Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweetness and Such

Hi Lovahs, 

SO, this morning I was on the way to work and brainstorming blog ideas, and I was just concocting random menageries of things that would prob confuse your brains. And since I know it's Monday, I won't do that to you just yet. Then, the lovely Stacy gave me an award! She's a sweet pea who's a whiz in the kitchen and she has the cutest ewok dog EVAH and her and Sushi should prob buy BFF collars...just sayin'. Soo, below is my award! And then I have to list 10 things that make me happy, then I pass it on to 10 peeps. Good thing 10 is my lucky number or else I'd be super annoyed. HENCEFORTH....

Stacy thinks I'm sweet....sweet!

Things that make me Happy (in no particular order):

1.) My crazy family. I'm so lucky to have them, and I don't know what I'd do without them. Cheezeball but true.

2.) Music. Before my feet hit the ground every morning, my speakers are already playing something. My car is never silent, and showers aren't showers if there isn't music on, same goes for cleaning, cooking, etc. etc. 

3.) My friends. The Beatles had it right. "I get by with a little help from my friends." I couldn't ask for better ones, y'all know who you are!

4.) The lessons my Dad taught me. I wouldn't be where I am / Who I am without what he taught me and helped me learn. 

5.) My pup. Sushi is quite possibly the most loved dog on the planet. She's amazing and her furry little self has seen me at my highest highs and lowest lows.

6.) 75 degree days spent outside in the sun. I think all my readers know about my affinity for warmth and sun about now. 

7.) Outdoor concerts. Want to see me with a perma-smile? Take me to an outdoor show. I'll be on cloud 9 for days. Srsly. 

8.) Baseball games. Cold beer, hotdogs, and seats behind home plate where I can watch the pitch come in. Talk about happy. 

9.) Bodies of water. Get me on the beach or on the lake and everything is A-Ok. Throw a hammock into the mix and we're talking subliminal happiness. 

10.) My royal screw-ups in life, heartbreak included. Looking back on all that stuff makes me happy for what it made me realize, what it made me learn, and how it changed my perspective to be better at life, not bitter. 

I hereby pass this on to.....

CARISSA bc she's my soultwin and we like to drunkenly text each other on weekends.
I say Yes When I Oughta Say No, because the title speaks for itself and she makes me laugh.
Mr. Overly Competitive because he might be a male version of me in some ways and he cracks me up!
Cher. Because I've been reading her since I started my blog and she's an amazing hawt mama who gives good advice and has hysterical stories and photo-documenting skillz.
Linden. From Cake Called, I Answered, because she's a Houstonian who understands my hatred for shistey weather, cooks like a pro, and has an adorable pup who I might kidnap.
The Girls at Misadventures from the Batcave. Weasel Wednesdays kill me (in the best way possible) and they're full of blog amazingness.
J. From Life. She's another Texan who is super sweet and shares my love for dogs.
Steam Me Up Kid. She KILLZ me and I like it.
At Least I'm Skinny. Because she is crafty and loves J. Shore. 
B at Blicious! She is super adorable, takes awesome pics and lets me drool over her closet. 

Y'all rock. 

Stay tuned this week for some sorority stories! Speaking from the Crib has hazed convinced me into writing about some stories, so maybe I'll call it "Speaking from the Sorority" or something equally non-creative. Ha. Peace out and Happy Monday!


  1. EEEEE!!! thank you so much for the award! you are too sweet! loved reading about the things that make you happy. :)
    i love outdoor concerts too. so cute!


  2. Awwww - thanks Girl! Big love to you too! I'll have to check out your other Top 10.

  3. Ah aha ha ha! Thanks, I love it. I do love J. Shore. Like way too much. Like I want to marry it. EEK!

  4. Awww I love that your dog is named Sushi. So cute!

  5. congrats on the award lady! i seriously LOVE your doggie's name.

  6. Great list!!! Ahhh...the lessons our rents pass down onto us. I can only hope my kids can say the same when they get older.

  7. YAY!! I'm SO on this. Like, right now, when I should be working but instead am catching up with the blogosphere. Hearts!!

  8. Soul twin thanks so much for the award!!! I already don't know what I would do if I couldn't gchat your ass as my daily therapy!

    And my list would be strikingly similar to yours, which is not surprising since you're my soul twin!


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