Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Bonjour Again Dears, 

Today is Monday, and I don't like today. Because it's Monday, and because I hate school, and because I'm sleepy and I don't want to finish the paper I have due tomorrow, and I don't want to take the midterm I have to take AFTER I turn in the term paper. And on it goes, like the old lady who swallowed the fly and what not....dude. Seriously, someone made mils writing a children's book about a hungry ass woman who basically swallowed a bunch of stuff. What am I doing in grad school again? 

So today, I have ceremoniously awarded myself with "THE GRINCH AWARD". I started giving out the Grinch Award a few years back, because I typically am full of Holiday Cheer starting on the 1st of December. Basically, the Grinch Award goes to someone/something that pisses me off, and throws off the trajectory of my Holiday Cheerfulness. 

Today, I am the Grinch. I will steal your happiness. 

So, I think I will be awarding "Grinch" awards once a week till Christmas is over. Being as I am the Grinch for the day, then I don't really have to explain why I deserve the Grinch award. I'm just exhausted and stressed, but once tomorrow is over, I'll feel less like a furry green a-hole that steals people's joy for the holidays. 

I literally just had a conversation with a co-worker, and as she walked away, I freaked out (internally) because I have NO IDEA what the hell I said. I literally could've been talking about Dwight Schrute's beet farm and how much I loved beets. So now I keep giving her the side-eye, waiting for her to look at me weird for fear that I said something so off topic that she might now think I'm on meth/crack/insertdrugofchoisethatmakesyouinsanehere. 

In other news. I have this really hawt dress that is perfect for a holiday party. Now, here's the thing. I don't want to waste it on some stupid holiday party ( no, not yours, someone elses that doesn't read the blog) so I'm waiting for the perfect party....only it hasn't happened yet and I'm getting Grinchier and Grinchier thinking about the possibility of not being able to wear it...but it's sooo hawt, and it makes me look skinny in all the right places.....ugh. So, hopefully in the next week or so I'll have a place to wear it.

it's like this, but in red, and HAWT.

Also, Net-A-Porter is having their end of season SALE. And it's seismically amazing. And it makes my credit card squeal in angst. Why is this so bad you ask? Ummm, maybe because the words self and control don't exist in sentences together in the little space bubble I call my head. But it can't be that bad right? Oh no, course not.....because I only want need this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this,  and this.  No biggie right? I think that maybe if I dress up in THIS, and sing "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt long enough, maybe someone will take me up on my offer....

Allright kids, I have to get back to real life, but I'll be baaaack. Here's some musical candy for your ears...

Musique Du Jour:

"Dull Life" - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"The Great Salt Lake" - Band of Horses
"Fell In Love" - Alain Clark
"Monsters" - Band of Horses
"Time Won't Let Me Go" -The Bravery
"Song for Calay (Disappear Here)" - Bloc Party
"Animal"- Mike Snow
"Alleycat" -Sherwood
"Number 1" - Goldfrapp
"The Rake's Song" - The Decemberists
"House of Cards" - Radiohead
"Love Letter to Japan"-The Bird and the Bee
"Do You Know Me" and "Edge of Desire"- John Mayer
"Cuddle Fuddle" - Passion Pit


  1. 1) that dress is amazing
    2) stink stank stunk.

  2. Let me be your Cindy Lou...i'll cheer you up with a warm cup of cocoa and a bright smile :)-

  3. Netaporter is my porn.

    I want to nominate myself for the Grinch award. yay!

  4. I hate school too... and I def need the grinch award, haha thats so me!

  5. That IS a hawt dress.

    I need a fabulous NYE party to go to, then I will in turn by a dress COVERED in sparkles. Because when else can you were a dress covered in sparkles?

  6. i've been a grinch today too! ughh! but not because it's monday...because i hate shopping for others, specifically children! grrrr!

    ooh net-a-porter is having a sale...that's distracting ;)

  7. The dress seems like it will look hot, I think everyone has the grinches this year. If bananas is a grinch we can blame you for being one!


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