Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BullSheet. A Play on Words.

Everyone is secretly weird. You know this, I know this. There may be more than one reason that makes you secretly weird, but hey, that's life. So I'll tell you one thing that makes me weird. 

I hate sheets. What? Yep, I don't like sleeping under sheets. They weird me out. I feel like I'm covering myself in tissues or something. I don't think they really offer any real warmth, and I tend to get tangled in them, so if I need to make a quick escape, they would hinder me from using my catlike reflexes and getting out alive. Basically, they're a death sentence. 

these sheets could be a deathtrap. pretty, but deadly...

The ONLY way I will sleep under sheets is in a nice hotel, because sometimes they're super high thread count and I'm OK with that, plus it's a hotel, and you only live once right? I have high thread count super soft sheets on my bed right now, and guess what? I've never slept under them. I much prefer the warmth and cuddly-ness of a duvet or comforter...I's weird. My mom is always nagging me to "suck it up and get used to sleeping under sheets like a normal person" but I say "there's no fun in being totally normal." So...if that makes me an abnormal human, then I guess I'll wear it. proudly. The thought of sheets being comfortable, SAFE, delicious, whatever, is pure, unadulterated  BULLSHEET to me...unless, like I said, I'm in a nice hotel. So there you have it, one of the many things that makes me weird. Only now it's not so much a secret.

Speaking of secrets...Last night was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I know you all got really excited when you saw me come down the catwalk, and I'm really flattered. It's not easy being that hot, so I appreciate your support! Bahah...the whole show made me want to go run till I ended up in a different state, because that's about how far I'd have to go in order to burn off what I ate over Thanksgiving...Also, WHY IN THE HELL would they air the show AFTER Thanksgiving when everyone feels fat? Air it before while we still feel skinny, it'll prevent a lot of emotional eating and/or crash dieting. Sheesh, what inconsiderate pricks those folks at Vicky's are....

don't I look soooooo hawt?

Ok, moving on. Lovely AUBREY from Made You Blush is having a giveaway! So go on over and check it out, she's got some really fun stuff to give away so make sure you enter!! Plus, her blog is pretty sweet too! 

Any things that make you secretly weird? Spill it. 


  1. I can't think of just one thing that makes me secretly weird. There are soooooo many that I don't even know where to start.

  2. My Husband hates the sheets too! He sleeps on top of them and I'm underneath. Which pisses me off because then we can't play footsies. He says they "hurt his toes" or something. Whatever. No footsies, no lovsies.

    My weirdness? Definitely my obsession with right angles. Why should something be crooked, when it can be straight? Right?

  3. the thing that makes me secretly weird - i can't sleep without sheets

    thanks for visiting me at the crib

  4. HA! i'm pretty effin weird but to list my weirdness would take all day.

    hell to the no did i watch that victoria's secret show. it's torture to my confidence.

  5. Hahaha! I love this - so funny! And completely right about VS. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog yesterday, and oh-my-gosh I simply adore your blog!! Cannot wait to read more!

  6. now i'm trying to remember if you sleep under my sheets when you spend the night. i have nive high-thread count sheets, so it's allowed. wow, i sound like a freak. haha

  7. Sheets??? What are those. I haven't seen a top sheet, except in the guest room, since I've been married. The hubs feels claustrophobic under them Ah ha

  8. so you don't even sleep in sheets like in addition to a comforter?

  9. nope! I'm a duvet only kinda girl! Although some think it's barbaric, I like it!

  10. that's a really great point you made there about airing the VS fashion show right after thanksgiving. we should start a petition to move their dates

  11. I didnt watch the VS show because I was baking cookies. OHHH the irony.

    everything about me is weird. I am such a freaking weirdo I don't even know what to do with myself.

    If I could sleep in a hotel bed every night for the rest of my life...FTW!!!!

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