Monday, March 1, 2010

Conversations with a Beefer.....

Friends and Lovahs, 

I know you all just read that title and were all "huh?".... Allow me to explain...

Beefer: (noun). Term used to describe a BFF. Ex: "Aw, beefer, I miss you!"

So, my beefer lives in Nashville right now. She's pretty amazing if I say so myself, otherwise she probs wouldn't be my beefer. Duh. 

Today, I have a presentation to finish, so I'm keepin' this one short and suh-weet. I'll be back to normal blog activity tomorrow. Promise. 

Typical Convos with the Beefer:

Beefer: "Jules, wanna know something really weird?"
Me: "Uh, sure..."
Beefer: "I'm like....really pretty."
Me: "Does this mean you're in sweats, wearing your rasta hat, trolling the aisles of Whole Foods praying you don't see anyone you know?"
Beefer: "Basically". 

Beefer: "Go talk to that guy"
Me: "No, he's fug"
Beefer: "Haha ok fine, he's fug, but his friend is hot so you can break the ice for me"
Me: "Selfish slore."
Beefer: "Let's get more drinks."
Me: "Ok! Love you!"

Me: "That guy is hot."
Beefer: "You have the weirdest taste in men and I have no idea why you pick the ones you do"
Me: "Fine. At least I didn't date the distant cousin of a WALRUS."
Beefer: "I hate you. But I guess you're right."
Me: "Let's get more drinks"
Beefer: "Ok! Love you!"

Me: "Hey Beefer, member that time you dragged me to that guy's house late night and I pretended to smoke pot with you guys and everyone thought I was a total badass because I didn't cough?"
Beefer: "Yeah, that was hysterical!"
Me: "No it wasn't, because then you locked yourself in the guys' bedroom and made me sit alone on the couch with his high roomates and wait for  a pledge to pick my ass up and take me home. And when he came to get me, he drove up in a YELLOW HUMMER and I wanted to die."
Beefer: "Yeah, but remember the time you dragged me to that hotel so you could make small talk with that 35 year old guy in that band, only to realize you didn't like him after all and you made him drive you back in the tourbus?"
Me: "Ugh. Fine. Let's go get Maggiano's and eat it in the park"
Beefer: "OK! Love you!"

Basically, we're peas in a pod. She's NEVER BEEN TO TEXAS and I braved the fiercely cold Chicago winter last year to visit her, and I've been to Nashville TWICE, so she owes me a visit. 

Excuse the total random-ness of the post, but my brain is half melted from Rodeo weekend and I hate school. Basically. But I love my beefer. Lots.

Musique Du Jour: 
The album "Gorilla Manor" by Local Natives
The album "And Then Boom" By Iglu & Hartley



  1. Too funny.. bff are the best and beefer, rocks, haha

  2. Beefers are awesome. Gold medals for all good Beefers today.

  3. Hahaha, so funny! Although I don't think I'd much care to be called a "beefer"...

  4. We all need a 'beefer', or three. It's what makes the world go round..smoothly!

    Happy new week to you Julie ~ deb

  5. You know, I learn something new EVERY day in the blogosphere! I can honestly say that today, YOUR blog is my educator! THANKS!!

  6. Those can totally be conversations that take place in my life. Well, my life when I had a life.

    I hate school, too. And my brain is melted.

  7. OMG beefer!!!!!!! love it!! so funny! i totally thought it was going to be about a heffer. ;)


  8. Big fat woop woop for beefers! Mine is coming in this weekend!!


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