Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Must Be 2010....C'est La Vie

Remember when we were younger and the year 2010 was all futuristic? Like we were all fairly certain that we would FO SHO be maneuvering hovercrafts and teleporting, and babies would take 3 minutes to grow and we wouldn't have to actually go through labor, and food wouldn't have calories, and men and women wouldn't be complicated as hell and...oh wait, I think I just described my dream....ANYWHO. This morning I realized that it really IS the future because somehow, Houston has changed places with Forks, Washington, and I will never see the sun again. So, this is good because now my skin won't sparkle and tip everyone off, BUT I will probably be featured in "Paranormal Activity" on A&E after "Hoarders" because people who see me will be calling in for ghost activity. (Which could actually be REALLY fun, because then I could scare people I don't like and play ghostly pranks...hmmmm...curious)

I'm one of those people who is kind of like a plant. If you give me water (tea, coffee, wine or beer), sunshine, and good music, I'm kind of like the happiest person ever. If you deprive me of these things, I will wither away, die, rot, and be really..really..ugly to look at. And right now, I am in phase 1 of plant death. I'm pale, my skin is dry, and the lack of sunshine is physically and emotionally taking its toll. Blah.

I am wilting people. WILTING.

Moving on. In poz news, I am in a really cool/exciting/scary as hell phase of life. In three months, I will have a Master's, and I will have no urge to put it to use. I think that's ironic, and being the sarcass that I am, I find this humorous. While I love kids and teaching, I'm not willing to be a teacher right now (And pee-pee pants, booger noses, and kids yakking make me cringe). Maybe later,  but not right now. I'm young enough to relish this "young-ness" (for now) and I'm going to pursue what I really love. And that, friends, is writing and music. Like I said before, I might fall flat on my ass, but I won't be able to say I didn't try. And when I'm old and HOT (because I REFUSE to be a frump-ass) I will look back at Coachella/ACL/SXSW/random shows and know that I had a HELL of a time, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. So, here I go, into this crazy time where today will be completely different from tomorrow, and the world keeps spinning madly on....C'est La Vie, it'll happen the way it should.

C'est La Vie. Kinda My Mantra These Days.
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For all of you in nice weather, send me some sunshine! And for all you Houstonians, chin up people, because it's gonna be a hell of a summa!

Bands I CAN'T stop listening to:

Band of Skulls
The Middle East
Grizzly Bear
Anya Marina
Sondre Lerche (I'm seeing him tomorrow night!)
G. Love & The Special Sauce (I'm seeing them Saturday night!)
Mark Farina (I'm also seeing him Saturday night!)
The XX


  1. OMG - phase 1 of plant death. i died.

    houston has become forks sans edward cullen and it sucks. and i don't say "sucks" as in sucks blood, i mean SUCKS ASS.

  2. Even if Edward Cullen was here, I think I'd still hate life...

    I'm slowly becoming one of those animals from the deep, dark depths of the ocean that has translucent skin and can't see because years spent in that dark and dreary atmosphere with no eye-use led to them going blind. It's been a while since I watched that episode of Planet Earth, but I think that was about 90% accurate and I am 100% sure that is what's happening to me.

  3. It is seriously cloudy here... a lot. I'm in NC (we just had snow last week).

    I hope your days get brighter!

  4. Poor you! Want to come to Ontario for a little sunshine? Seriously. We haven't had any snow here since before Christmas. The universe is all screwed up.

    And about the dry skin - a wise woman once told me about Hemp Body Butter from the Body Shop. I followed her advice and am all soft and moist now. Get some.

  5. It could be worse you could be without the sun AND freezing your ass off with the overwhelming desire to stuff yourself with food to create a layer of winter fat to protect yourself from said cold.

  6. Um...yeah, I don't care what you health conscious people say. I have a fake tanning membership and I am not afraid to use it! In this weather, I really need it - I refuse to wilt, and besides...nothing is better than being in the warm little cocoon of a tanning bed - it's like being back in the womb!!!!!!

  7. ugh... weather is just the same in Southern Oklahoma. It's such a buzzkill.

  8. oh! And P.S... you like Smithwick's, too!?! I don't know many ladies that do... I'm starting to think we are kindred spirits, my dear...

  9. hahaha im melllltttttinnngg.. thats what it makes me think of.

    good bands.

  10. I have listened to that Kate Miller-Heidke song like 19 million times. Also, you just completely described my sentiments about the weather, my skin, and my life plan. So not only are we musical soulmates but we might also be soul twins.

    In all seriousness, are you getting your masters in writing? I have been debating this - grad-school thing for about 6 months now.... but you've kind of just inspired me.

    Maybe we should be facebook friends or email buds or something because I kept wanting to tell you that i loved this song like 10 times today but I didn't want to comment 10 times that just said the exact same thing.

  11. Yeah, I'm surrounded by snow and it is raining. I have nothing to send you but more gloom.


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