Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Just Going To Admit That I'm Openly JEALOUS...and I Love Muzak.

Hey Kids,

So last night I was feelin' groovy, had a good workout, made din, watched the State of the Union (aka read W mag and looked up and yelled at the TV like I knew what I was talking about every so often....there may have been some fist pumping or birdie flipping involved...I don't speak politics. ahem). THEN, I was catching up on some blog reading (shout out to CARISSA who MADE me stay awake to piss myself laughing at her post...yea I'm talkin' to YOU), sippin' on my chamomile tea, when my blood stopped cold in my veins. My girl crush is in lurve. Remember HER!? Well, apparently she's all up in this Johannes Huebl's grill. And yes, I'm jealous. He's hawt, and they're hawt together. Jealous. Here's the YouTube of them being all cute. I'm happy for them. She needs to be in lurve to remove the stick she has up her arse. Love you Liv. Love your boyfriend too....(yes, that was passive aggressive...a bit)

so freakin' adorable.sigh.

In other noticias. (Putting that Master's in Spanish Lit to use! Noticias=news) I'm crafting my Coachella post. I have a free flight on Southwest, and I have a place to all I need is my ticket. Does anyone know if they sell out fast? All I know is that I will be like a thirteen year old at a JoBros concert if I get to go. You have NO idea. NONE.

In more musical news. You NEED to hear this song. It's amazing. Like holyholyguacamole amazing. I've put the music vid below, so you lazies don't even have to leave my page. You're WELCOME. Tell me that song doesn't kick some serious bootay. "Whatever You Like" by Anya Marina....this may be another musical girl crush. 

K so some of you guys asked about my pup, since I mentioned her yesterday in my post when she was playing Jedi mind tricks on me to go back to bed despite my uber nosh-ness. There is a pic of her HERE in a previous post, and for you lazies who don't want to click, I will post some below! She is an imperial Shih-Tzu and her name is Sushi. She also goes by: Nug, Nugget, Nugtron, Nugtrola, Nugtronimous, Nuggets, Chunky Nugget, Chunky Monkey, Chunky Chicken, Chunkers, Pumpkin, Lover Bear, Bear, Punky Monkey....the list goes on..and yes she loves it, but I'm surprised she doesn't have an eating disorder since I'm basically calling her fat all the time...So here she is...the perfect pup.

I caught her snoozing in my faux fur throw...presh.

                                         Christmas pup. See those jedi mind trick eyes!?

I gave myself cat-woman glasses bc I have commitment issues and don't wanna show my face just yet. Weird. I know. Deal with it. Her ears were rilllllly long here.

My friends say she looks like a gremlin, or an ewok...and then I give them Jedi mind trick eyes and freeze their souls. Because she's way effing cuter than that. damnit.

Chanson Du Jour:
Anything by Anya Marina
The album "Lady Croissant" by Sia. Especially the tracks titled "Breathe Me" "Lentil" and "Blow it All Away"
"Ragoo" Kings of Leon
"Rockets" Sanders Bohlke
"Whatever it is" Zac Brown Band...this song makes my heart barf out puffy clouds and rainbows. puke I know..but it's pretty stinkin' cute. 
Now go to and do your homework!!!! Stay tuned for my Coachella post!

Today, on campus, I saw a pack of Jehovah's Witnesses walking in my direction, and I knew they were going to stop me and give me a Bible, and since I already have a small stash of these mini-Bibles....I kind of ran away....Can I Get A Witness?


  1. For some reason, your pics aren't loading on my computer :-(

    Boooooo. Will try again later.

    But, my dog actually IS an ewok. Like, seriously. She's a Brussels Griffon and George Lucas based the look of the ewoks off of my dog's breed! Fo real. So everyone calls her little wookie.

    She's all over my blog if you want to see. I'll have to put more pictures up too. She's a cutie.

  2. They don't show up for me either!! Sushi (omg I'm in love with your name, by the way) and Gambo should totes be friends. And I don't even know what Sushi looks like!!

  3. I could use a mini bible, I got this table in my kitchen that wobbles...

  4. I see them now! Cutie patootie! I'm such a dog person. Don't you hate how their eyes always come out like that though? Damn flash! Or Jedi mind tricks...

  5. P.S. LOVE that you LOVE The Office!

  6. Seriously, Olivia Palermo is my idol. She always looks so fashionable and classy, I love how she puts the whole thing for her to wear :) amazing!

  7. Awwww I fricking love Sushi!!! I want a sushi all to my own!! And dude, we are like music soulmates or something. Everyday when I look at your music pics, I'm all like "holycow I love those songs too!"

    If you go to coachella I will die of jealousy!!

    And seriously, thanks for the shoutout!! You're the bombdiggity! AND my newest favorite blog!!

  8. I've seen your face and it's far too cute NOT to post. Get on with it.

  9. Nice, Zac Brown band. . . .my name is Zach Brown . . . .no, seriously. It's my band.

  10. Edit to Comment above:

    Wouldn't it be dope if I really was that Zach Brown? I'm not, but pretty sure I'm a cooler Zach Brown . . . . . I have one extra letter in my name.

  11. You may be cooler, but if you can't sing me that song, you're dead to me. not really. but really.


  12. Olivia Palermo is just gorgeous!

    But then, so is her man.


  13. 1. I have always felt like Olivia needed someone to rock her world in the sack to loosen her up.

    2. I love dogs that wear clothes.

    3. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE RELENTLESS. You did the right thing.

  14. I love that you "faked" the state of the union address. Love the original of that "whatever you like" song. I'm kind of obsessed with it actually. Nice find.

  15. GOD I LOVE OLIVIA. And this song you forced us to listen to is awesome.

  16. ahhh your pup is so stinking CUTE and ADORABLE! and i just want to hug her and squeeze her and and...

    sorry. i'll stop.

    btw show your face! why you so skerred?

  17. I'm glad you skipped over my Dexter paragraph. Nothing worse than ruining a GREAT show for someone! And looky-loo, you can go here and watch all the episodes for FREE! Just look at the side-bar on the left, click TV shows, and then find Dexter. They have a lot of other shows too, and movies. My work blocks the website for some reason, but it works at home, so just FYI if it's blocked for you, you can feel safe to unblock it. It's pretty sweet!

    P.S. Yes, I'm in Houston and the rain has woken Rory and I up at freakin 5:00 AM!

  18. Oh and P.P.S. I found you off Meredith's (flash pasteurized) blog! Meredith and I went to the same college!

  19. Coachella sounds amazing this year! I would love to go but its not in the cards.

  20. Hey! I am a new follower! You are hilarious!

  21. Whenever anyone tries to sell me ANYTHING off the street (even Religion) I whip out my phone and pretend to have a huge argument. With no one.

  22. i'm surprised olivia found love that bitch is a doublebitch


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