Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Man Day

Today, dear bloggies, I had a man day. 

Umm...WTF is a "man day!?".....Here goes. I woke up, had lunch with mom (not manly)..drove to my sidejob (working around all kinda manly) and then met up with two girlfriends to watch the TEXAS LONGHORNS play mothereffing Alabama. We ordered pizza and drank beer (MANLY) and then I cried when we lost. Literally. Like I'm sitting on the couch and my friend turns around and asks "are you ok"....and I couldn't reply because I had a big ass knot in my throat. TOTALLY MANLY. I cried over an effing football game, but like I contained my tears like a man and looked around and made my eyes all big so I wouldn't shed a real tear (SO EFFING MANLY).... And then I fantasized about my future athletic children being part of something so amazing. Don't even get me started on's silly. And manly. I went to college in the SEC which is truly an amazing division, but I have a grudge against the stupid effing "crimson tide"...ugh. I swear, if I hear "ROLL TIDE" one more time I'm going to yak up my pizza and beer in yo face. Fo realz. Projectile style. MAN style. 

Wide receiver Jordan Shipley #8 of the Texas Longhorns warms up before a game against the Colorado Buffaloes on October 10, 2009 at the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.But, I guess it's time you guys meet my boyfriend. I've kept our relationship on the DL because he's really a big deal and we're totes in lurve. I introduce to you, Jordan Shipley. Man of my Dreams. We will shortly be producing football babies. Love him. Be jealous. For him, I broke my cardinal rule of not dating younger men. But look at his fucking arms, and that face....gawwww.

I cropped myself out of this one because I didn't want people to be too jealous. 
jordan + julie = lots of athletic hot babies


  1. i totally dig this manly post. now i'm going to go spit and scratch.

  2. lovely way to start my friday with that bit of eye candy (not that i am drooling over your man or anything, b/c thats not nice...)
    i am sorry your team lost though. i almost started crying in the car on the way to work today listening to the psychic tell this lady her dead mother in law was coming through.

  3. Ohh Jordan Shipley IS a hottie. I would break my non-dating younger guys rule for quite a few of TX players. I didn't act nearly as manly as you did yesterday... mainly bc I watched the game with the lesbian couple roomies and they easily took the man cake.

  4. I met my parents at UCLA on Wednesday for lunch and there were SO MANY Texas fans EVERYWHERE. It took me a second to remember why they were here and why they were sporting all their longhorns gear on bruins turf. hehe.

  5. I don't think I'm man enough to have a man day, but I'm proud of you.

  6. That was manly? I'm shedding tears here. Laughing, Stick to being a girl the world has enough stupid men.

  7. i cried IN THE VERY BEGINNING when colt got hurt. i'm with you, jordan's a!!!!!

  8. holy cow i want to jump his bones! he's too HOT! yowza...come to banana-rama!

    ok that was MANLY.

  9. oh yeah - H.O.T.T.

    Congrats on snagging Mr. Fit. Make babies quickly. Atheletes are known to be fickle about their choice of ladies.

    (sorry about the game loss - I was feeling your pain but on the hockey front this week myself)

  10. You did not cry. PLEASE tell me you are kidding.
    If it makes you feel better I picked Texas to win. I'm usually 100% accurate. But I know nothing of the sport.

  11. Poor Colt. I was hoping they would slaughter the Tide. Sigh.


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