Monday, December 12, 2011

Decor ideas....

Ok, so speaking of "ideas" have y'all ever heard anyone say "idear", "wow, that's such a great eye-dee-urr".....k just asking. Because I have. And yes, I have spent (limited) time in some sketchy "hills have eyes" places...but just wondering if anyone else has witnessed that pronunciation.....ANYWAY...

I am repainting my bedroom the color "dove gray"....well that's what I've called it at looks like this...

It's technically called "French gray" which is even sexier but I like doves. 

SOOO, being as my room will be French/Dove gray, I am looking for some art to hang on a blank wall. All of my furniture is silver/grey/mirror/lucite/white and I have some funky accents. My walls are currently a very light ice blue, but I want to go grey so I can add more funky accents. 

I am obsessed with Foxes. Strangly enough, I don't browse with Firefox (that was supposed to be funny...yeah). SO, I found some cool as funky fox prints on Etsy. And I need opinions. Some are printed on French books, which is even BETTER since I am a total francophile....OPINIONS SIL VOUS PLAIT! (that means please in Francais). 


#3 (it's a map of Paris)
#6 (pretty obsessed)

SO, I will likely end up getting a few, but I want to know what y'all think!? Opinions please!



  1. You should get a picture of Texas on an encyclopedia page. It will be awesome and will perfectly match your wooden sunglasses.

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  3. Look up Nancy Glazier online. She paints Foxes that are amazing and very classy. You may be able to find a limited edition print of hers.


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