Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear John Mayer

Dear John Mayer, 

When I first heard the words "Your Body Is A Wonderland" my sophomore year of highschool, I was hooked. I liked you before you were big. Then you wrote "Comfortable", an anthem I belted out for years, while wallowing in self pity. THEN, you kind of turned into a bit of a tool. You were mean to my girl Maniston, then you got all up in J. Simps's grill (even though I don't really like her all that much...at all). I listened to a lot of your live recordings and you kind of pulled a Britney on us and went a bit wonkers on us. So I shunned you from my Itunes library. Every once in a while, one of your classics would turn on, and I'd pretend I couldn't hear you. I was mad, you changed your ways. But now you've released the new album "Battle Studies". HOW the HELL am I supposed to hate you now!?!? This album is so good, and "Edge of Desire" is the new "Your Body Is A Wonderland"....basically, what I'm trying to say is that I think I love you again. Call me. We can write beautiful music together, it would be magical. That is all. 

i'm not that into tats, but he's kinda dreamy these days; not gonna lie.

Musique du Jour: 
"Battle Studies" album by John Mayer. Join www.lala.com to listen to it for free, and it's a new amazing website that I'm obsessed with, and you should be too. 


  1. Um can you sign that from the both of us? As much as I want to hate him for being such a douchenozzle, his music makes me love again.

  2. I still can't forgive him for being so uncool to my Jen.

  3. Ummm what...do my ears deceive me...you're not that into tats?!!! H.E.L.L.O. their sexy to me :)- His however...i don't think so much.
    He is definitely a tool and plays the field, but he's young and in Hollywood...go for it. Lol

    Gonna have to give the new cd a listen. Thanks!!!

    .....HAPPY HOLIDAYS.....

  4. i feel so torn. i'm obsessed with his music, but it makes ed hardy look like a badass. that's how douchy he is in real life. le sigh.

  5. "You tell me where to go and though I might leave to find it, I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it"

    Love it.

  6. UGHHHHHH I am so torn. Like major inner strife. I want to love him. But JEN IS MY GIRL. But...secretly swooning. SECRET.

  7. haven't heard the album yet but i've heard it's AWESOME. not big into that first single though.

    xo Niki


  8. I feel exactly the same way. His music makes me all melty (especially that song encouraging fathers to be good to their daughters) and he's super sexy. But then he also seems to be mega douchey in relationships.

  9. oh his songs make me so happy! even if they're sad songs haha

  10. Hey, there is nothing wrong with tats, but the guy does often act like a tool. When I saw him in concert he was fine though.

  11. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this dude too... I used to LOVE him (but I initially thought the words were "Your body is a wobblin." (I know weird))

    I have a friend whom he supposedely hit on and was a huge douche to, which made me like him a little less... I don't know where I've been, but I'm not sure I know what his new song is. I will look it up!

    Don't think me a stalker for reading some of your older posts!! Loves it though!

  12. Yes, I'm blog stalking you at this point because it is almost 5pm and I refuse to work this close to closing time.
    Now that THAT is off my chest, can I just say AMEN!?!? I loved him, got annoyed with him, and am now more in love with him than ever before. LOVE. Serious LOVE. Have you seen the new issue of Rolling Stone? He's on the cover- I die.


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