Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Workin' It On Wednesday

Ok, so last night I took the LAST WINTER TERM EXAM I'LL EVER HAVE TO TAKE....EVER...AGAIN... Sooo, needless to say I'm stoked and everyone around me knows it. Last night, I got home, opened up some Pinot, got in my bathrobe, and had a date with Dexter. I only just started watching the show, and it's so morbid and weird that I can't stop watching.... any Dexter lovers out there?? He's not too bad to look at either...just sayin'...


Today is a good day. I'm no longer Grinchy, and I'm reeeee-diculously excited because I get to go to the gym after work today!!!See, usually I have class right after work, so I don't get out till around 8:45 at night, and since my school is in a ghetto part of town, there's no way I'm walking around the hood at night in shorts. SOO, now that school's over, I get to beat traffic, and work out!

I'm one of those people. I grew up being super athletic, and it kind of stuck. I LOVE working out. I love getting my ass kicked in the gym, and I love the soreness after a good workout. Now that I finally have time, I get really excited about these things, plus it'll ward off holiday chubsterness. 

Brit's also excited to be in the gym...but not as excited as I am!!

Also, next week, a favorite band of mine, "Phoenix" is playing in Austin and I'm thinking about taking a road trip to see them....exciting I know. Relaxation, good music and vino with the sister in law and brother is much needed about now before the holiday madness begins!

So Real Quick, everyone go wish SARAH FROM A LIFE MORE EXCITING A HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!!  I know her personally, and she's a cool cat, so get your heinies over there and witness her awesomeness. 


Musique Du Jour: 
Anything and everything by PHOENIX!


  1. Lucky you!! My finals start next week and I am NERVOUS!

    Yay for her birthday.


    Michael C Hall and myself would make a "killer" couple.

    Thanks to On Demand I was able to watch Season 1-3 this last summer over the course of ONE week...I basically didn't leave the house and it was so worth it.

  3. Okay a) congrats on the exam b) I'm gonna have to check out Dexter because everyone is talking about it and c) I hate working out so can you please do it for both of us?


  4. Yay for school being over! School is a drag lol.

    UMMM DEXTER YUM! And Phoenix is awesome.

    Lol at that picture of Brit. I dont think I'm ever THAT excited. You go girl. OH. I lie. I am that excited. When wine is involved.

    Happy Birthday to Sarah! That girl is HILARIOUS.

  5. I love Dexter. I missed this whole season though because I'm too poor to even think about adding Showtime to my cable bill.

  6. jules, here's what i would do: write farouk and tell him you'll vote for him if and only IF he mails you a new CHI ASAP. tell him you are not playing.

    - thank God you are finally done. our fur babies need to play. warn sushi, when bailey gets excited, she turns into a circus dog. the little bitch literally does back flips.
    - dexter is hot.
    - britney's ass is not.

  7. congrats girlie! no more school...hootie hoooo!!! poppin bottle of pinot to celebrate is so my style too. haha.

    and love me some dexter. he's cute but have you ever noticed his lips are intensely pink like he's wearing lipstick.

  8. i came over from merediths blog- we have bonded over dogs, private/catholic school, and liking funny blog girlies- so i am very happy to find you!

    i also love me some gym time- i just have not been getting my chubby self there enough- so you are going to motivate me whether you know it or not :)

  9. Hey I just came by from Meredith's blog. Congrats on your award she gave you! If she thinks you're cool enough for an award, then I'm going to have to follow you. ;) Hope to see you come by my blog!

  10. yay Brit! please workout in sunglasses in her honor.

  11. Dexter is really good, I hope you started watching from the beginning. If not go rent the first season!

  12. Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

    The Bible of fashion,


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