Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traffic Tuesday

Not drug traffic...don't get too excited. Unfortunately, I don't have enough ties to Colombian drug cartels to dish, and then even if I did, I'd probably have a hit out for my life...so. I'm going to talk about commuter traffic, and how much I hate it.

This particular cold, grey, misty morning in Houston, it somehow seems to me that every driver in the city administered a frontal lobotomy to themselves and got in their car. I swear. It was like watching 5 year old behind the wheel of the Barbie Jeep. I was fearing for my life, cursing, yelping, and overall very perturbed by the fact that I was being disturbed from my normal tea drinking, music listening/singing commute to work/school. 

This is basically what I saw/experienced this morning.

My mom used to swear that I would die an untimely death due to provoking the wrong person in a road rage fueled dispute. I have to say, I've gotten better. I used to be extremely aggressive, and let's just say it could get ugly from time to time. I'm a calm person, but my tolerance for lobotomized drivers is zip, zero. But....I have a fault. I cannot and WILL NOT honk/rage at elderly drivers. As much as they drive me bonkers (no pun intended) I feel really awful giving them a hard time. Many tell me, "But Jules, they shouldn't be on the road, they're a HAZARD!" And I say, "Nay, I'd rather deal with an 89 year old driving the pace of a tortoise than a drunk driver or an 18 wheeler maneuvering like it's a freaking Miata, at least they're still trying to get around, and at that age, I say it's commendable and kind of adorable." 

The ones that make me the craziest, however, are the teeny boppers. I can't STAND the 16 year old brats with all their windows down, a cigarette held way outside the window so Mom and Dad won't smell the evidence, and their crap music blaring, they literally make my blood boil. Whew, got that off my chest. And maybe it is a tad hypocritical to hate them, because I may or may not have been one of "them" when I blasted my music with the windows down, but HEY, at least my music selection was GOOD, and I didn't smoke. SO there. 

It's really cold in Houston...what? Yes. It's cold, AND they're telling us that there's a chance for snow on Friday...SNOW. IN HOUSTON. Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying, the sky is falling people. All I have to say, is that if it snows, I'll be THAT GIRL prancing about in the middle of it, singing Christmas songs, making snow angels, and generally about as happy as a dog in the dirt. In college, it used to snow in Nashville, and ALP ( my bbfffffffl from Vandy) would make fun of how ridiculous I looked prancing around (maybe sometimes I fell...I'm not used to the snow OK!?) and writing stuff in the snow like "I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!" and taking pics of it. (I didn't really write that, it's an exaggeration, but basically I was like a kid who hadn't taken his Ritalin in 4 weeks running amok like a complete nutter).  See, ALP is from Chicago where it gets so cold your own blood/face freezes pretty much. So she thinks I'm insane for loving snow, I tell her she's a "thief of joy". ("Office" quote.....anyone? Michael Scott/Dwight in case you needed to know)

If I were an animal, this would be me if it snows Friday. That is ONE HAPPY SQUIRREL, let me tell ya.

Today I'm sportin' (yeah, I said it...this is what no sleep and houseguests does to your brain, it's ALMOST like a lobotomy) dark wash skinnies, black v-neck wool sweater, cute black and white scarf, black suede flat boots (Nine West) and a delicious spice orange Michael Kors wool coat! 

Instead of Musique Du Jour that I usually do, I'm going to tell you about a band I have come to L.O.V.E.  Band of Horses. What? Weird name? COOL ASS BAND. 

They got their start in Seattle, and at present find themselves in South Carolina. Some people think they have a sound comparable to the likes of My Morning Jacket, but I think they're better on a whole. They throw in a pinch of rock, a dash of awesome vocal reverb, totally unique vocals, and sometimes haunting melodies. Both albums paint almost impressionist pictures of life, reflecting it, but smudging the edges just a tad to create a delicate dreamlike... whimsy. Check them out, you'll love...trust. 

like them. love them. bonus points for the pup.

Have a great day people, stay warm and beware of lobotomized drivers! 




  1. I'll be out in the snow with you! I think snow is awesome. Were you around when it snowed on Christmas about 5 years ago?!?! That was a true Christmas miracle! It was barely enough to scoop off of cars for a snowball fight, but it was enough for me.

  2. No. Of COURSE I decided to drive to Austin that particular day, so I was SO mad when I heard it snowed and I missed it :( So, if it snows Friday, I'll be making up for lost time!

  3. oh lady, i know what you mean. i hate dumb ass drivers of ALL kinds but i too feel bad for the old folks.

    when i was in high school, i got stuck behind some jerk who braked without warning and wouldn't move. when i started yelling and honking, he jumped out of the car and ran up to my window like he was gonna kick the crap out of me. it was so scary and i'm so glad he didn't. but now that i think about it, what a freakin A-HOLE! he was like 40 and looked like he just got out of prison.

    i'm 5'0" for crying out loud what was i gonna do, put up a fight. i hope he lost both his legs in a car accident. jerk.

  4. I'm totally with you on the traffic & bad drivers. I have a long commute each day and have frequently been ready to end it all by the time I make it home to my Boy Cave.

    But I'm totally NOT with you on the snow thing. I hate it. Up here where I am, we see WAY too much of the devil's fluff to enjoy it. Wanna switch houses?

  5. I love the kid driver.. as for road rage, i am not too patient or too good a driver. I had to go to retraining or lose my license... yeah sucked.

    I have heard of Band of Horses..will give them another go. Always looking for new music.


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