Friday, May 6, 2011

My ACL predictions for 2011....because I'm Part Magic.

Good morning and Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo my friends!
Since it’s Friday after Cinco de Mayo and I’m feeling extra spicy…I am going to be super ballsy and make my ACL 2011 lineup predictions. The official lineup comes out May 17th (I’m counting down the hours/minutes/seconds) but here is a list of my predictions: 
For headliners:
Red Hot Chili Peppers: here’s why; they are supposedly releasing an album in august/september and I think they’d be a GREAT addition to the lineup. It’s ACL’s 10th anniversary show this year so this would be amazeballs.
Radiohead: This deliciously wonderful band has been rumored to play ACL for the last year or two, and I think this might be our lucky year y’all. Especially with the release of Lotus Flower. 
Paul Simon/Willie Nelson/Buffalo Springfield for the Sunday night closer: Why? Because they’re cool. Oh and who doesn’t love them? I vote for Willie. He’s perfect for an anniversary show in Texas. 
My Morning Jacket: only because I’ve heard rumors and they’re playing at Coachella, they also headlined at Jazzfest last year. Also, their new single “Circuital” makes my heart smile and shoot rainbows.
I could be wrong with those headliners. Now here is my list that include Lollapalooza 2011 lineup shows that I think will do ACL, and some returning shows from ACL 2010. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you which is which…you’re welcome.
ACL 2010 Returning Acts for 2011:
Muse. Put on one of the best shows I’ve seen last year. They’re playing Lolla and headlined las year. I just don’t know where they’d put them. Possibly where Deadmau5 played last year…hmmm…
Spoon. Because who doesn’t love them some Spoon?
Band of Horses. Most beautiful show last year. Sunset and amazing sound. I haven’t heard much of what they’re up to lately but I’d love to see them back.
Black Keys. Popular hit to see. Playing Lolla also.
Matt & Kim. I don’t think enough people appreciated them last year,so I’d like to see them back.
Portugal.The Man. They’ve been blowing up as of late, played last year and are cool enough to play at Lolla.
Rebelution. Another one that’s been blowing up and pretty damn good too. Also played ACL last year. 
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: Ok, so he’s a little bizarre, who cares? He’s awesome. Last year he drew a huge crowd. Although lately I’ve been enjoying Alexander’s solo stuff. This is one of my wish listers, so he can come solo or play with the MZeros.
Manchester Orchestra: Who are currently touring with Cage the Elephant. Both are also playing Lolla. Manchester was a goose-bump inducing act last year, even though it was fairly early and we were all sweating out alcohol and party time. But, WOW what a great show. Also, Cage the Elephant; who I really enjoy only drew 15 year old skater kids which was not so alarming, but I’d hope to see them back with a more mature crowd. 
Mountain Goats: Another sleeper that I slept through missed at ACL much to my dismay. I love them. Please come back! They’re also playing Lolla.
Midlake: Because everyone needs to know about Midlake. Played ACL last year too. 
Foals: I missed their Houston show, but apparently it was so awesome that someone got SHANKED. Yeah. And they played last year too (ACL). They remind me of a more rock version of Bloc Party.
Shearwater: Another 11 am show I missed. And I was PISSED. They’re like Sigur Ros’s red headed step child, but in English. Comprende? AWESOME.
Balmorhea: LOVE. And I missed them last year at ACL. Such good ear candy.
Dan Black: I would love to have a mini Dan Black to keep in my purse. His show at ACL last year was SO SO FUN, and who doesn’t love him? (Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project still wins in my heart)
OK: Onto Lolla 2011 lineup that I haven’t already mentioned, hopefully these will cross over into ACL
My Morning Jacket: Already talked about their magical-ness.
Deadmau5: Who also played ACL last year, blew everyone away, (duh!) 
Cee-Lo Green: He’s dumb and leaked that he was playing ACL this year, then ACL forced him to take that info offline. I was underwhelmed by this. blech.
Ween. Good stuff. Also playing Free Press Summer Fest in Houston this June.
Bright Eyes. Would love to see him.
Arctic Monkeys. Could fill Vampire Weekend’s slot and they are good, which helps. New music release as well.
Death From Above 1979. This would be fun to see. Especially since someone at this show at SXSW got STABBED. Damn.
Ratatat. Great group, lots of music to play. I’m just a wee bit scared what they’ll be like live. But I’m stoked.
Crystal Castles. Another one I’ve been dying to see, hopefully they’ll stay for ACL.
Cold War Kids. I recently missed them here in Houston. Good stuff, especially “Hang Me up to Dry” love.
Lykke Li. Really talented artist, love her.
Ok Go. Would be a super fun band to see.
Local Natives. Also a great group, could def. see them taking a day show.
The Kills. Delicious music. U R A Fever and Sour Cherry are amazing.
White Lies. A sleeper worth waking up to watch.
2 Door Cinema Club. Also played ACL last year, and were apparently really great. I’ve never seen them live but have heard many a good thing.
Sleigh Bells. HELLZ YES PLEASE. Just saw them recently in Houston, and a show like this could totally be amazing at ACL.
Smith Westerns. Great show.
Best Coast. Another band I’ve been dying to see live. Fingers crossed!
The Drums. Have come back lately into the spotlight and are bound to put on a great live set.
Black Lips. Good stuff.
Cults. Another one I’d like to check out for myself.
Noah + The Whale. Gaining popularity, wouldn’t mind watching that one.
Lissie. I missed her in concert. I think she’s great, she played Coachella as well.  
Ok, so now onto the ones that I just really really really REALLY REALLY would like to see at ACL and could maybe maybe maybe make an appearance…
Fleet Foxes. Ok, I don’t know if I can describe how much I love this band. When I first heard “White Winter Hymnal” I replayed it over.and over.and over.and over.and over and again. AND every time I heard it I couldn’t help but smile and bounce. Their new album “Helplesness Blues” released only 3 days ago will So, please please please bring Fleet Foxes to ACL!
Mumford & Sons: I mean…need I say more? INCRED. Also, they’ve been touring withAvett Brothers doing the railroad revival tour, AND they played opening weekend of Jazzfest. I will die of happiness if they are both featured.
Florence + The Machine. What has she been up to? I think she’d be a great addition. She has two shows here in America listed in June, and that’s it….surprise us Flo and come to ACL!
That’s all folks. I mean, I could add more but then I’d get my hopes up wayyy too much!
the psychic one who foretells music festival lineups…hopefully….


  1. this is my first time stumbling upon this blog, and what fantastic timing i have. im considering going to ACL as i love festivals (just saw mumford & sons and the avett brothers at jazzfest, yea!) and ACL happens to be during my birthday. good post, im going to go roam around a bit to see what else you have to say.

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