Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Music and Thangs...

Spring Break is over (sadface) but I'm happy to report that it went smoothly. Not nearly as exciting as previous college spring breaks, but still relaxing, fun, and VERY musical. 

Keith Urban was a-mazing. I will post pics later from our AMAZING 7th row seats. THEN I went and saw Band of Skulls and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Saturday, and they put on a SPECTACULAR show. 

Ok, so I've mentioned my nervous laugh to y'all before. It's not really a laugh, it starts as a giggle, then gets increasingly more high pitched and then reaches decibels only dogs and bats can hear. My beefer since 2nd grade "Lola" also has this nervous laugh. So when we're together, and nervous, it's like a high pitched giggle fest. Enter the night of the Brett Dennen/Erin McCarley concert. 

We had just had a lovely musical evening filling our ears with musical candy and treats. On the way home, around 11ish, we were driving down the freeway. I am petrified of heights, Lola is kinda too. There is a HUGE, I mean HUGE overpass in Houston that is literally a bajillion feet high, and it's ONE CAR LENGTH wide. So, you're basically teetering over the city. UMMM. SCARY.

captain gigglebox.

SO Lola and I start kind of joking about how scary the overpass is....we start approaching the overpass...I start to giggle....She starts to giggle...Giggling is now more high pitched....Overpass is fast approaching....Giggling becomes hysterical...Lola has tears streaming down her face she's giggling so hard...I can scarcely breathe I'm giggling so hard...Overpass is HERE.NOW....Pretty sure we could've shattered windows at this point the giggling is OOC (out of control). Lola is WHEEZING she's still giggling....More giggles. Giggles turn into HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. I'm talkin' uncontrollable, gut hurting, tear jerking, can't breathe, can't talk, Lola is having trouble holding the wheel straight HYSTERICAL NERVOUS LAUGHTER. All of this is taking place as our lives hang (literally) over the highest point on the planet. Then, we realized we made it. We were alive. So we laugh about that some more. Classic Beefer Moment. Classic.

I'll be back with lots of fun stuff for you this week!



  1. Ack! I too am terrified of heights and big overpasses. But I usually hyperventilate instead of giggle. I'll have to try your coping technique next time instead.

  2. YAY sounds like such a good time! I'm glad you made the overpass too, those things freak me out. I start hyperventilating usually. Maybe next time I'll try laughing instead..

  3. That's good the nervous laughter ended up being a fun experience! When I have my nervous laugh (it's awful) it's typically at the MOST inopportune time!

  4. ahh i want to see pictures...of keith and YOU! haha.


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