Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sparkly Crack and Spring Cleaning

Are you excited to read about sparkly crack? Well I'm excited to tell you about it! Sooo, as I've mentioned before, my graduate school is located in one of the most shady/sketchy/creepy/dangerous/ghetto/homemgeeeithinkiminanepisodeof'thewire'rightnow areas of town. It's called the 'third ward' sounds scary huh? So, I get out late at night usually. And usually, I speed, run stoplights, and get the hell out as quickly as possible, because there are typically like 10 cop cars arresting people at every corner. (Not kidding). And there are constantly stray pit bulls a la Michael Vick roaming about, and I have to keep driving otherwise I start crying (which has happened before) because I want to adopt them all. I DIGRESS. 

I was driving home early last week, at the pinnacle of my cold, and I was feeling uber yucky. And lo and behold, I look up at the stop light. And I see this. 

Now, I don't know if you can really tell, but these shoes are PINK AND SPARKLY. There they hung, sparkling in the sun, and I was so excited to tell you guys all about them. In my experience/knowledge, I have been told that people toss their shoes up on these wires to keep their crack stash safe....so, these people kind of suck at protecting their crack because HOW CAN YOU MISS THEM? They are PINK and SPARKLY!!! So there lies someone's sparkly crack stash. THE END. 

In other news, I am giving my blog a Spring Cleaning Makeover. AND I JOINED TWITTER. I repeat, I JOINED TWITTER. Now someone help me put up a nifty "Follow Me On Twitter" button on my page because I'm technically impaired. My twitter name is "LifeOnAHanger" go figure. ALSO, I want to have a signature thingie. E-mail me if you can help!? Por favor? Y'all rock. 

Oh, and I'M WEARING FLIP FLOPS TODAY! It's actually warm here! My inner Chihuahua is squealing for joy and my skin is no longer nearing PHASE 4 of plant death. Get excited people. 



  1. So, wait, how do they get their crack stash DOWN again? I always see shoes like this on power lines, and I've always just assumed it was kids messing around. You've given me a whole new perspective!!

  2. Go to twitterbuttons.com. I heard that the shoes on the wire were to tell people a drug dealer lived near the shoes. Where is a drug dealer when we need them? Why don't we ever see people throwing their shoes?

  3. ohhh, i love third ward. lurve it.

    i chased a weenie dog down in heels today (long story) and started sweating. i loved it. i can taste warm weather! i'm sure i'll regret saying that when it's 114 degrees here in july.

  4. I've also heard the shoes signified a drug dealer in the neighborhood... and I was even told that the color of the shoe was code for the type of drug. (these drug dealers are WAY organized, if ya ask me.) SO.. pink and sparkly? must be acid. or maybe ecstacy... I digress.
    YAY for the sun! I've been posting about it on facebook all day today. I think I'm getting annoying.

  5. WTH?! I've never heard of any relation between shoes on a wire and drugs. I've only seen it once in real life. I thought they were copying the movie Big Fish. That's the only other time I've heard of it. Hmmm, you got me curious... sounds like I have some Googling to do. haha

  6. Sheesh - what sort of school are you going to that is located in such an area?!?!?! Do your parents know about this?!?!?! I'm concerned for you my friend. Hurry up and finished school already and get the hell out of there!

  7. pink and sparkly?! oh man i think i would've been just as giddy.

  8. Oh girlie... I was blissfully naive before reading this. Now every single pair of shoes on a wire will be suspect :)

    Be safe!

    (Thanks for stopping by our blog - I'm laugh my way through your posts right now - nice to 'meet' you!)

  9. Holy crap those are pink and sparkly shoes! How do they get their crack out!? I mean if that's why they put them up then how do they get their crack out.. and doesn't everyone know thats where their crack is? So many questions I have about these shoes. I wonder if the girl had to throw them up herself, or if it washer crack boy who did it for her.

    I'm so glad you are a twitterer now. YAY. I got in a fight on twitter lastnight with some John Cusack whore who accused me of being a stalker. Her avatar name was Milky jugs and her avatar was boobs. Twitter is weirdo. AND YAY FOR WARMTH AND NOT DYING! I think I may have gotten a freckle today!


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