Monday, October 12, 2009

A Letter/Request

Dear Human,

You're a nice person. I think one day we could be friends. But the fact that you feel the urge to play the song "She Wolf" by Shakira on REPLAY has made me rethink the aforementioned statements. Same thing goes for your cell phone. Turn it down. At least put it on vibrate, because being the jumpy person that I am; I almost fell out of my chair just now while deep in concentration because your cell phone is SO loud. And that words. I thought my Pandora station ( if you're not addicted yet) would drown out any distractions. I was sadly mistaken. Now please...please...stop playing "She Wolf" before I go insane.

Lots of love and friendly affection,

The one who literally almost lost it 5 minutes ago when you got a call on your cell.

P.S. It just started raining cats and dogs, and I've just realized I left my umbrella in the backseat of my car. I'm not excited about this. I can hear people outside shrieking because they're getting soaked. I might have found this comical had I not just realized I may have to be one of those people in a few hours. I'm wearing suede shoes...gosh I just love Mondays.

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