Monday, December 12, 2011

PIN the tail on the donkey....

No....unfortch I will not be talking about old school party games....I just wanted a sly way to say PIN. And not bank account PINS either, because why in the world would I give someone my PIN? I'm not THAT much in the Christmas spirit!!!

Today, in fact, I'm feeling a little Grinchy. Why? Because I need a massage, I haven't gone to yoga class in MONTHS, and I'm SO behind on Christmas shopping....

But we need to get back to PIN being the word of the day, before you think I'm just plain cray cray. (Oh, wait, some of you might think that already...riiiiight.)



I never ever ever ever ever in a MILLION BAJILLION years thought I would be...but I am.

Reasons I never thought I'd be addicted to Pinterest.

1. I am not the owner of any children. All I have is a spoiled perfect princess puppy and 2 finches. (I'll explain the finches later)

2. I am not getting married soon. So why the hell do I feel compelled to have a "wedding inspiration" board???? I DON'T KNOW.

3. I am not in the market to buy a house, remodel an existing house, or purchase mountainloads of very beautiful, very expensive furniture.

4. I am not planning on picking up and moving to Europe. (Although this is the closest statement that might be true...given that I am actually considering moving to Paris...)

So someone please explain how I love Pinterest so much? Am I secretly an interior designer?? Am I secretly a personal stylist ? (We all know the answer to that is yes, but until I find some clients that can cough up the cash for me to quit my job then I'll keep asking the same questions). anyone else as sickly addicted? It's just so so SO SO fun!!!!!

Last night I had a dream that Daniel Craig and I went on a tropical maybe I'll go create a Mr. & Mrs. Craig board.....ugh I am so sick...


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  1. hi hi hi!!! I got great news about my giveaway and we can ship the dress in any size. Don't forget to enter!! :)



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