Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Bad...

Friends and Lovahs, Lovahs and Friends, 

I'm going to apologize in advance for bad blogger behavior (BBB). I've had a cray-cray week, and I'm trying to get my life together before this weekend. I know you're thinking, "But Jules Bears, what's going on this weekend that's so important you have to be a sucky blogger?" Well friends.......I'M GOING TO EFFING MARDI GRAS. I know...contain yo-selves. I can hardly believe it either. In fact, I don't really believe it, but it's happening apparently. I've NEVER been to Mardi Gras, and of course I am lucky enough to go the year the Saints (Who Dat!?) win the big game....I feel like a lucky little kitten. (yeah I don't know what a lucky little kitten has to do with this...bear with me). So, before I'm absent from the blogosphere, let me tell you some thangs:

Not no, but HELL NO.

  • thank you all so much for commenting on my shistey date post. It was miserable, but looking back and laughing is always the best part. PLUS I firmly believe in "If you wanna see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain". 
  • I will NOT be flashing anyone for beads. I srsly don't care enough to expose myself to randoms, especially because I'm going to be a celebrity and I don't need people digging that shit up from my past.
  • I'm allergic to rum, so therefore I'm allergic to "hurricanes" and "hand grenades" and I'd like to REMEMBER my weekend thank you very much.
  • I'm secretly nervous I'm going to get lost and abducted and initiated into some weird circus cult. For realz. 
  • Any Mardi-Gras advice would be more than welcome!!! Y'all are the best EVAH!
  • Double You Tea Eff Wednesdays will be back in FULL SWING next week. 


  1. Have such..such fun for all of us that have never, ever been too. What a year to be in NOLA. That photo is hilarious. I could never, EVER too.

    Be safe & whoop it up big (minus the rum) x

  2. Ooooo I'm jealous! Have fun, take lots of pictures, and then come and post them and tell us all about it!

  3. I heard some folks on the radio discussion veteran tips for Mardi Gras.

    #1 tourist rule... especially for the ladies.


    Since you'll be drinking fuzzy navels and 86in the hard ish you should be a-okay.

  4. I think we all expect a full report (photos of the randoms would help) on our desks when you return. Giddy-up!

  5. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all the details and write a note about who you are just in case you get abducted and have your memory erased!!! And don't ask scary homeless looking people to take a picture of you. Last time I was there I asked some dude to take my picture, and it turned out to be Chad Kroeger and he thought I wanted a picture WITH him.. but ewwww I hate Nickelback, so when I asked him to TAKE my picture with my fancy drink, he told me "Efff you!"

  6. LUCKY!!! That's gonna be a shit show. Have fun.

  7. I am soooo envious of you right now! Have a blast!

  8. You're going to Mardi Gras?!?! Shut up! So jealous. Why was I not invited??? Have an awesome time. Lots of pictures please.

    And "allergic to rum" - WTF?

  9. SOSOSOSOSO jealous!!! I've been waiting to tell you how envious I was since the minute I saw your comment, but figured I'd wait until you posted something about it.
    ALLERGIC to RUM?! My deepest apologies, my dear... :(
    Unfortunately, I don't have any first-hand advice... but I've been told the streets/gutters of NOLA get pretty nasty, do don't pass out in any. And don't get kidnapped... for real.
    Can't wait to hear a crazy story or two!! Oh... and did I mention I was VERY jealous?

  10. *Um... that should read "so don't pass out in any"... oops.

  11. aaah have fun!!!

    and that picture is insane.

  12. OK, this is the funniest picture ever!!!


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