Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do I Need Any More Reasons?!


I've not written in what feels like years, but I'm back again. Today is the first day of the LAST semester of graduate school, and it has started with a bang...or more like a bust. For those of you who don't know, I hate grad school,and I hate the campus of my school. Here's why.

So far today, I have been here 1.5 hours and I have:

-cursed and used profanities that many have never even heard
-wasted an HOUR of my life trying to find parking
-seen WAY TOO MANY wardrobe malfunctions
-smelled so many....so many people who don't know what a shower is
-dodged approximately 3489573498 cases of swine flu, herpes, bronchitis, gross coughs, and other nasty germs that people don't know how to control
-given 45834098 nasty sneers, faces, and "oh my sweet Lord I can't believe you are allowed in the light of day" stares
-not eaten anything because I'm so flustered
-printed out the FIFTY PAGES that my professor wanted us to read for class today....say goodbye to the good 'ole days where the first day of class was a complete joke and you stopped in to pick up the syllabus...ugh

BUT, on the positive side, this is the LAST semester!! Also, I ordered the Pink VS swimsuit, it was by far the most popular, and the color was my fave, but I'm def. ordering another one later on this spring, so you can vote again. I STILL haven't decided on a phone, but it's down to the newer blackberry or the Droid....decisions decisions. Oh, and you all misunderstood me, I just want to change the BANNER title of my blog, not ALL my blog handwriting. K thanks, y'all make my life so much better.


OMG I almost forgot. I WON A BLOG GIVE-AWAY!! I won a super sexy five year diary from Jaeve+Things (go check her out, she's pretty amazing), and I can't wait to break it  in and use it! I always am writing things/notes/lyrics etc. on random scraps of paper and I lose them ALL, so now I can consolidate! Thanks love!

PS...the couple sitting next to me at the library literally just had a convo that went...
girl: "you haven't gotten a cold sore lately"
guy: "yeah, pretty cool huh?"
blah-blah-blah...then they bust out in a fight...in the middle of the lib....WEIRD.
girl: "I've gotten pretty good about not biting my nails lately, it's been ten days..."

the end.


  1. Oh the banner title that's easy! Just make an image of what you want and replace it. If you have a concept or an idea what you want email me and I can help.

  2. That is exactly how I felt my last semester. You'll get through it, and it will be awesome. I also work on a campus, and you'd think I'd love working with students. I don't, I love it during the breaks when they're not around.

    Good luck, you'll do great!

  3. the cold sore thing made me throw up a little.

    i didn't weigh in on the last post (sorry...) however, as a verizon user, i think i am going motorola droid with my next phone. i currently have a dare, and it's ok- but the touch screen bugs the hell outta me often, so i am looking forward to having a keyboard again.

  4. Ah one more semester, YOU CAN DO IT!!! One of my best friends just started grad school today at U of H... Is that where you go?

    I don't know anything about blog banners, but I wish I could be of more help!!!

    And ewwwww to cold sore girl!!! NASTY!

  5. Should have joined in the cold sore convo, but made it extra uncomfortable . . . . just for shits and giggles.


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