Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots to Do People, I'm Counting on YOU!

Ok Folks (yeah I said folks)

I have questions, and I need your answers. And then I'll tell you a story. Capiche? Word.

1. I get a new phone next week. I get to pick whatever I want. I currently have a blackberry curve, and I heart it. I'm on the Verizon Network (Can you hear me now? Good.) And so I'm picking between the New DROID, the Blackberry Tour, and the new Blackberry Curve. I need you to pick for me because when things get down to the wire, I get more nervous/neurotic than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 

BlackBerry Curve 8500 smartphone

2. I need to find a job by May, because that's when I graduate. I will then have a Bachelor's and a Masters in Spanish Lit...useful...I know...ugh. But I do freelance writing from time to time, interned at a magazine, and have worked in retail management. I love clothes, music, and people. Suggestions. Oh yeah, and I need to make some cash. Please don't suggest stripping because I'm getting desperate and desperate times call for desperate/gross measures, and I don't want to change the blog name from "Life on a Hanger" to "Life on the Pole". K thanks. 

3. Bathing suit season is quickly approaching and I need to order one stat. That way, I can try it on anywhere between 3-a million times a week and stare at myself till I look good in it. I'm picking between these....

Does VS have a good return policy? Anyone? 

4. I want to change the handwriting/font of my blog title, but I'm terrified to trying it myself and ruining my blog. Help!? I want cute handwriting, not times new roman...I'm lost

Ok, I was going to tell a story, but I don't want to overload you, plus you've got loads of work to do by answering my questions. Y'all rock. For realz yo. Peace out. Did anyone listen to RATAT? They're soooo good!!!!


  1. 1. The droid looks fun but take it from someone who has had the touch screen.. you will miss buttons.

    2. Sooo funny about the stripper thing

    3. Loving the pink and the print... So cute! I think their return policy is good.

    4... Change the font, its not scary!!

  2. 1 - can't help you, even though I work for a national telecom company. But I hear the Blackberries are really catching on.

    2 - Nevermind the job. Just buy lottery tickets between now and May (call me if you win)

    3 - if your body looks anything like either of those girls, we are breaking up. Come to think of it, I've never seen a picture of you. Please provide immediately.

    4 - Again, can't help. I don't use Blogger. But if you're wondering how to make your own ice rink - I got ya covered.

  3. 1.Don't know about the phone. I have an Iphone, but I sometimes wish it was a Blackberry. Ah ha. 2. I have a friend who teaches distance (online) spanish classes. 3. I'm diggin' the polka dots! 4. When you change the font, keep in mind that the spicing of your blog screws up. We had to fix a bunch of posts and didn't even go all the way back cuz it would have taken forever. Darn Blogger.

  4. I popped over from 20SB and was just browsing when I realized I probably had useful info for you.

    VS return policy by mail is that you pay the shipping, in the store it's free. And I have the yellow one in black, it always feels like my boobs are going to fall out of it because there is too much fabric in the middle between the triangles. just fyi. :)

  5. I have a blackberry curve right now and i'm pretty much done with it. it's a status thing for me, and the phone itself has served me well over the last year and a half, it's handsome-looking, etc. BUT my boyfriend just got the Droid and I have been converted. I actually wanted to switch to the iPhone but I'm with Verizon, and, according to tech people, the DROID is the closest thing to an iPhone. I love that it also has a keypad if you dont want to deal with the touch screen. It also has cool apps. Depends what Droid you're talking about, but if it's the one with Verizon, I'd go with that. I'm planning to get one in May. :)But if you're talking about the smaller Droid, I'd rather go w/ Blackberry. Sorry if I'm confusing you! haha

  6. i have an iphone but i know people who have the droids and they are similiar.

    i need a job too

    i like the strapless print....but I only like that look on smaller chested women

  7. Hey there!!
    Just came across your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it!! :) VS does have a good return policy - I ordered a little sumtin sumtin from there last summer and must to my dismay it didn't quite look the same on me as it did in the catalogue...surprise surprise lol. However, I sent it back and within a week I had a check sent to me for the amount it cost to buy it. However, I don't believe it inlcuded the shipping but thats to be expected I suppose. Hope this helps!

  8. I would stick with the BB Curve. I have the old curve and plan to upgrade to the new curve in a few months.

    Jobs... Stripping is all I can think of since you mentioned it! 'Life On A Pole' has a good ring to it.

    I couldn't see any of the bathing suit pictures. :(

  9. I would go with the Droid!!! But that's just me,... I currently have a craptastic LG piece of shit phone. I dunno about jobs though.. I need a new one myself.

    You asked me on my blog if I'm from Houston.. I'm not but I do visit quite often! My best friends all live there so I'm usually there at least one weekend a month!!

  10. I just got that Droid with Sprint. Love it!!! It takes awhile to get use to all that you can do with it and typing on the screen. Other than that, Love it!

    I like the 1st swimsuit best!

    To change font:
    Dashboard - Layout - Fonts and Colors - Scroll down the list to Text font and then Blog Title font. Super easy to change and change back. :)

  11. 1) i can't help on the phone...i don't have any of them except the old blackberry curve that my company gives me.
    2) public relations? that's what i work in...or maybe you can get a job in retail until you find something you feel ok doing. i don't know...i've had four jobs since i graduated from college 2 and a half years ago, and this is by far the one i like the most. so don't think you'll love every job but it's a career right?
    3) i like the top two...i'm not a fan of suits with no strap but i think its bc i have big boobs and that would just be impossible for me.
    4) i have a boring page, so everything you already have is way more advanced than mine.

  12. If that yellow bathing suit makes everyone's boobs look that big, I say GO FOR THAT ONE.

  13. Stick with the basic fonts for post text because no matter how cool you think the font looks if the person reading it doesn't have the same font loaded on his/her computer they won't see it.

    I would not suggest stripping to anyone I know, I know to many strippers. It is not a profession you want to go into trust me.

  14. number a world that doesn't, DROID DOES! haha. get the droid. i have it and i love it!

    number four...please don't do it. my least favorite blogs to read are the ones with funky fonts that make it hard to read. post titles and sidebar titles look cool funky but not posts.

  15. 1. Blackberry Tour is awesome, but I heard the camera is so-so. Best Camera in Blackberry is in Curve 8900 ( Javelin ). Still so good even at night. Anyway, the new curve is 8520 ( gemini ) and I'm using it. I love it despite the camera cant really function at night / darker place. But the rest is good and they have button instead of a track ball it makes typing and reading more fun :)

    2. since you said you love writing and lifestyle, I definitely suggest magazines. Woman ones or lifestyle ones. They're fun and you're doing what you love :)

    3. The bikini in the bottom is really cute :D

    4. Change the font if you want :) try Helvetica or Century Gothic, I like the latter one so much more :) it has personality.

  16. 1. I have a curve and I like it. I do not like touch screens. Personal preference.

    2. Uh, no suggestions. I don't know what I would even do if I didn't do my current job.

    3. I think VS does have a good return policy. My friend orders and returns stuff there all the time, she has never mentioned any problems.

    4. I really don't know how to do blog things.

  17. 1. I'm all about the Blackberry so go for one of those! I've never even HEARD of a DROID...

    3. I love the first bikini but the only thing is . . . it reminds me a bit of underwear rather than swimwear. But that is still my favourite!

  18. whatever blackberry you get, make sure it doesn't have a roller ball
    bathingsuit 1

  19. All of them . . . .

    Oh, wait, are you talking about the girls or the bathing suits?

  20. get the new curve! i looooove mine. and i heard the tour is only essential if you do a lot of traveling, so if you do.. get the tour instead.

    xo Niki

  21. Answer 1.)

    I if you must make a change from the Curve which is a great phone you should go to the Droid. (greater phone)

    The Droid is the next best thing down from an iPhone in my opinion.

    Better yet, jail break the iPhone and really get down to business! You can use it on most carriers excluding from Verizon I think.


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