don't know how else to describe it other than I feel like I might have to change my name/number/address...immediately...creep

In other news, I now have PROOF that I'm an animal whisperer. While on my miserable trip to the library/to get a Diet Coke, there was a girl with a baby Beagle.(This momentarily made me very happy) She clearly is awkward with animals and shouldn't own a pet. The poor thing was choking on its collar, and she was letting it continue to choke itself (your pet's windpipe can actually collapse from doing this, especially with baby puppies)...so I'm walking towards her, and the dog LEAPS forward, pawing at my leg trying to climb up and love me. I know, it's amazing, you're jealous. I can't help it that animals love me :)

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