Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok Lovahs, I'm so so so sorry, I've been a bad bad blogger, like rilllly bad. But I have reasons.

A. I was in Austin this past weekend with my fam. I love my fam. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than your 3 year old niece staring up at you and saying "I love you Aunt Julie, are you going to live here? Can we do makeovers and can you braid my hair"...PRICELESS. Also, top 10 life moments: Driving in the car, my sister in law puts on a "sing-a-long CD" and of course, Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" comes on. I'm ecstatic, because in college, people called me Miley sometimes (not kidding) and my 3 year old niece KNOWS THE WORDS. I was SO PROUD. But then she corrected me, it's not "And a Jay-Z song was on.." It's actually, "And A Chinese Song was on..." So there you have it. Amazing.

B. I had a real live panic attack Monday afternoon. Of course I was in bumper to bumper traffic on the FREEWAY,so I couldn't pull over, so I was hyperventilating in my car, feeling like I was gonna yak, and trying not to basically completely melt down. Yeah. It happened. Haven't had one of those in 7 years.

C. I'm in the ROUGH part of my semester, which means I've been studying my face off, and have NO free time. Which is why I can't be a good blogger. I'm so sorry! I'll be back soon!
D. I got 'napped by whore-moans again. I'm not really sure if I'm totally back, but this time they came with a vengeance. NO BUENO.

So, I love y'all, I PROMISE I'll be back soon, please don't hate me or forget about me! And just for your viewing pleasure, I'm including a video of the monkey riding the dog I told you about from the rodeo.



  1. omg, it's "and a chinese song was on"... i died laughing.

    holy crap, when i allergic reactions were flaring up, i used to have panic attacks all the time in traffic, so i always had to be on the outside lane near a shoulder!

    find time to play this weekend, k?

  2. "a chineese song was on" makes me love Party in the USA even more. I may start singing it that way too!

  3. Ok, you're excused. But only because you gave me the cowboy monkey. Whom I now love.

  4. I miss your blogs bunches of oats, but I can forgive you since you have a good excuse. I'm so happy that you had a blast last weekend, and um as for the other things that are going on in the near future ... ahem. I'm expecting an update. Like tonight. THanksverymuch.

  5. Um, Jabroni says NO BUENO all the time. Weird.

    And grad school is TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE which is why I've been a sucky blogger too. Boo on grad school!

  6. Okay, we'll let you away with it . . . . this time. And we won't forget about you as long as you don't forget about us. ;)

  7. Welcome back. I'm so glad you had fun in Austin with the fam and Miley. :)

  8. Don't worry, we'll still be here waiting patiently for you, when you can find the time to blog. :o)


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