Monday, January 4, 2010

Oopsies, I fell off the deep end...

Hello Dears, 

I've been a bad bad blogger I'm afraid. It must be a deep seated commitment issue....or not. I've been busy busy doing a whole lot of random stuff and have been  trying to get organized for 2010! Me and 2010 are going to be best friends I decided, so I had a lot of groundwork to lay. Cleaning and organizing is my stress relief, so I've been doing a whole lot of it! It seems that the next five months are going to be quite tumultuous, but graduation is near in sight, thank the sweet sweet Lord. 

In other news, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the whole Tiger Woods debacle. Honestly. Give the guy some breathing room. He effed up, he's not perfect, another celebrity bites the dust, BFD. Seriously, I feel more for normal couples who get cheated on and don't have a cushy prenup/alimony settlement waiting for them in the bank. At least she doesn't have to worry about where her  next paycheck will be coming in. Is that harsh? Maybe, but I think I'm jaded. Leave Tiger alone and move on!

Next point. I went to Target brimming with anticipation about the new Rodarte line....and I was Rodisappointed. The dresses were not as awesome as they'd been hyped up to be. Decent priceline, but I just wasn't WILD about them. And, of course, they didn't have the leopard print one that I had been dying for. I tried on the dress pictured below (without the cardigan) and it made me look like my boobs were replaced by those of a 98 year old other words, the dress is NOT built for people with anything over a AA cup size. I loved the pattern, but my boobs looked miz. Sad day. 

My "bubbies" were not looking so hot.

Sorry for the shistey blogging, but I will be back in full force!! Got loads of music coming your way, as well as some pretty amazing tales from the hanger! Stay tuned!


  1. Welcome 2010 with open arms!!!
    I couldn't agree more about Tiger...he is human and made a mistake, who hasn't done something they regret?!!! I think his wife will go back to him...i put $10 on it. She's already back to wearing the ring :)-

    P.S. Your title is missing an "O" in the word "off". Lol. Happy new year hun.

  2. Although I don't really feel sorry for him, he knew what a spotlight he was under...I am totally sick of hearing about it. I feel sorry for her. Pretty sure she doesn't want to relive her hubs' bad choices every day through the media! Happy new year lady!

  3. Dude, you are hilarious.

    Also, none of those target lines are made for people with a rack. Trust, I have tried them all and even though I am a relatively small chunkler, I can't get my boobs into anything smaller than a size 87. Depressing.

  4. Happy New year to you! Great blog!

  5. i'm with you on the tiger thing. maybe i wouldn't be though if i were elin. to be honest, i'm pretty sure she's known about all of it for awhile. thankfully, she'll have a nice payday.

  6. I saw the Rodarte in person and broke out in hives. And I didnt attempt to try anything on because theres no way one boob would fit.

    SHISTEY is suuuuuch a good word.

  7. Leave Tiger alone, absolutely he was predestined to cheat. No one who knew him probably expected otherwise.

    No the wife isn't hurting. The kids maybe-- who knows how much rich kids see their parents anyway.

    Bet in 5 years some stupid woman will line up to marry him again too.

  8. did you also try on their little mesh number with the bow details on the shoulders? i read some reviews that the waist is awkward and makes saggy-looking boobs also. it's so cute though. i still want to try for myself though.

  9. love the outfit. please come dress me.


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