Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I'm a bit MIA lately, but everything's cool, just got a lot on my plate right now and sadly, I haven't had time to blog, and I don't want to write pointless posts to fill space...sooo...Mini blogging hiatus, till around Monday, but you never know, I might come back and surprise you! So, I'll leave you with some pics from Keith Urban, St. Patrick's Day, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!

He's looking back at me and smiling. No big deal.


Irish Car Bombs. My fave.

What a show. 

The end! 

Since it's Double You Tea Eff Wednesday, here's a morsel. 

I am graduating from my Master's Program in like a month. UMMMM WTF time warp? Has it srsly been two years???? Ahhhh. 


PEE ESS. I got a new button for the blog! Snag it and put it on your blog and I'll love your FOREVAHHHH.


  1. Ah, nice pictures, but where's the one of the tiny monkey dressed up as a cowboy? I've been waiting . . . mucho disappointo

  2. My sister and I had to explain to Jabroni what an Irish Car Bomb was. Le sigh.

  3. Hi blog soul mate. It's been a long time but I knew we hadn't really missed a beat when you posted a picture of an Irish Car Bomb.

    I'm feeling you on the "lot on my plate" bit. Work is, how do you say? Taking over my life.


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