Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tardy for the Party. I Know. I'm Sorry.

Friends and Lovers,Lover and Friends, 

Not only am I being kidnapped at the moment (this isn't the real  me posting, the real me has been sucked up by jerky whore-moans) but I have a flippin' midterm on Thursday that is, how do you say, IMPOSSIBLE TO STUDY FOR...So, needless to say, I might be a little MIA on the blogosphere till...oh...Next Tuesday. 

I have this midterm, then I have to work ALL WEEKEND LONG. Then I have a three hour long presentation Monday...and then ANOTHER three hour long presentation Tuesday. But then, I'm out of the woods and life will be all perfect and shiny and nice. Right? Yes. It will be. It has to be. 

Next Friday, I'm super majorly big-time hoping to go see Tyrone Wells in concert. He's a great singer/songwriter after my own heart. Amazing with words, and can sing his face off. Srsly. Don't believe me? Listen to him. Love him. I recommend "Sea Breeze" (one of my favorite songs evah and if he sings it next week I will literally melt. srsly.) "Baby Don't You Change" "Better Off Without You" and "Sink or Swim". 

So, in lieu of all the stuff I usually do during the week, I will leave you with a tiny taste of what's to come with sorority stories thanks to my inspiration at Speaking from the Crib. 

  • The term "sorostitute" was used loosely among many members of the Greek community
  • I was social chair of my sorority. I'm no stranger to a party. 
  • I was also parliamentarian, which means I could throw down. Basically. 
  • Put 200 or so females in a house for a week during rush and you're bound to see more Advil, tampons, lip gloss, cat fights, tears, cookies, pink glittery stuff and estrogen than you've ever wanted to imagine. 
Happy Tuesday Kids! 

Oh, also, I forgot to tell you. I hate Punxsutawney Phil. I don't care if you call PETA on my ass. That jerk is making a LOT of us freeze our heinies off, and I do NOT appreciate it. I am all in favor of animal rights, I volunteer at the SPCA for Pete's sake, but THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE. Phil, you owe us BIG next year...I'm talkin' you better turn Texas into the freaking Bahamas by next February. I mean it. Don't make me march my animal whisperer self up there to wherever it is you are and make me whisper you into submission....

wipe that smirk off your head...furry jerk.

Musique Du Jour:

Tyrone Wells, srsly he's awesome kids.He's been featured on Grey's Anatomy etc.
"Shark In The Water" VV Brown. (Acoustic Version)
"Awake My Soul" Mumford & Sons
"Revolver" Madonna feat. David Guetta and Lil Wayne
"Slow Down (The Way It Goes)" The Magic Numbers
"Untouchable" Taylor Swift. Yep I said it. I like her. Shut it. 

And since I know a lot of you guys might not take my amazing advice and listen to him, here's the video of him performing "Sea Breeze" watch it, then look me in the eyes and tell me it's not a beautiful song. And if you don't like it, then you can go hang out in a cave and freeze with Punxsutawney Phil. 

you're welcome. 


  1. I am PRAYING for a snow day!!!! I want my office to freak out and close for the day. So you shut your mouth, missy! Haha.

  2. it is almost MARCH! this kind of weather should NOT be allowed!! where swimsuit season????! :(

  3. well, this was wonderful. just wonderful! my name in bright lights!!! on the hanger! sigh. you are awesome! can't wait to read those posts.

  4. oh my gosh!!! i've seen tyrone wells perform live TWICE and i love him!

    i also have his cd...he's much better live though...i'm glad you're a fan!!!

  5. I, too am hoping for a snow-freaked out building committee to shut my building down so I can go home and chill in front of a fire and my laptop! :)

  6. I love Tyrone Wells. Nice music pic as always lady. I cannot wait to hear your sorority stories. I may have to give this a shot too!

  7. You SO have to hook up with a musician. You are too in awe and too in the know about the whole industry not to. Get on that will ya? This Tyrone guy seems like he'd do.

  8. i hate that damn rodent too. it may not be snowing here but it's freakin crapass and that is NOT okay.

    good luck on the midterm!


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