Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break Smorgasbord....

Kitty Kats, 

I've been super busy drinking, partying, sunning, WORKING REALLY HARD, the past few days, so I've just got to give you some morsels...I'll be back in full hurricane force this week! 

  • I created a new cocktail with one of my fave bartenders this weekend. I told him I wanted something that tasted like a chocolate-y candy bar in my mouth (that's what she said) so he mixed equal parts (by equal parts I mean LOTS) Kahlua, Amaretto, and then a splash of soda. DELISH. I drank two. Then I switched to beer because I had already had champers, then I had a guh-rrrreat night. The end. I named it the "candy bar". Creativity at its best....except not really.
  • My PIC (partner in crime) told me something that made me almost kinda pee in my pants. We were discussing this recent troll in my life (troll=douche bag) and she said "you know what?! He's totes a one trick pony"....basically "one trick pony" is now my favorite insult. evah. 
  • It's GORGEOUS in Houston. SO I've been outside as much as possible, and I'm now a few shades darker! Inner Chihuahua is REEEEE-JOICING. 
  • I will be posting pics this week of my outfit from my big day Friday. 
  • Pauly D from the Jersey Shore was in Houston this weekend. I KNOW that "At Least I'm Skinny"(pls. blog more about Jabroni-ness..The suspense is KILLING me)  is SUPER jeal. But I didn't see him. But we shared the same city oxygen or something like that...
  • Fate/Destiny is a cray cray thing. Ask Carissa. I told her all about my weird coincidence this weekend. Things fall into place. Always. Don't tempt fate. Basically. 
  • I'm severely addicted to Friday Night Lights. I even had a dream about me and Tim Riggins. I'll spare you the deets. 
  • TODAY. I LAID OUT IN THE SUN. In a bathing suit. With beer(s). And music. HEAVEN.ON.EARTH. Once again, inner chihuahua NIRVANA. 
love y'all. 


  1. Oh man. Everyone laughed at me when I became a fan of Pauly D on the facebook. Especially Skinny. I am a good Southern girl, but that Cadillac tattoo and amazing hair height he has just makes me blush.

  2. OMG i love using the phrase one trick pony! it is so funny!


  3. While it was nice here yesterday, I did not get to lay by the pool. I did, however ingest copious amounts of beer on a patio, which was good enough for me. Now I still need that update lady!

  4. O.M.G. I didn't even finish reading the sentence to see me get called out (that makes no sense but whatev) before I was like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've got a Jabroni story coming right up for you.

  5. That drink sounds delish!!!

  6. I want a Candy Bar cocktail!!!

    One of my favourite bars near me, VodkaWodka, does this amazing cocktail which is essentially an alcoholic chocolate milkshake. I don't even normally LIKE chocolate milkshakes but this one . . . wow!!!

    I guess all the creamy alcohol helps...

  7. Ummmmmm, can you come fix me one or three of those heavenly cocktails? You and your bartender bud are geniuses!


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