Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not ANOTHER Man Day!?

I know what you're thinking...this chick is taking the "Man Days" a little too far, but I just have to run this past you. So I haven't  had a "Man Day" since the last one, but the older I get, the more I realize that I have a few qualities that are typically "manly".....or maybe I'm insane. You pick. (I minored in women's and gender studies in college and am getting a 'mini-masters' in women's studies, therefore I am a self-proclaimed expert....yes I am heterosexual because that's usually the first question anyone asks after I divulge that).  I digress. I grew up around a lot of boys, my dad was my best friend, and I've always had a ton of close guy friends. (I know what everyone says about not being able to be friends with a boy, and while I agree to some extent, it CAN work every once in a blue moon, given that there's no sexual attraction WHATSOEVER...not even after 2 bottles of wine and a roofie colada, that's the true test.) So, I share with you reasons I'm more "boy-like" if you will:

- I really love beer. In fact, in most cases, I prefer it to liquor. It's actually worked in my favor quite a bit because several men have approached me in bars asking why I'm drinking beer instead of a Cosmo, and I say, "um..I like it?" and they say, "that's hot." win-win. 

-I've become somewhat of a commitment-phobe in the last two years. I go on one date with a dude, and then I fall off the face of the earth, act weird, and avoid confrontation like.the.plague. I do this especially in cases where the guy comes off super strong, it's like a repellent. I run like a fat roach from the Raid can. But then if I DO actually like a guy, I still act distant and awkward, because OF COURSE I can't really say how I feel. Most def. not a win-win. 

-I just realized that I only really have those two reasons (for now...but I'm full of surprises)....I literally just started giggling (um...not manly) at my desk because I officially have confirmed my nuttiness. I'm not that manly I guess. Oh well, I guess now you can say you know two fun facts about me. Giggidy. 

Today, while walking to the office, I saw a cab pass me in the street. It was painted turquoise. On the side, in pink lettering, was written "JR's cab"....I was just wondering if each ride came with a complimentary roofie colada? CREEPY. Can I Get A Witness?

Musique Du Jour: 
"Can I Kick It?" -  A Tribe Called Quest
"Tell Me When To Go" - E-40 (Throwback Thursday for ya)
"Daylight" - Aesop Rock
"Heartbreak Warfare" - John Mayer
"Headdress" - Amazing Baby
"The Privateers" - Andrew Bird
"Ghosts n' Stuff" - Deadmau5


  1. hahah just found your blog and i love it! and i love the mad days!


  2. ...So does this mean you admit you're the "Miranda" of the group?!

  3. holy shit magpie, you KNOW this is NOT true, you bite your tongue! PS I LOVE YOU. and miss you, like a whole lot.

  4. you are nothing like a man, jules.

    you really do like beer a lot. like even the dark kind. hmmm, okay that may be kind of "manly." i see it more as badass, though.

  5. thank you for your sweet words :) and yes love leads to loathsome sometimes , but lucky for us we always have the ability to love again :) *sigh* but it all takes time !

    . . . and although beer is manly it is very sexy to a lot of men Ive noticed among my friends , they find it domineering Ive been told by one guy :) so lucky for you !

  6. I bet if women get in JR's Cab alone they end up naked in a cave in Afghanistan somewhere with our good buddy, Usama . . . . . terrorists get lonely too.

    Musique Du Jour - good pick on Tribe.

  7. Do you also strut around the house in your undies? That is a manly attribute :)- Lol

    What about hogging the tv remote?

  8. After seeing you taste in music, you are a girl.

  9. Heh, "Man Days." :) I like it. I am a man in the sense that I haaaaatte laundry. Like, every single aspect of it. My poor husband washes, dries, and folds most of our laundry. He is a saint.

  10. I too, am often finding myself more likely to fit in with the fellas! I'm a beer-drinker, as well- but I do enjoy a girly cocktail now and then. I just can't drink more than a couple... too sweet. But beer? I can drink men under the table (a fact I shouldn't be proud of- but I am.)
    So glad you stopped by my little part of the blogosphere- do come over again! :)

  11. You are soooo not a man dear, having a lot of guy friends pegs you as a girl who likes attention and a lot of my female friends drink beer.

    You are going to have to start sprout hair on your chest or start peeing standing up, then I'll question you femininity!

  12. i like beer too but i don't consider myself manly. i call it being a cool ass chick. doesn't that sound better?

  13. Turquoise and pink?

    That was DEFINITELY a gay ride. You'd probably get a complimentary sex on the beach and all the techno music you can handle. Plus, the driver would be FABULOUS.

  14. You may drink beer and fear commitment . . . but how are you at dropping a good fart from time to time??? That's the true test of being boy-like. Uh - trust me.

  15. Oh my goodness, this was an awesome post for so many reasons. "I run like a fat roach from the Raid can" that is quite possibly the coolest quote I've heard in a looooong time!
    Also, the fact that you said Giggidy makes me ridiculously happy. I freaking love Family Guy. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  16. I think MY "man trait" is when I'm with a group of guys (or guys and girls) my mind immediately goes to the gutter and I find a sexual meaning to almost everything that has been said...

  17. do you know what I would do for beer and wings right now? Maybe kill you. MAYBE

  18. What about hef with a lemon? Or Blue Moon? Or Pear Cider? I drink my beers girly. lol


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