Wednesday, March 24, 2010

K Wait...Screw the Aforementioned Post...

Ok so I know I said I was taking a mini-hiatus...but I figured I'd entertain you...because that's what I do...

Member when I was all "Hoe em gee I'm obsessed with Friday Night Lights and Tim Riggins??!"'s gotten worse. I'm not kidding. I sit at work/in class all day wondering what's going to happen next, wondering if Tim will dump Lyla and choose his soulmate (me). Wondering if the Panthers will make it to state. Wondering where Tammy Taylor got those aviator sunglasses she's BAD people. And now I'm all angsty because I finished season three on instant Netflix and I have to WAIT for season 4 to be delivered via snail mail. I

I had a dream(s) about me and Riggins. We are married. We are happy. He goes to college, graduates, and now he's in a band and he writes allllll these songs about ME. I need help. SRSLY. Help me. 

Has anyone ever been this obsessionated? HELP.

Where'd she get those? I want.

He's mine. All. Mine.

Don't Be Jealous. It's fate. We're meant to be.

what you can't see is me running up behind her to TACKLE THE LITTLE SKANK. Hands.Off.NOW.

DO I need to attend TV addicts anonymous? Is this my subconscious mind telling me that my fate really is to be with Tim? Ahhhhh. Help. This warrants an episode of "Intervention". Srsly. 



  1. Hence why i turned off my more shows for me to watch :)- Lol

    Looks like a good one to get addicted to. He's a cutie.

  2. I'm going to let this one slide and not begin another back and forth about who Taylor Kitsch loves more.

    Let's agree to disagree on that one.

    Mmmmmm Tim Riggins.

  3. Oh that poor boy! Ripped jeans and no buttons on his shirt??? That's a real shame. We should send him some money. Or maybe just you in a box.

  4. SHUT UP!!! FNL is one of my FAVORITE shows!!! Riggins is so effing hot! Freaking awesome show!

  5. I vote "Intervention". You can huff some air-dust and sing "I'm walking on Sunshine" (YouTube the montage if you haven't seen that one).

    By the way, I think the Droid apps and the Hero Apps are from the same "market" soooooooo, I'm back to winning. BOO-YA backatcha!

  6. I'm so with you on the aviators. I've searched for a good pair for like 2 years. Someone help us find them!

  7. you are speaking another language to me...i've never seen an episode of friday night lights. i know...the horror. lol.

  8. Tim Riggins is in my top 5. He is delicious :-)

  9. Umm, I think you are a freak. Just kidding. :)

    I think you are totally normal. Good luck with getting in touch with your dream man!


  10. "obsessionated"


  11. How in the land of all that is good and nice (Texas) (and other states too) did this post get past me!? And yes.. Yes dear Julie. I am very obsessionated with many people. John Cusack is the first person to come to mind, but there are many many MANY more.

  12. i have never seen (((or heard))) of this show. EEEKKK im sure you're gasping for air. lol

    love your obsession though! hehe


  13. I can help! I can help! :)

    I too, am obsessed with 1) this show (my favorite EVER), 2) #33 (we don't have to fight over him...he's each of ours in our dreams, right?), and 3) Tami freaking Taylor and her ahhhhmazing aviators. In fact, I am so obsessed with her aviators that I Googled "Tami Taylor Aviators Brand"...and actually found the brand and the style number. You can order them for a whopping $20 @ are two different websites...on the eyewear site, look for the style 069ST...on the other site, there are some other pretty beautiful aviators, but the 069ST is the actual style that she has. They only have them in Gold/Gold Mirror and Silver/Silver Mirror...must've sold out of the brownish looking ones she has. But either way...same frame shape. :)

    Here's the article I found that gave me the answer:,,20235659_20235667_20258895_4,00.html

    Anyway, hope this helps. I almost died when I found out they were only $20!!!!
    Sweet Riggins Dreams.... ;)


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