Monday, March 8, 2010

Dodo Birds and Smiling Cats...

Hoe Em Gee, I'm back! I fell of the edge of the world for a spell, thanks to my faulty immune system and a little too much school and work. BUT I'm back and ready to rock!

So am I weird because I forgot to watch the Oscar's? Yes. But it gives me something to research when I'm bored today. Is it weird that instead of watching the Oscar's I went to see Alice In Wonderland? Hell to the no, because AIW was/is one of my favorite books of all time, and AIW is my favorite Disney movie EVAH, with The Little Merm coming in at second place. Since I've never really been the type to do hallucinogenic drugs, AIW takes me to a place that opium/LSD/acid/shrooms could potentially take me, and without the hangover! Curiouser and curiouser!

Moving on. I went to see Tyrone Wells Friday night with a bag-full of tissues for my nasty cold, and he was A-MAZING. Srsly. I'm slightly pissed he's married, but whatevs. Tony Lucca opened for him, and lo and behold I have another musical crush. He's rah-some. What an amazing show, PLUS he played alllll the songs I wanted to hear, so permasmile was ON, despite the sniffles and face pain (sinus infection..blech)

K, so my face still hurts a little. But that doesn't mean I can't give you some GREEK salad today. I will not name any specific names or houses, so peeps don't get offended or what not. 

  • A certain SOMEONE (me) was blacklisted from a certain house because a certain SOMEONE (me) made out with an upperclassman's boyfriend. In a certain SOMEONE'S  defense (mine), I didn't know he had a girlfriend PLUS he was a senior, and the prez of his frat, and SMOKIN' hot. How was I going to say no to that? It was worth the stink eye she gave me for a year. Plus he still called me for three years after. Who's the boss now?
  • Certain houses would put the "ugly" or "fat" girls on "kitchen duty" during rush. True story. 
  • A certain house had a "troll patrol" committee where "troll-ish" girls were weeded out. There may or may not even have been a "troll patrol" water gun that was passed on to new crops of "troll patrol" committees. 
  • Certain houses labeled girls that got into the house one year, but turned out to totally suck "crackslippers". Meaning they somehow snuck past "troll patrol" or were legacies that we couldn't get rid of no matter how hard they tried to dig dirt up. 
  • Certain houses had to text message names of freshman girls to the rush chair while out and about partying to rank/judge them as they met them, and to keep notes/tabs. Ex: Upperclassman meets "Skanky McSkankerson" at a tailgate. Upperclassman text messages the rush chair (usually not sober) "Hoe Em Gee, just met a frosh named 'Skanky McSkankerson'... she's pretty, but WAY-sted and her dress flew up at the tailgate and I saw her flirt with someone's bf". 
And there you have it. S-E-C- sorostitution at its best. Amazing. Because no one does it better than the S-E-C. No one. 

This weekend, I was at a crawfish boil with some amigos, and I spotted with my eagle eye vision a guy I had gone on a mizmiz date with several months ago. Our parting words on the date were, 
Him: "So when can I see you again?"
Me: "Uhh...well...I'm gonna be out of town for the next 4 weekends, and I stay pretty busy...soo...I'll call you?" (funny sidenote...I ran into him two weeks later...oopsies)
So, needless to say, I pretended I didn't know who he was, despite the fact that he was CIRCLING my group of friend for 2 HOURS. Ughh. Can I Get A Witness?

Now be on your merry way and listen to some Santigold and Sparklehorse while you're at it. 



  1. Sucks about the sinus infection.

    I SO don't get this whole sorority thing. We really don't have it up here in Canada like you guys do.

    I feel so out of it. And un-cool. For sure I would never have been in one.

  2. I loved alice and wonderland. I watched in in 3 D and it ROCKED>

  3. your Greek salad totally just brought me back to college life - so true!

  4. i enjoyed this post. you're totally the boss!

  5. I'm sorry you've been feeling shitty for so long! I can relate to so many of your sorority tales. I'm not too sure how much truth there was to all it... But I may have to do a few greek salad stories myself.. god knows I have them.. I just wish my blog wasn't connected to my facebook, then I could really tell some goodies.

  6. That's when you have a "twin" and just say she's a B, and still blow him off. :) Hope you're feeling better!

  7. thank GAWD you didn't watch the oscars. if i had to read another oscar post, er wait...who said that? haha!

    and your little sorority facts make me despise sororities more. i was the anti-sorority girl who was wayyy cooler than any of the ones at my school. true story. BAHAHA!!!

  8. ps. i just realized how bitchy i sound. means i'm getting comfortable with you and that's a good thing :)

  9. Oh god, I hate that whole "pretending you haven't seen/don't recognise someone you don't want to talk to" scenario. It's so stressful, and I'm not a good actress at all!

  10. I missed you so! Glad you are back and still funny


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