Monday, October 26, 2009

Stormy Weather

Hello Loves,

I'm writing to you from what feels like Antarctica, but is just my office...oh and the fact that my pants are COMPLETELY soaked...drenched doesn't help me feel much warmer. Houston decided that after a lovely weekend, it would unleash hurricane/monsoon-like rain upon us this morning, leaving me looking like a sewer's attractive...I mean I had on Wellies, a raincoat, and a golf umbrella and STILL managed to get completely soaked.

Yesterday was the most amazing productive day! I took the puppy to the dog park, where hilarity ensued...

I'm afraid my puppy is a snob. She loves humans, but could care less about her fellow canines. Dogs of all shapes and sizes would run up for the normal "sniff", and Sushi would primly sit, and literally turn her nose up in the air, thus leading the "sniffer" to pad off in shame. Another priceless reaction was when they would go in for the "sniff", and she'd spastically jerk, give the offender a "who the hell do you think you are" death stare, and trot away, once again, nose pointed high in the air. However, we still had an amazing time driving around the city with the windows down, running many errands I've been behind on, washing the car, cleaning it, organizing winter clothes (yay!) and making a pile of clothes to give away/sell.

Now, onto more important things...In the Spirit of Halloween, allow me to share this:

I'm a scaredy cat. You know when they say, "oh, she's afraid of her own shadow"? That's me. As much as I try to act like I'm tough and can handle anything thrown my way, when it comes to spooky sounds, shapes, movies, etc, I'm a complete wuss. For example, I can't watch scary movies. The "Gremlins", a movie that was released like a million years ago, haunts me to this day, and I haven't even seen it. How am I still so scared of a movie I've never even seen? Ask my first grade teacher. Being the avid bookworm that I've always been, I was perusing the bookshelf in our 1st grade classroom seeing if there were any books I haven't read already. So, I see "Gremlins" written on the spine of a book, pull it out, and see furry little creatures on the front. No biggie. I love animals. So then, I open the book....I drop the book. I run away.quickly.heart is racing. What did I see my friends? THIS:

Terrified does not even begin to describe it. I'm still horrified by this miniature demon, so imagine my terror at age SEVEN. I think I'm even nervous just having this image on my blog, but I'm trying to face my fears. Literally, to this day, I am TERRIFIED of anything and everything "Gremlin" related. Even the "Furby" pets that came out a few years ago petrify me. I know guys love watching scary movies with girls, because they feel strong and mighty while the girl is squeezing on his arm for dear life, but for a guy watching a scary movie with ME is a different experience (although it could pan out in their favor, but they have to prove themselves mighty enough to protect me from forces of evil)... I literally hide my face for most of the movie, and after it's over, I usually cannot go ANYWHERE alone, especially if it's after sundown. I have to sleep with someone who can kick some ghoul/gremlin/possessed person/zombie ass, I'm being dead serious. However, one time, I had watched the movie "Seven" (which I will admit, is actually pretty good), and I was convinced that my boyfriend was going to turn on me and kill me....this is not a joke. Finally, after about 30 minutes of him laughing hysterically at me, I calmed down and realized it was...a movie.

In other news, I still have no clue what to be or what to do for Halloween this year, I have several options, but I can't decide. I'm running out of time and creativity, so I might have to break my cardinal rule and go buy a stupid costume. I'm thinking Snow me, I 'm not happy about this either.

Music Du Jour:
PDA- Interpol
Crazy Ever After- The Rescues
Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
Never Bloom Again- The Perishers
Taylor- Jack Johnson
Fool- Marie Digby

I hope you all stay reasonably dry today! Happy Monday! (is that an oxymoron?)

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