Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Is For Art

Soooo....My homeskillet Cher over at "The Only Girl" really liked my Doodle from a couple days ago, so I told her I'd doodle for her! So here it is...

It's prettier in big form, Cher, I'll e-mail all the copies to you!

So it's Double You Tea Eff Wednesday:

  • It's finally warmer here in Houston (yaythankthesweetsweetlord) but it's raining...WTF weather!?
  • I really. really. really. need to have a job come May. Srsly. WTF miz miz economy!?
  • I'm getting my hair cut today and I can't decide what look to go for...WTF indecision!?
Here are my favorite looks. I tried to find people with my hair texture and length. I want to keep my mermaid locks intact for summer. Because Mermaid Hair is the BEST. I will never tire of Merm Locks. Evah. 
The Contenders:

Sideswept Longer Bangs. I heart this.
My hair is wavy like these, so I like the look? No?

More Mermaid Locks. Love Minka Kelly.

Do those all look the same? Maybe. So I guess I have my answer. All I know is I'm super nervie to get my hair done because I don't trust people with my Mermaid Locks. So wish me lots of LockLove.

Yeah. Call me Supah Sleuth. I went to tinkle yesterday, and I saw this woman at the sink, with a huge toiletry bag, clearly had just gotten back from the gym. I realized she goes to the gym during lunch, changes in the stall, and "freshens" her lady bits with baby powder because I SAW the baby powder in her toiletry bag. Did I mention she feels the need to spray nasty body spray? Like A LOT of nasty body spray? BLECHHH. 

I'll take a pic of my new coiffe latah! 



  1. Nice signature! Woooo! And I love Minka Kelly's hair! I too am very untrusting of people with my locks - I still have yet to find a salon here in Houston. I went to one in Austin last time I got a cut. And I want a pretty doodle!!!!! You have the best handwriting!

  2. I LOVEY love it! thank you thank you! It's gonna make a really kick ass tattoo! Or maybe pillow covers? A t-shirt? Vehicle wrap? The possibilities are endless! Big fat feather boa hearts to you my friend.

    And definitely before & afters on the hair please. They're all gorg-gorg.

  3. GOrgeous pics, and I so want my hair done! Im jelaous.

  4. Ugh, megan fox. Anyway, mermaid locks are best for summer fo sho.

  5. Sending loads of LockLove!!! Good luck! I want to see pictures!!

  6. look at your new sig, love it!
    i'm loving the merm locks. stick with the longer bangs. i'm growing mine back out. ugh.

  7. mermaid locks...HA! LOVE IT!!!

    never knew that's it's called. i got me some mermaid locks too girrrl. you know it!

    whatever you do, i'm sure you'll look hot cause all your inspo pics are FAB!

  8. Love them all. I especially like the sideswept bangs. I've been growing mine out to prep for chopping off the mermaid locks for charity, but I really like them. I might just suck up the growing out phase when I cut.

  9. The weather here in nortern TX/Southern OK is acting the same crazy way. Sunshine and warmth, mixed with clouds and rain. I guess having a little sunshine is better than none... but I wish it'd just make up it's mind (and it would decide on susnhine.)
    yay for new hair :) anxious to see what you get.
    AND... good to know the white powder is more 'baby' variety and less 'nose candy' variety.

  10. oh! And I love your doodles, too! :)

  11. the baby powder lady would be better off just rinsing before heading back to work. do they make axe for women, if so, i bet she sprays that.

  12. Look at you with the fancy signature. I might have to out-do it. I love Minka Kelly's . . .just Minka Kelly.


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