Monday, December 14, 2009


Good Morning/Afternoon Lovers!
I'm at work with a BITCH of a sinus headache, and I really would love nothing more than to curl up in a ball and watch Dexter and The Office all day. BUT, I woke up to an email that made me feel so much better! So, Cher and Mer (RHYME TIME!) Both gave me blogger awards! I'm so so flattered and honored, I'm popular! What sucks, and what Cher doesn't know, is that I was actually going to pass an award onto her....but I guess I'll have to wait now, I mean she's really busy anyway trying to find a way to ship me a snowman alllll the way from Canada! (You know, like where Jillian Harris is from!? she's obviously really cool)

my trophies. 

So, now, in blogger tradition, I will pass these awards on! The "Your Blog Is Fabulous" goes to APOCALYPSTICK. This chick makes me laugh. Like a LOT. She makes some really good points about life, love, fashion and people, and that makes me happy. So rock on. 

The "Superior Scribbler Award" goes on to BITCH BITCH BITCH...No really. That's her blog, I'm not calling her a bitch people, calm down. She's pretty hysterical and drank ELEVEN mimosas yesterday, so she's obviously cool AND she's good at math (read her mimosa post). Go check her out! 

So, word to yo mother, I'm going to go bang my head against a wall till this headache goes away, and then lock myself in a room to finish the LAST of my final term papers. Soo, I'll be back!


My friend told me that I said this OUT LOUD in Whataburger at 3 am recently. (I didn't order anything to eat..yes I'm so proud of myself too...)

So a guy walks in wearing a mechanic shirt, like a real live mechanic shirt. And he was being gross. He was ogling my friends and I, basically nothing short of eye-f*cking us. I mean it was gross and offensive. This is after some drunk-ass douchenozzle slammed my friend into the wall with the door and I yelled "Oh no big deal, that's just a HUMAN BEING you slammed in the door JERK!" . So....I was feeling frisky, apparently, and I looked nasty mechanic boy's direction, sneered, and said "you change my oil motherf*cker".....Like I said, I do not recall said verbal attack, but apparently my friends almost peed in their pants...oopsies. My bad.
Then we went home and had a RADIOHEAD jam session. It was EPIC. The End. 

OH, if you need gift ideas,  go to my friend's ETSY SITE and buy a handmade custom plate, she's awesome and she has pretty handwriting! 


  1. HAHA You change my oil motherfucker...umm that is a good one. I'm going to use that sometime.

    Congrats on the awards and I just got your email I am all ass backwards today so hold that thought.

  2. hahaha thats funny... congrats on the awards.

  3. Nice job talking shit to the grease monkey! Remind me never to hang around you after the bar I'd be the one taking the beating after you opened your mouth ;). All for a good cause though I'm sure!

  4. Dang - I was so close and yet so far! It's okay, I'll wait. I can be very patient.

    Congrats on your awards though!

    Not sure if I'd want to party with you anytime soon - you sound pretty hard core to me!

    Besides, I'm usually busy hanging out with my neighbour, Jillian Harris.


  5. thanks for the award! first award ever.... I'm really not sure what I am suppose to do with it? pass it someone else now?

  6. I'm so glad you mentioned apocolypstick. it's my new fave!

  7. You're hysterical!!! Congrats on the awards lady. : )


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