Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double You Tea Eff Wednesday and Silver Linings

Here we are, another hump-day. I swear, if the weather in this town doesn't take a turn towards sunny-ville soon, I'm going to go totally cray-cray and become a hermit and never leave Merlot, Chardonnay, or my pajamas. I've now crossed the line from pale to total translucence, and soon my real identity (vamp) will be exposed. And then I'd have to change the blog to "Life in a Coffin" or "Life at the Blood Bank" and that'd be totes inconvenient. I feel so gross when I'm pale, and that is NOT a good thing. at.all. Sarah will make fun of me for going to "Darque Tan" (pronounced dar-kwa) so I have to wait for the real thing. So now for featured Double Ewe Tea Effs: Pale is fug. At least for me. PLUS it exposes my vamp-ness, and I don't need the Volturi barking up my tree right now. srsly.

  • Houston has officially become Forks, WA, and I am beginning to forget what the sun feels like. WTF weather?
  • Technically speaking, I am a "senior" in my Master's Program since it's my last.semester.ever. So, logically, I am suffering from an EXTREME case of "senioritis"'s only the 3rd week of the term. WTF senioritis coming so early?? (That's what she said...sorry couldn't help myself. Shout out to Carissa and Stacy who both KNOW that TWSS will never.get.old.EVAH.)
  • My hair has grown like a million inches in the last few months and my hair usually grows at a snaaaaail's pace. The only person who I trust to cut my hair works in Nashville (Renee at "The Loft" I love you, NO ONE cuts my hair like you do...) If any of you readers live in Houston and know of someone who won't leave me looking like I had a date with a weed-eater, holla atcha girl. WTF lack of skillful, hairdressers in Houston and WTF to those who charge 5 bajillion dollars to cut hair?!
A week ago, I took my new phone into Verizon because I was having trouble figuring it out. The dude who helped me was helpful, but then, today, in the middle of class, I received an email from him where he goes "hey, what's up, how's the new phone treating you :) If you need more help, you know I'll help you out..." Well, see, problem is, I actually meant to go in because I'm still having an issue, and now I'm weirded out that he e-mailed me and included an emoticon...Emoticons weird me out. So now I'm going to have to go to ANOTHER location to ask my questions. Am I weird? Can I Get A Witness?

Random Observation: Sometimes, when you want something, you can't wait for it to jump in your lap. Sometimes, you have to break some rules and just go for it. And sometimes, when you do this, it will make you cry, but sometimes it will make you smile. And when you take a chance and it makes you smile, there is no better feeling. I've had some black clouds over my head the past few weeks, but I finally bit the bullet and got a smile out of it. And even though I don't know how things will REALLY end, one smile is better than another day on my shit-tractor. I may fall on my ass in the long run, but I can't look back and regret not trying.

Chanson Du Jour:
"Resistance"- Muse
"Are You F*cking Kidding Me" - Kate Miller-Heidke (Carrissa, do your effing homework and look this song up)
"Dimestore Diamond" - Gossip
"Cosmic Love" - Florence and the Machine
"Company I Keep"- White Rabbits
"Home"- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
"So Insane"- Discovery

OK so I had to add this: On my way to work this morning, walking through campus in the FREEZING COLD WIND ( I'm fairly certain (like 99.998989999999 % sure) that I saw Russell Brand AND Bubba Sparxx walking amongst the commonfolk. I couldn't fish my camera out of my bag because my claw/hand was frozen to my tea mug. Can I Get A Witness?


  1. 1. Pale will never EVER be the new tan.
    2. I'm suffocating in this Shit-tastic Houston weather.
    3. I understand your lack of trust in hairstylists. I had to finally bite the bullet after moving here and try someone new. Her name is Ashley and I think she's a rockstar. She works at the Blue Mambo Salon (

  2. Pale will never be tan hahaha.

    my hair is NOT growing :(

  3. Good luck with your "something". Hope it works out.

  4. A. Learn to cut your own hair. . . .I've paid for a hair cut once in the last 5 years. For a dude, that's 20-30 bones a month. You might think "this guy probably looks like he took a weed-eater to his head ALL THE TIME", but no, I'm good at it. I even throw in a little texture here and there because I'm Barber-tastic.

    B. Emoticons from a dude are Canadian (Gay) :) See?

    C. Shit-Tractor is my new favorite saying. Mainly because I'm country and was driving tractors when I was 10, but that's a whole 'notha' story. Hope you don't mind if I yoink that one.

  5. - you could NEVER be pale! how many damn times do i have to tell you!!!

    - seriously, where the eff is the sun??!?! i'm sick of this shiz.

    - stacy and i went to college together. she's even funnier IRL.

    - when are we roadtripping to forks???

    - oh, and i'm having a giveaway that you and your two friends merlot and chardonnay might like... it'll be like a play date with the three of you!

    - miss you hooker.

  6. omg i hope pale is never the new tan although if it was i would be hip. cant wait for summer. haha

  7. Woo hoo I get a shout out!! And yes, it's frikin cold here. I have yet to find a good Houston hairdresser either. I HAD one, at the Salon inside Saks but she got married and had a baby and blah blah blah. Now, I just like never cut my hair. Last time I did, I went to a salon in Austin. So yeah, if you find someone, let me know! My hair is long as the beejeeezus.

  8. So apparently the guy at the Verizon store took a chance and it back fired. Is that what I am hearing?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. That is so creepy that the verizon guy emailed you! I always feel weird giving them my phone number because how do you know they won't call you! :) just because you like them

  11. Dude. I agree with the comment above, unless someone else has commented since I started writing.. and in that case - I might still agree.

    Shit-Tractor? Yes. It's up there with douchennozzle, and I vow now to put it in a blog at some point in the next week. And shout you out for it. I think we should just take turns doing daily shout outs to each other.Thanks for the shout out! DOMINOE MUTHA FUCKA!!!

    Ok. So I don't know what kind of hair place you're looking for, but my best guy friend has a barber in Houston that he absolutely loves. He calls him Gay Ray, and calls me every time he gets his hair cut to tell me about the stories he told.

    Emoticons or Stupid texty faces really get on my nerves. Well that's not true. Guy's using them really get on my nerves. Captian Douchenozzle that I was (not so secretly) calling out on my blog for being a major skeeze uses them backwards all the time. What the hell is (: ??

    And no you're not weird. I had to stop going to my favorite little worldly store because the hot turk guy wouldn't stop creepily texting me. I'm pretty sure he called me and breathed in my ear too. Now I'm out of nag champa soap and don't know what to do. Sighhh. I guess that's more my bad for giving out my number to creeps.

    And by the way, it feels really awesome to call someone a douchenozzle on your blog when you know (or at least figure) that they are checking your blog every day to see if you have said anything about them being an asshole. That was the first time I had really been passive aggressive to try to make someone feel guilty through blogging, and though I'm not an evil person it feeeeeels good!

    Oh and since I've already written a novel, I haven't gotten to hear the song yet but I promise promise to do so tonight. And also?

    And that random observation there at the end just really made my day.

  12. Holy shiz that was a long comment. I didn't realize until I hit post comment and it looks like I am trying to take over your blog or something.

  13. ok, so yes, that was very weird. Don't email that guy back! And about being pale. It's not in style...its just ok now ;)

  14. that t-shirt is too perfect! i'm majorly pale...but will always wish for a tan (the spray tan is wonderful, but costly).
    xoxo alison

  15. I go to a chick named Jenny that I L-O-V-E! I've been going to her for years! She rocks and she's super reasonable ($75 for cut & highlights... less if it's all-over color). Her and her sisters own their own salon off of Bellire @ Wilcrest (I know, BFE but she's worth it. The name of the salon is Venus Salon and the number is: 281-495-2995. Tell her Amanda sent you!

    Here's an emoticon just for YOU: :D

  16. Firstly, I WISH my hair would grow a million inches! It's been the same length for about four years now!

    Secondly, it's snowing again in Scotland. I thought we were rid of it. I want normal weather again - sick of this!!!

  17. First off, I love how the T-shirt looks like it was written in poop. Secondly, it's a big fat popping liar. Asshole shirt. This will never be true, especially in TX. Love from Austin. Love the bloggery. -The Batcave

  18. sounds like VZW man has a crush on you. i've been in several times and never had one of them email me. hahaha! sorry i find it funny and yes it's a little weird.

    stay dry hun!

  19. i recently had to switch hair dressers and i was super nervous. thankfully she did a good job.

    *note to self - try your darndest not to use an emoticon in this comment.*

  20. I'm totally pale, but refuse to fake it. Waiting until I can lay by the pool. It's H-Town weather here lately, so I feel the pain. I need some freaking sun.

    The person I used to go to (and loved) to get my hair did in the Galleria is no longer around. Wish I could help!


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