Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Greekness and Some Girl Crushness...Basically.

K, so I have a new girlcrush. I mean I'm still loving me some Marion Cotillard, Olivia Palermo, and Carla Bruni; howevah, this one is musical. Musical crushes in my world are a BIG.DEAL. I present to you, AMANDA BLANK. No, not like Amanda ________ but her name is Amanda Blank. She's a girl rapper, (sometimes I try to rap, TRY being the keyword and I'm usually 3 cocktails deep.) However, I have amazing memorization skillz and I know LOTS of lyrics to rap songs. Try me. It's epic. 

She's ridiculously awesome and I'm pretty sure she jedi-mind tricked some of the lyrics to her songs outta my head. I think that if she and I hung out, we'd be instant besticles. She's a fierce betch. Now go on your merry way to and LISTEN.  My faves are "Might Like You Better" and "A Love Song" she stole those lyrics from my brain. Srsly. Oh and don't pretend to listen to the song at the bottom, bc I will know if you did or not. K thanks. 

we would be TOTAL BEEFERS.

I was "entertainment round chair" which means I wrote the skit we presented to the rush-ees, wrote all the lyrics to the songs we sang, and picked out who would be in the skit etc. etc. Big deal. I know. SO, one year. I had to bite the bullet, wear a blonde wig, and be Anna Nicole Smith post-TrimSpaBaby!. I know, but trust me it worked. So basically, I had to act all wasted and cray cray.
I wore a black halter dress, and nasty long red nails. HAWT.

 Weeks later, Anna Nicole croaks. And I got like 759834598 texts from people being all "HOE EM GEE did you know ANS died and you just pretended to be her?!" Basically like it was my fault or no. I was officially weirded out. And I secretly felt bad for making fun of a now dead person. But we got a good pledge class. So the next year I tried to cast people in the skit that were not likely to die. So we had some Grey's Anatomy peeps, The Olsen Twins, Spice Girls, Paris and Nikki Hilton....Basically, I HAD to keep up with tabloids and PerezHilton to make sure our sorority had a good pledge class. A hard life I lead in college, I tell ya, reading People/Star/USWeekly gets OLD people. (Have you caught on to the heavy handed sarcasm I just laid on you? K good. )

K so, I'm getting sick I think. So I need to go schleep, so here is the video for that cray cray amazing song. ENJOY!

you know you like it!


  1. Before I went to bed I wanted to let you know that while I am so happy you have introduced me to so much music that I am now obsessed with, i also kind of want to cut you because I'm about to spend a thousand dollars buying them.

    And I know that I already told you, but dude. I can't believe that you also were the maker upper of skits for your sorority. If we soultwins would have been in the same one at the same school, at the same time--- we could have come up with the most amazing-mecha of sorority rush skits evah!!! And I'm sorry that you portrayed someone that dies, but I'm sure you did it with grace. hehehehe.

  2. I bet you were an AWESOME Anna Nicole Smith! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. You can't blog about dressing up like ANS and NOT include a picture of yourself. So not fair. Cheater.

  4. but what if YOU DID KILL HER? never know

  5. So basically this chick is a one-and-done wonder, huh? Actually, don't you have to have a hit to be a one-hit-wonder? In any case, girls rapping is hard to take seriously . . . . unless it's Lil Kim. Cuz she hung with Biggie. We all know he's gangsta'. Hippity-Hop fo' life!

  6. saw her at a little club in Philly this past summer... love her!


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