Friday, October 23, 2009


It's HERE! IT'S HERE!!!! What is it you ask? FALL WEATHER!!! It has FINALLY arrived my dear friends, and I am about to burst with excitement! The weather in Nashville was such a tease last weekend, and my fall wardrobe has been chomping at the bit, waiting for its chance to come out and wow the world with all of its textured, colorful, soft, warm, shiny, sleek, deep rich toned beauty!

So, in honor of this GORGEOUS weather that will allow me to wear my fall clothes this evening, I'd like to share with you a Tale From The Hanger that involves a beautiful item from my fall wardrobe...

The Tale of the Keith Urban Concert and the Grey Boots....

I own these miraculous boots. They are a light grey suede that hit just below the knee. Round toe, with a subdued yet perfectly conspicuous metallic leather accent stripe that runs up the outer seam. A 3.5 inch heel, and a tiny platform make for the perfect height. They're gorgeous, AND comfortable, what more could a girl ask for in a winter boot?

I was living in Nashville at the time, and me and a few girlfriends were itching for some excitement in our lives. I knew that Keith Urban was touring, and he was putting on a show in Nashville in the near future. We called to inquire about tickets, and it turned out that a guy friend of ours was ordering some, so we asked if he could order ours along with his order, just to save time and ensure that we got seats. He asked if we didn't mind getting "cheaper" seats, and we agreed that dishing the cash for front row pit seats wasn't going to jive with our college sized budgets. Little did we know what "cheaper seats" meant....

The night of the concert rolled around, and here we were, so excited to see Mr. Urban live and in person. The weather was insanely amazing, perfect late fall weather, perfect for pairing my gorgeous boots with a teal sweater dress. A few glasses of wine later, the girls were ready to rock!

We arrive at the "Sommet Center" in Nashville for the concert, flash our tickets, and are ushered in. The venue is also a sporting venue, so imagine a basketball court seating arrangement, with a pit in the middle for those brave enough to be trampled by psycho fans surrounding the stage. So, we begin our ascent....higher....higher....ok really? HIGHER?! Ladies and gentlemen, we had found our seats....the last row. THE.LAST.ROW. We literally could've changed the light bulbs if it tickled our fancy. I was livid....and then a familiar feeling washed over me.

You see, dear readers, I have a nasty little case of something we call vertigo when extremely high up. So as we sit in our seats, I am overcome with extreme dizziness, so much so that I immediately turn to the group and murmur "this isn't gonna work for me ladies...."

So what's a girl to do? I had gotten dressed up, promising my boots some heel tapping action, and I literally could NOT sit in the "cheap seats".....So I work my magic.....

Readers: Please promise me that if you read any further, you will NOT steal my tactics. I actually DO have vertigo, and was only trying to enjoy the show from the comfort of a seat where I wouldn't feel like fainting. Ok, so on with my tale.

I wobble over to the ticket-booth just as the crowds are thinning out and everyone has taken their respective seats. The girls are calling and texting me, wondering where I've run off to, and I reassure them that I'll be fine. Emma had come down with me to make sure I didn't pass out on anyone or fall down a times I know.

An elderly woman was working the ticket booth, and I smiled, explained my situation, and asked if there was ANY way we could move to some empty seats that hadn't been claimed, since my vertigo was so bad I wouldn't be able to sit in our original seats. The woman must've taken an enormous liking to me, because she launched into a terribly long story about how her friend Mildred suffered from terrible vertigo and couldn't ride airplanes. I grinned and sympathized, saying, "Well, the concert's about to start, so I guess I'll take a cab home and the girls can just stay in our seats....such as shame..." when she said the magic words...

"Let me see what I can do honey...."

BINGO. The kind woman shuffled back into the depths of the ticketing booth, turned back to ask "how many of you are there" to which is sweetly responded "oh, just five!", and prayed the ticket gods would do me right. She shuffled back, holding an envelope in her hand, and said, "Well sweetheart, this is all I could find, but I hope it's better than what you've got!" I thanked her profusely and called the girls down from the highest layer of the stratosphere back down to oxygen producing levels of the earth. They clambered down minutes later looking fuzzy from the wine, and probably a bit oxygen deprived to be honest. I was sporting my best Cheshire Cat grin as I looked at them and said...

"Ladies....prepare to be floored....literally"....When little miss ticket booth had said "this is the best I can do sweetheart" she literally meant...."this is the best", because she had given us 5 tickets, IN.THE.FRONT.ROW.DIRECTLY.OFF.THE.FLOOR.

We literally had the best seats in the house. We directly faced the stage, first row off the floor, so we were spared the hysterical mob of fans running amock in the pit area. We realized that the seats we were given were worth close to 300 dollars or more....and we paid "cheap seat" prices. So we sat in our amazing seats, and I tapped my beautiful boots to the lovely sound of Mr. Keith Urban.

Thanks to my "condition" we enjoyed the concert from a bird's eye view. My boots had gotten the dancing they deserved, and 5 friends made some amazing memories at an amazing show. I wish I could bake that sweet little old woman a cake, because what started as a disaster, ended in absolute perfection....just ask the boots, 2.5 hours of dancing said it all.

Happy Friday Loves! Enjoy the weekend and the AMAZING weather!

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  1. What an awesome you will have to tell your kids or grandchildren! Hope you went out later and bought a lottery ticket. :)


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